Thursday, November 10, 2016

Everyday Cosplay: Starbucks Red Cups

It is that time of year again NERDS! The Starbucks Red Cup is back TODAY! Who is ready for some  basic Instagraming?! I cannot wait to add some new posts to my #100cupsofcoffee.

BONUS: You can also dress like them with my Starbucks Red Cup Everyday Cosplay!
Until I get my hands on my new cup, here is what I'm dreaming of this Colorado winter!

Now get your outfits ready and let's head to Starbucks!
Everyday Starbucks Red Cup

Everyday Starbucks Red Cup by thenerdygirlie featuring green jeans

It is starting to get chilly here in Colorado so this outfit is perfect for the changing weather. I loving layering up and walking around my favorite CO neighborhood RiNO! This would be super adorable for Christmas day as well!

When are you getting your Starbucks Red Cup? Share you photos below!!

Everyday deserves a lil cosplay


  1. I read this post, closed the window, and then re-opened the window -- because I just had to tell you that I love this. LOVE LOVE LOVE. It's a cute outfit, and kind of a hilarious idea, especially considering the "controversy" over the cups. The notion of fangirling over a corporation is also really interesting to me. Because they've sort of, over time, developed their own personalities that feel like real stories/people -- something you COULD cosplay. Anyway, this is pretty great. Keep on keepin' on.
    - Leah / SuperStarling.Rocks

  2. Such a cute idea! I was just wondering what topical thing I could use to make a set. That's a really cute outfit too!

  3. Thank you so much Leah! I truly appreciate you doing that! xx

  4. Thank you so much Nikita! xx

  5. Awww this is a great idea!!! :) LOOOOVE IT!!!