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These are The Nerdy Girlie posts that YOU have made most popular!  Thank you for reading, and if any of these posts helped you please feel free to share!

1.  Confessions of a Blogger
2.  How GREAT Fandoms Work Social Media
3.  Coffee And Cameras Series
4.  If My Blog Was An Outfit
5.  The Matt Smith Photo Op Debacle 
6.  #NerdGirlProblems:  Obsession
7.  The BEST Photo Op You Will EVER Do!
8.  Nerd Girls LUV: Nathan Fillion
9.  When McDonald's Toys were COOL!
10.  How To Be Nerdy & Girlie

As a BONUS here are some of MY favorite posts for you!

1.  My 1st Solo Adventure for OUR Band
2.  The 1st Time I Found a Fandom:  SDCC
3.  30 Unique Experiences In My 30th Year
4.  Retro Gaming:  Pokemon Snap
5.  We Wear Born Campaign
6.  7 Reasons to FALL for Autumn
7.  7 Ways To Stay Productive While Blogging From Home
8.  My Top 10 Futurama Episodes
9.  The 2014 SDCC Bag Dress
10.  How I Spent My 2013 UK Christmas Vacation

You can also read ALL of my San Diego Comic Con Diaries starting in 2009!

Thank you NERDS!! xx

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