Thursday, November 17, 2016

Everyday Cosplay: Newt Scamander

Happy Harry Potter Weekend! We get to go back to the Wizarding World and I couldn't be more excited. My BFF and fellow Potterhead Being Geek Chic got us and our boys tickets to see the movie and I cannot wait to dress up for the occasion! Here's what I was thinking...
Everyday Newt Scamander

Everyday Newt Scamander by thenerdygirlie featuring chevron scarves

One of my new girlfriends gave me a beautiful coat in this color and it will be perfect for the showing. Everyone has a basic white shirt and I cannot wait to purse the Goodwill racks for some nice brown pants, boots and a bright yellow scarf! I do have fantastic brown purse to match already! He he he.

Are you gonna dress up like Newt or are you gonna rock your house colors? I cannot wait to talk about the movie with you all. Share your outfits and thoughts below!

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