Thursday, December 1, 2016

Everyday Cosplay: The Grinch

Welcome to my annual month Christmas Everyday Cosplay edition! This is my third year in a row and it is starting to get difficult to come up with good characters, but I did it! All I had to do was Google Christmas characters for a little inspiration.

Up first...

The Grinch!

How did this not pop in to my mind immediately?! This is one of my favorite Christmas specials and I adore listening to the story on vinyl too! Here's my take on the Grinch!
Everyday The Grinch

Everyday The Grinch by thenerdygirlie featuring a-line skirts

I'm not sure you could get any more festive than this! This would be the perfect look to wear to a holiday party or to the office! Maybe add some tights, if you, like me are in a cold environment!

What holiday movies are you excited to watch?! Who has their decorations up already! Share your holiday spirit in the comments below!!

Every holiday deservers a little cosplay!

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