Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Everyday Cosplay: Tom's Twin Tuesday 2016!

I cannot believe that @HiddlesEducates has been asking me to participate in Toms Spirit Week for three years now! Isn't she the best?

For all of you who don't know, Tom Spirit Week is in celebration of Tom Hiddleston's birthday! His amazing fans love him SOOOOO much they celebrate him for an entire week. Each day has a theme and we blow up social media each day with the chosen theme! See calendar above to participate!
I hope you are all celebrating and staying warm {it's SNOW city in Denver!}. I'll be sporting this tank by Jordandene because having a cozy work from home day! Let It SNOW!

I created TWO new looks this year. But you can see 2015 and 2014 by clicking the links!
Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week 2016: Jonathan Pine

Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week 2016: Jonathan Pine by thenerdygirlie featuring crop shirts

I am SUPER in to casual layers at the moment! And black :) So this look is perfect for keeping warm here in Denver. Maybe add in some hidden thermals...because I'm still Cali cold! LOL This one is too cool! I just don't want to BE cooooooolllll :)
Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week 2016: Hank Williams

Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week 2016: Hank Williams by thenerdygirlie featuring loafers & moccasins

I ADORE the accessories on this look. The HAT! The sweater! The SHOES!!! This would be such a good work or a Sunday brunch look! Hats are my accessory of choice at the moment! 

There you go Hiddlestons! Share you looks on Twitter and Insta with me and @HiddlesEducates. Don't forget to #TomsSpiritWeek and #TomsTwinTuesday!

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