Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Everyday Cosplay: Stranger Things, Eleven

Anyone else marathon Stranger things in two days?! It was so good and I cannot wait for season two coming out next year! Of course my marathon inspired me to want to dress like the amazing break out star of the show Eleven played by the adorable Millie Bobby Brown!

Everyday Stranger Things

Everyday Stranger Things by thenerdygirlie featuring a pink cocktail dress

It's starting to feel a little like fall here in Denver, so this outfit would be perfect for the transition. Fun pink dress, light coat and long socks! Add in a nod to Eleven's favorite food Eggo Waffles with this fun earrings!

What shows are you all marathoning right now?! I'm trying to catch up on The Walking Dead before it returns and also doing a Chuck re-watch! Share your favorite marathoning shows below!

Everyday deserves a lil cosplay!


  1. ALLLLLLLL the YES!!! This show is amazing. I've also been marathoning PennyDreadgul.. super good fashion inspiration for Fall, but the weather where I am is still in the 90's!

  2. Those earrings are adorable! And good find with that jacket. The outfit is perfection.

  3. This is such a perfect Eleven outfit. I binged Stranger Things. Fall TV is coming back so I'm not sure I'll be marathoning anything any time soon!

  4. This is so perfect. That dress is gorgeous, and those earings - the cutest!