Thursday, January 1, 2015

Everyday Cosplay: Nibbler

Futurama will always be my favorite fandom love!  I've gone through a bunch of Everyday Cosplays for the characters here on the blog, but have yet to do them ALL!  2015 is the year I will do that!  Though I will not drown you with them week after week, I'll spread them out a bit!  Up first Nibbler!
Everyday Nibbler

Everyday Nibbler by thenerdygirlie featuring a beanie cap

This outfit is perfect for our SoCal winter!  I love it so much!  If you are in a much colder climate than I am, just add some more layers and make the flats into boots or sneakers!  If you are in the crafting mood, a lil googly eye on top of the hat would be PERFECT!!

Everyday deserves a lil cosplay!


  1. That's fun! you could even get a little eyeball button to stick on your hat, or, sweater!!! (Nibbler and Bender were two of my favorites in Futurama).

  2. Foreign GeekJanuary 02, 2015

    Hi, found your blog through Instagram and I am in instant love with it <3 Btw OMG Nibbler!! He is my second favorite caracther from Futurama. The first is Zoidberg.

  3. Ahhhh Nibbler! I love it. I don't know if you remember that Futurama tee I linked on my blog for the gift guide but I bought it for my husband for Christmas and he LOVED it!

  4. Thank you so much! So happy to have you here and Zoidberg is on the way!! xx

  5. Hope he liked it Whitney! I'm doing a re-watch of the series now from the beginning! xx