Thursday, March 3, 2016

Everyday Cosplay: The 1975

On record release day of The 1975's new album I Like It When you Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It, I was lucky enough to head to my favorite Denver record shop, Twist and Shout with The Gamer Geek and The Music Maven!
The Gamer Geek is the one who told me about The 1975, back when we all wrote about If My Blog Was A Mix Tape. Ever since then I was hooked. I saw them play in LA and I even got to photograph the show!

Now the new album is spinning like crazy and we all love it! I cannot wait until we get to see them at Red Rocks come May! It will be my first time at Red Rocks and The Gamer Geek's first The 1975 show. It's going to be magic! Here's what I should wear!
Everyday The 1975

Everyday The 1975 by thenerdygirlie featuring an iphone case

The band use to be all about the black and white. NOW they are all about the pink and I couldn't be happier! I love all the pale colors. They will be perfect for the May show. Hopefully, I heard Denver weather is weird! I know The Gamer Geek will never change from black and white, BUT he can rep the old album and I can rep the new!

Favorite Tracks
*Love Me
*The Sound
*She's American
*Somebody Else
****This Must Be My Dream {FAVE!!!!}

Every concert deserves a lil cosplay!