Thursday, December 22, 2016

Everyday Cosplay: Santa

Last but not least for this Everyday Cosplay Christmas edition, is the big man himself...SANTA!

Need a festive, cozy and put together look for your Christmas day? Look no further!
Everyday Santa

Everyday Santa by thenerdygirlie featuring an everyday outfit

I LOVE a big cozy sweater for hanging out around the house on the holidays. Make it more chic and polished by adding a skirt and white knit knee socks. Add in your favorite black boots and belt just like the big man himself and top it off with a scarf and hat. You'll be cozy and chic all day long!

What does your family wear on Christmas day? Do you get ultra fancy or do you wear your pjs all day? Share in the comments below!

Every holiday deserves a little cosplay!

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