I've made a lot of self discovery since April of 2015 when I decided to leave my husband and I am so happy to be sharing it with you. I've come a long way. I've discovered me. I hope that my honesty and positivity can inspire you and let you finally see deep into who I really am.

I stand on this blog and think of you nerds. I love you and thank you for your continued support!

The Five Phases of Tinder

30 Lessons Getting Me Through My 30s Part 1

30 Lessons Getting Me Through My 30s Part 2

Short Hair & My 1st Tattoo

The Pisces Connection & ALL THE FEELS


My Daily Mantra


My 1st Solo Vaca

6 Months of Singleness

3 Strikes & I'm Out

Something To Believe In

Don't Regret A Thing

2016 The Best Year Ever!

I Love You LA

The Road Home, Part One

The Road Home, Part Two

6 Ways To Create Confidence

Navigating A New Relationship & Surviving The First Fight

When It Is Time To Take A Break

Adulting & Adoring LA

9 Years Not Married, 6 Months Of Bliss

5 Ways to Get a Handle on Adulting

Living With FOMO

Surviving The First Wedding After Your Divorce

Why You Should Start the New Year Off With a Vacation

How to Move in Together

Why you Must Learn to Push Yourself

Celebrate Daily!

Tips for your First Solo Vacation

Life Goals: Running My First 5K

Making Your Sunday's Count

6 Benefits of Alone Time

Why San Diego Comic Con is No Longer For Me

Wedding Fashion & All The Feelz

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