Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Everyday Cosplay: Carl Grimes

Like I said last week during my Stranger Things Everyday Cosplay....I am in the process of a The Walking Dead marathon. Ocean Eyes had never seen it before! So I made him watch and episode and he was officially hooked!

Now why out of all the characters would I pick CARLLLLLLLL to cosplay?! Well let me tell you!
Everyday Carl

Everyday Carl by thenerdygirlie featuring suede booties

Carl is the epitome of a fall basic girl! Which if I can say so I totally am! I just bought three new flannels this past week while thrifting. I love me a good hat and I also thrifted an amazing pair of boots this week as well! My favorite tee is a v-neck and I am never not in my jeans!

Isn't that Carl?! All he needs is his Pumpkin Spice Latte! LOL We are just finished season six! AND {SPOILER!} Poor Carl...he looks like the new Governor! What an intense season! Ocean Eyes and I have a bet as to who Negan killed! Who do you think it was?! Share with us the comments below!

Everyday deserves a lil cosplay!


  1. Great outfit! And I think Negan kills Maggie. I know how shes supposed to lead in the comics, but we all know that the show doesn't exactly follow them. And, since everyone got so upset when Glenn had his fake dumpster death, I'm not sure he'll be the one to go this time. And Maggie makes a lot of sense- it would give Glenn the final push he needs to get gritty in this world. And can we really have two zombie apocalypse babies? Judith is already there....I don't see them having another one. Honestly though, I'm not ready to see any of them go!

  2. GREAT idea!!! I'm not sure she would "take it like a champ though." My money was on Abraham, but don't think that has enough impact! Maggie does!