Sunday, February 11, 2018

5 Galentine's Day Gifts

I am so happy that I have some great ladies in my life. They have helped me so much and I am and forever will be grateful!

Want to show some appreciation to the favorite ladies in your life? Guys listen up too, these are some great ideas for you too! Then check out my top five favorite gifts for those special ladies in your life!

1. Studio DIY #CantClutchThis subscription. I LOVE Studio DIY...if you haven't noticed. I'm so in love with my clutch and get so many compliments on it. It fits everything I need and is such a nice pop of color for these winter days. You can get one of Kelly's monthly clutches for only $19.99 a month!!! Add on flair for an additional cost....always worth it! Give your gal something that will brighten her day!
2. Josie B Doormat. I actually bought this for Ocean Eyes for Christmas! BUT there are sooooooo many cute phrases that Lauren puts on her door mats that you cannot go wrong! "Home is where the La Croix is" "I walked up like this" or "If you are pizza, Amazon or Ryan Gosling I'm home". You can't go wrong! What a perfect way to have your friends LOL into your home!
3. Hygge Life blanket. I got one for Christmas and I LOVE IT. It is perfect to use as a blanket scarf or its original use a blanket! LOL
4. Get your picture taken together! Me and my besties decided to do this over Christmas and then I had them printed and framed for us. The frame is a cute and inexpensive Target frame! Plus the entire thing was just another great bonding experience!
5. Lip Smackers! How CUTE are these little guys! I'm always needing chapstick, so I think a practical and cute gift is always perfect! You can find these cuties at Walgreens and Rite Aid.

BONUSStarbucks Love Love Love travel mug.
I could not have a list of gifts without coffee! This travel mug was a bit hard to find. I saw it on Insta only a couple days ago and took me two stores to find. So get out there soon! I just adore The Beatles reference! #100cupsofcoffee

Share your Galentine's gift below and lets get a huge list going! Happy Glanetine's Day lady nerds!!


  1. Hahaha that doormat is Amazing! Loving the necklace to it's super pretty xoxo


  2. okay, so I know about 20 people who would love that doormat! Myself included!

  3. The doormats are THE BEST, and of course, I adore that mug. :)

  4. Your list was great too Alice! I always love reading your site! xx

  5. LOL The creator is pretty funny! It is a great gift!! xx