Thursday, February 16, 2017

Everyday Cosplay: National Drink Wine Day

HAPPY NATIONAL DRINK WINE DAY! This might be up there on my favorite holidays of the year. But really everyday is wine day for me! I love coming home after work and sipping some wine and catching up with Ocean Eyes while we make a Blue Apron. Those are the moments I live for.

It also helps that wine is one of my favorite colors. I've always loved wearing red. Here are a few items that will look perfect for this holiday.
Everyday Wine Day

Everyday Wine Day by thenerdygirlie featuring an iittala glassware

I just bought some new wine glasses from Crate and Barrel and they are my favorite. I love the shape and how delicate they are. They go perfect with some of my favorite wines: Gnarly Head, Infinite Monkey Theorem and anything with a skull on it. Ocean Eyes and I have a pretty good collection going!
What are some of your favorite wines! I always like trying new ones. Share with me in the comments below! Have a wonderful wine day nerds!! 

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