Friday, July 1, 2016

Harry Potter Month: What You Should Wear To The Cursed Child Book Release & Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Happy Harry Potter Month here on the blog! Super Space Chick and I are so excited about the release of the highly anticipated 19 year sequel Harry Potter and the Cursed Child this month and the movie to crush all others come this holiday season Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, that we have dedicated the month of July {Harry's and JK's birth month} to all things Potter!

I love a good theme so when I am going anywhere I am excited about I just have to dress up to some extent. Of course San Diego Comic Con comes to mind first, or any convention for that matter. But just the other day I went to see Independence Day Resurgence and I just had to theme out.
And not to mention when I went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in LA this past May, I sported my Slytherin pride!
OR my permeant fandom theme, my Deathly Hallows tattoo!

SO I have a few outfits in mind for you for these upcoming fan events! First up what to wear to the book release party!
Everyday Harry Potter & The Cursed Child

I went with a play on the books cover! Any of the colors used can be transformed into a lovely look to pick up your book! Plus remember it is summer so keep it light an airy. I adore the Harry Potter esque sunglasses and keeping it Potter with lighting bolt shaped earrings. I am always wearing mine!

Now for the movie! The moment I saw Freddie Redmayne and his amazing blue coat I was on board for Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. Who else in on the hunt for a coat like that?! My first stop? Goodwill. They are my go to place for all things Everyday Cosplay.
Everyday Newt Scamander

Anytime is a good time for a themed dress up! So what do you wear to the book and movie release?
Don't forget that our Instagram 5 Fandom Friday Instagram Photo Challenge also starts today! I cannot wait to see what you all come up with! Don't forget to use the hashtag #5FFPhoto and to tag @thenerdygirlie and @superspacechick in your photos!


  1. Happy Potter Month!!!!! I love the outfit you picked out for The Cursed Child! I think I'm going to wear Ravenclaw garb to the midnight party I'm attending but I love how the colors match the book cover so well! Also, I want that HP doughnut!!!!

  2. Yes I am going to love Potter Month!!! Love that Cursed Child outfit! I am going to rep Slytherin at the midnight book release - we are having a 21+ party in LA, so different from when we used t wait at Barnes and Nobles years ago!
    xx Mal @

  3. LOVE the Newt Scamander outfit!!! I can't wait to see the movie :)

  4. Thank you Alice! Me too!! xx

  5. Happy Potter Month!! Thank you! I will probably do a Slytherin look myself! The donut was deish! xx

  6. Love BOTH outfits and the round sunglasses! So cute and themed! I finally got my hands on the Blackmilk Deathly Hallows maxi skirt, so I think I'll have to wear that to one of these events. :)

  7. Danielle KnappJuly 02, 2016

    The Newt Scamander outfit is perfect!!!

  8. OMG love this!!! I officially want to dress like Newt Scamander every day! Love that jacket!

  9. Newt Scamander outfit is perfect. I love the jacket!