Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Birthday Wishlist

It is less than a week until my 32nd birthday!  32 sounds so weird!  I still do not believe that I am in my 30s...LOL I think I finally believe that age is just a number.  You will be able to tell by my wishlist.  I will always be a nerdy girlie!
Happy Birthday Wishlist

Happy Birthday Wishlist by thenerdygirlie featuring hemp shoes

The music nerd in my has taken a hold of this wish list a bit!  I have a few shows coming up soon and would love to have the keyboard skirt!  It goes perfect with the tank "If music be the food of love play on."  Isn't that the perfect show tank?!

I love the TOMS, they are neutral enough to wear with everything but I definitely wouldn't wear it with the skirt...a bit too much I think.

This mug has been on my list for a while.  Melissa Creates makes the most amazing designs. I will be buying it this birthday, if it is not gifted to me.

Every year I watch my favorite movie Interview With A Vampire and this year was no different.  I just got done watching it and realized I have it on DVD and it was very grainy and gritty.  Though nice for that type of movie, I would love to own a Blu Ray copy of it!

The Rimmel nail polish is my new obsession!  I never paint my fingernails because it always gets messed up before it even drys.  THIS nail polish dries in 60 seconds so I don't mind if only lasts the weekend.  It has been very difficult for me to find though!

Back To The Future dress...yes please!  I love that it is not too obvious too.  

You might have seen my Coffee and Cameras series and I would love to do a post on telephoto mobile photography!  Enter Photojojo's iPhone telephoto lens!  I've wanted lens' for phone for a while now, should be fun to experiment with!

How do you feel about getting older?!  I was a bit worried when the big 3-0 came, but now, I'm feeling more like myself.  I've found the real me. CHEERS to another year and thank you all for being apart of it!! 


  1. That BTTF dress is so amazing I've had my eye on that one for a while to, those Rimmel nail varnishes are my fave, we have them everywhere here so if you want a specific colour let me know and I'd be happy to get that for you. I hope you have an amazing birthday xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  2. Happy Birthday soon!
    (if you don't mind) I must ask -which day is your birthday? Mine is this Sunday on March 1!
    Any special plans laid out for yours yet? My boyfriend is planing out some secret nerd-filled day. He's been planning for a while now so I'm excited to finally find out.
    Also, the Back the Future dress is awesome.

  3. Happy (early) birthday! I really love the piano skirt. The Toms are adorable, but I worry about how dirty I would get those pretty white shoes.

  4. We are almost birthday twins...mine is the 2nd. My trip to CO was my present from The Hunny and I am going to the Conan O'Brien show on the day of! Hope you have a wonderful day as well!! xx

  5. Thank you Megan! I already have the white crocheted TOMS and I use a bra bag to wash them on delicate, they come out looking brand new!

  6. Oh man, happy early birthday!! And the BTTF dress?? Of course you found it and also put it on your wish list. Great taste, as always :)

  7. I love the BTTF dress! What a fun list!

  8. Interview with the Vampire is an interesting (and FANTASTIC) birthday tradition! I hope you get your hands on another copy!

  9. 32?! DAMN GIRL. I had no idea, I thought you were younger than me! But happy early birthday!! I hope it's fantastic and that you get some (or all!) of the items on your wish list :D I've been eyeing that piano dress from ModCloth too!

  10. Pisces are the best!!! :)

  11. Nina I love you, thank you! Great minds! xx

  12. Hope you have a lovely birthday my dear friend wish I was there to celebrate with you!!! xx

  13. Travis The GrimmFebruary 25, 2015

    That dress is all kinds of amazing!

  14. I have the other photojojo lens and wish I could get my hands on the telephoto lens! It looks so crazy close haha. That would make for some good moon shots!

  15. Happy Birthday (in a couple of days)!!! You have some awesome things on this list. I hope you get all your birthday wishes!


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