Thursday, December 10, 2015

Everyday Cosplay: Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story

I triple dog dare you to try this next look which is MY FAVORITE! I really wanted to incorporate my favorite Christmas movie, A Christmas Story into this year's looks. I was finding it a bit hard to do any of Ralphie's iconic look, then I remembered the Leg Lamp!
Everyday Leg Lamp

Everyday Leg Lamp by thenerdygirlie featuring a christmas story lamp

Now THIS is a holiday show stopper! The colors are so rich and gorgeous together. I might be thinking this could be an awesome New Year's Eve outfit too! You will know who your real friends are if they recognized this inspired look!  

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! I cannot wait for 2016 and all the nerdy-ness to come!

Every holiday deserves a lil cosplay!

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  1. I laughed so hard. This is brilliant.

  2. Oh my gosh, this is awesome. I love this!!

  3. I love this! That yellow jacket is super cute!
    This one is hecka fun!

  4. Thanks Harper, I love it! xx

  5. Thanks Whitney it was a fun one! xx

  6. This is THE BEST holiday cosplay idea I've ever seen!!!

  7. This!! All of this! I love it all. Great cosplay idea, from one of my all time favorite holiday movies.