Thursday, December 29, 2016

Everyday Cosplay: Tom & Jerry a New Year's Couple Cosplay

Happy 2017 nerds! 2016 is coming to a close. A lot has happened this year for myself and for our country. What we can do to make this coming year great is bond together, celebrate each other and bring joy where ever we go.

That in mind, I've created a fancy couple's cosplay for your New Year's Eve! I give you Tom & Jerry!
Everyday Tom & Jerry {Women's Look}

Everyday Tom & Jerry {Women's Look} by thenerdygirlie featuring ballet flats

I picked Tom for the lady's look because well one, I love cats and two you can bring out the sparkle! Which is what I love most about New Year's Eve! You cannot go wrong with a nice silver dress! A cute little clutch will ensure that you have everything you need all night and white flats will keep you dancing until dawn!

Now Tom.
Everyday Tom & Jerry {Men's Look}

Everyday Tom & Jerry {Men's Look} by thenerdygirlie featuring a slim fit mens clothing

Brown is such a great color for a man. It comes in so many wonderful shades and it can be mixed easily into your entire wardrobe. I adore men's shoes and I wouldn't mind having a pair of these myself. A classic coat is always a must. Not only to keep you warm, but to pull an outfit together. 

What are your plans for New Year's Eve? What is your take away of 2016? Share in the comments below and let's bring positivity into the new year!

Every holiday deserves a little cosplay!


  1. I adore this! So fun! Anything with sparkles is my kind of thing :D I'm planning on spending NYE at home with the love of my life, but who says I can't dress up for that? Hope your new year is fab!

  2. Agree Lysette!! Hope you had a fabulous New Year!! xxx