Sunday, June 12, 2016

Female Geek Bloggers G+ Group 101


Female Geek Bloggers founded in September of 2014 by myself, The Nerdy Girlie and Bree of Geek & Prosper.

I have never met Bree in real life but have found a way to connect anyway, as I have with everyone through my blog! The Female Geek Bloggers G+ group is here help ALL the nerd & geek girl bloggers out there do the same! Let's help and support each other! 


1. Be supportive, kind, & helpful. This means avoiding using negative words towards others, respecting others' opinions even if you disagree, and understanding when it's best to just walk away from a conversation that is tearing people down instead of building them up. 

If you continue to break this rule, we'll ask you to leave or remove you from the community. We're here to support each other first and foremost. 

2. No Spam - You're limited to ONE blog post share a week (from your own blog). Please pick the one you feel our entire group will most benefit from! 

*Want to follow your fellow members?! Check out this Google Doc and don't forget to add yourself!*

Female Geek Bloggers G+ Directory

Moderators for the page include: 

Kristen from Super Space Chick 

Mia Moore from xoMia
Barb from You Fancy Me Mad

Any questions feel free to ask them or myself! All of our info can be found in the Google Directory.

**Wondering what category to I post in?!**

LOOK NO FURTER: We have a few categories for you to post in. Please make sure you choose the correct one for you topic!

Introduce Yourself: New to the Female Geek Bloggers page?! Introduce yourself and your blog here! This should be a one time only thing. Then head over to our Google Doc and add yourself to our Female Geek Bloggers Directory!

General DiscussionThis is where we can all talk about what it is like to run a Geek Girl blog! No sharing your work here. This is a place to get a conversation flowing between us all and to make those lasting connections.

Share Your Work: See Rule #2. You're limited to ONE blog post share a week (from your own blog). Please pick the one you feel our entire group will most benefit from! We want to make this a place about connections not about self promotion. When you do post your piece make sure you are giving us some details on it, ask a question, help others engage with you piece, don't just post a link.

Get Marketing Help: Have questions about growing your blog, socials or marketing your nerdy wears? Post your questions here and lets get the conversation flowing!

Ask Technical Question: Not sure how to figure out that tricky HTML code? Need help making graphics for Pinterest? Looking for a way to set up an appealing Twitter and Facebook account? Post your questions about all things technical here!

Request Guest Posts: Want to beef up your blog content, but don't have the time time? Post your request for what kind of guest posts you are looking for here! Let's cross promote each other!

Find Hangout Info: Super Space Chick and I have talked about getting some G+ Hangouts going again! Stay tuned for more info! Suggestions? leave them in the comments below!

Find A Blog Link Up: Super Space Chick is putting together a Google Doc where you can find all the nerdy link ups to participate in. COMING SOON!

Con Connections: Heading to a convention?! Post here so we can get our Female Geek Bloggers connecting in real life!! Been to a con? Have some advice to share? You can post that here as well. Just one self published post per week.

5 Fandom Friday: Post your 5 Fandom Friday posts here! Super Space Chick and are also working on an Instagram challenge and Google Hangout ideas. This is the only other personal post per week we would like you to post. 

I can't believe a small little idea to want to connect with other nerd girl bloggers had turned into such a large community! Thank you for joining and let's find inspiration together!


  1. Are you planning another #5fandom Instagram challenge the one last autumn was a lot of fun. I'd love a summer version.

  2. We are! Hoping for a July launch!

  3. I'm new and looking forward to participating!

  4. Geek Chic StefJanuary 19, 2017

    Love this idea! I've been scouring the internet for other female geek/nerdy bloggers and it looks like I found my people!!! I requested to join the group :) Look forward to meeting you all soon!

  5. So glad you found us Stef! Can't wait to see what you contribute and visit your blog! xx

  6. Salome BlockSeptember 18, 2017

    Hello, I am with MaeBerry Cosplay and we are convention review and cosplay DIY bloggers. We have put in a request to join this incredible group and look forward to your response.

  7. This is so cool. I definitely needed a group like this. Joining today!