Monday, February 2, 2015

The Music Maven's Music Monday #32: George Ezra Wanted On Voyage

I have a confession.  I have a thing for singer/songwriters – especially British singer/songwriters.  I’ve been waiting for George Ezra’s album Wanted On Voyage to be released here in States since I heard his single Budapest – it was worth the wait.  I’ve been listening non-stop.
Listen To The Man with Ian McKellen!

Ezra has a deep, weathered, big, baritone voice, but he croons effortlessly in his upper register.  His voice is just made for storytelling.  Wanted On Voyage is an impressive debut with a wide range of sounds – folk, blues, and soul.  The single Did You Hear the Rain begins like an old spiritual – with Ezra bellowing a haunting “Lucifer’s inside!”  Budapest, Barcelona, and Stand By Your Gun get repeat plays every time.  Spectacular Rival is a bit of a departure on the album – ambient and electronic.

If you’re a fan of Bobby Long, Tom O’Dell, Amos Lee, or Ben Howard you’ll like George Ezra.  Wanted On Voyage is a welcome addition to my singer/songwriter album collection.


  1. I'm sending this to my hubby! He loves great vocals, and his are so rich!
    Also, Sir Ian...cause we love him in our house! ;)

  2. I've loved George Ezra since I heard his first song too and while I have a weak spot for British singer/songwriters I will admit I was a tad worried about this album because it's a debut and he's young -but that was all for naught because WOW this entire album from start to finish is strong and amazing and I've been listening to it non-stop. I can't wait to see him in March!

  3. can't wait to check him out! Anyone who has Ian McKellan in his music video is cool with me!


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