Thursday, March 10, 2016

Everyday Cosplay: Fuller House

Anyone else marathon Fuller House on Netflix in one day?! I adored it! The first episode was pure nostalgia. The rest of the series was so sweet, LOL and I just loved all the cheeky remarks harping back on the old days!

PLUS the fashion! Of course! I loved how different the three ladies were in their lives and fashion scenes. Reminded me of my squad. They were all different and yet they could still come together and make a family.

Everyday Fuller House

Everyday Fuller House by thenerdygirlie featuring a flower garland

Kimmy: I love how she stayed true to herself by keeping with the LOUD 90s fashion. 

DJ Tanner aka Stephanie Tanner: I adored all of her looks. Black is slowly becoming a huge staple in my wardrobe. Everyone looks so good in it!

D.J. Tanner: She had the classic style. Something you can wear from work to play. I love outfits that are super versatile like that!

NOW what did you all think of the show?!!! I loved it and can't wait to see season two! #TeamMatt

Everyday deserves a lil cosplay!


  1. Danielle KnappMarch 10, 2016

    I'm still making my way through the show which i adore! I definitely love all of the fashion on the show too .)

  2. I haven't watched the show yet, but i will probably be one of the shows I binge this summer lol. I love Stephanie's look and D.J. always looks so classic!

  3. I LOVE that dress! It's so cute!

  4. Edie CastellMarch 10, 2016

    I kinda binged watched it in one day too!

  5. I didn't mean to binge watch it all in one day, but I did! Uncle Jesse is still handsome AF. Like, have mercy! The outfits you put together are super cute :D

  6. My thoughts exactly Nina!!! Wowza! And thank you! xx

  7. So good! Hope you like it and glad you like the looks! Thank you! xx

  8. So glad to hear people loving it! It was so fun! xx

  9. I tried so hard not to binge, but only allowed myself to watch 2 eps per day and it was still over too quickly :( Made me so happy! So simple and cute, we don't have stuff like that on tv anymore do we?

  10. I thought the same thing! A lot of controversy around the show. But I loved it! xx