Thursday, June 18, 2015

Everyday Cosplay: Dalek

Last week was the Weeping Angel, this week my other favorite baddie {they are tied} the Dalek! I am such a sucker for these guys. I never believe they are bad until they start killing everyone! LOL They are cute in my eyes...hence this CUTE outfit!

Everyday Dalek

Everyday Dalek by thenerdygirlie featuring a skater skirt

I tried to get the feel of the Dalek's armor in this look. I liked the circle necklace and the earrings that look like its eye. This is such a warm look and would be perfect for a date night to Doctor Who LIVE here in LA. And yes AGAIN with the hats...I love them so!

Everyday deserves a lil cosplay


  1. I love it!! I'm the same about Daleks... too bad that they kill D:

  2. So cool! I read the title and thought, "How on earth do you everyday cosplay a Dalek?" Like that. Perfect.

  3. Haha i was definitely curious to see what "everyday Dalek " looked like but the necklace brings it together so well!

  4. AWW thanks so much Jenn! xx