Thursday, May 4, 2017

Everyday Cosplay: May the 4th Be With YOU!

(Insert Imperial Death March here) It’s gonna be May and that means….MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU!

Every year on May the 4th, Star Wars fans from across the galaxy unite for a celebration in all things Star Wars. We even move on into the 5th, with May the 5th (Sith) because Star Wars is too big for just ONE day!

Now what to wear?! I’ve gathered up some Everyday Cosplay’s for you and a sweet ass t-shirt you MUST buy!

Bring on the fashion, ladies first!
Everyday Rey: Spring

By now, we’ve all seen The Force Awakens 143 times. And if you are anything like me you want to be Rey! She is a badass character saving the Universe, and teaming up with our favorite classic character Han! All while staying incredibly fashionable. Rey looks like she stepped right off the Coachella stage and so can you. Her natural colors are easy to mix and match throughout any season. Browns, whites and blacks pair easily together to give you an effortlessly bohemian look perfect for spring and on into summer.
Everyday BB-8

Rey’s partner in crime BB-8 doesn’t do too bad of a job herself pulling off a summer style! If you are brave enough to wear all white, then this look is for you! Pops of orange and classic black shades will have you summer ready in no time. Plus those grey Oxfords are a great way to incorporate your fall wardrobe into the spring and summer months.

Everyday Han Solo - Men

Ok guys it is your turn! Who doesn’t want to be Han? The anti-hero of the Star Wars franchise. Han’s classic style is easily interpreted into today. Everyone has a basic white tee and dark jeans! Pair that with your favorite black sneakers and a bold red watch. Invest in a sleek black vest that you can easily use in this casual look or upgrade for a fancy night on the town.

Everyday Finn - Men

Continuing with the new characters, let’s talk about Finn and his effortlessly chic fashion sense! Personally I love an all black ensemble on anyone, including myself. Everyone should have basic pieces in their wardrobe and besides being slimming, monochrome allows you to play around with your accessories. Finn’s jacket is the star of this look. Find a classic leather jacket it and you can wear it year round and for the rest of your life!
NOW for that epic-ly awesome t-shirt I was talking about. By now we have all seen that hilarious SNL skit about Kylo Ren going undercover boss on his employees. If you haven’t click this link and if you have watch it again! The best line to come out of that skit? Kylo Ren is a punk bitch! And just like that this tee was born by Jordandene. It is my favorite and I am constantly getting compliments on it! Personally, this is what I’ll be wearing today.

What about you?! May the fashion be with you!

Everyday deserves a little cosplay!

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  1. Great post! I wanted to do an everyday Rey on the fourth but I didn't have the pieces. x_x

    I ended up wearing my R2D2 tank and some glittery make up in honor of Carrie.