Tuesday, April 19, 2016

100 Cups Of Coffee: #19

100 Cups Of Coffee is my journey through divorce, dating and self discovery. 

A little background reading and information for you all. My single life journey began a year ago, when I decided to leave my husband. I cannot believe that. It feels like yesterday and forever ago. It feels like I've been alone forever and that I've not had enough time alone.

I was in the Tinder trap for a good three months. The I found him. Number One.
19. Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. Glendale, CA. Black coffee.

This was the moment I had been waiting my entire adult life for, but didn’t know it yet.

Ugh I kinda hate myself for not remembering his name. This was HIGH speed dating for me. I was talking to tons of guys on Tinder. I was lining up dates left and right and this particular date did not end well, so I guess it’s better to have forgotten his name. Drinks at a cafe. He paid and I went back to his place which I immediately regretted. He kisses me on the way to the house and I felt nothing. That should have been my first clue. Then he tries to get me to smoke weed. Second clue. The third and final not clue, strike, he passed out on the couch all the while holding me tightly in his clutches not letting me get away.
At this point I begin to maneuver my way towards the door. He’s so handys I begin to get nervous, reminding myself where my mase is located all the while making him think I want to see him again. I didn’t. Blocked and deleted.
Ugh. Was this ever going on bad dates? Numerous unsuccessful Tinder dates and basically I felt like giving up. Then I met him, Number One. I walked up to him on our very first date, scoffing inside my head. I expected nothing to come of this, per usual. But as I told myself, looks can be deceiving. I could never find myself falling for the cliche LA men, which he certainly wasn’t, in looks anyways. I always like the funny ones. I came into this date, tired after a long day at work, just ready to meet another potential person to block and delete from my life. But, I was open just enough to discover we had a lot in common.
Throughout the entire date, he made me laugh, a lot. When the check came, I politely went for my wallet.
“I love that you just pretended to try to pay for this meal,” I quickly blush, he totally got me and had the balls to call me out on it. “But it was a total turn on anyways.” Then I thought, why not dessert too?
Cupcakes and coffee were Instagram-ed happily under the chilly and starry LA sky. The Americana fountains flowing romanticly in the background. Shit straight out of a Rom Com. As the coffee warmed my soul and the night slipped away, Number One offered to walk me to my car. I thought, I could really care less if he kissed me or not, a first in this dating journey.
But then he did.
Lightning shock my entire body. But it could have also been the quaking of cars driving through the parking garage and shaking the ground we stood on. Nope. We really had all of the chemistry. He even picked me up and passionately kissed me on the hood of my car. #swoon. Soon we were making out in my car like teenagers until two o’clock in the morning. Fogging up the windows and all. I had finally discovered that what I had been on this crazy divorce/dating journey for. A friend and a lover in one, could in fact exist.
He quickly became addicting and all consuming. We saw each other a lot in the first three weeks. Then he left for a two week business trip. Would the distance make my heart grow even fonder?

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