Thursday, January 22, 2015

Everyday Cosplay: Daisy

Continuing in my Nintendo girls series is Daisy.  She is a bit older than Rosalina and I felt more down to Earth.  I love that Peach FINALLY got a girl friend, because we all know that sometimes we just need to hang out with our friends!  Here is a cute outfit to wear while on a girl date!
Everyday Daisy

Everyday Daisy by thenerdygirlie featuring a blue pendant

How cheerful is this outfit!  You cannot have a bad time in this look.  It is sure to bring some sunshine into some of these gloomy winter days!

Everyday deserves a lil cosplay!


  1. So cute! I love the necklace! This outfit makes me miss summer haha :)

  2. Daisy can be a right pest in the game and normally I hate her but this outfit is too cute and cheerful and I think it might have actually made me like Daisy again

  3. Such a bright summery outfit! I'd have to add a yellow or orange hairbow too!

  4. So Cute!!! Daisy is one of my fave's! I usually choose her in Mario Party! For some reason I always assumed (with no real evidence lol) that she was Peach's sister.

  5. This outfit is jolly indeed. I love the orange shoes!

    Corinne x

  6. Joie, when she came out, tho I loved Peach, I was happy to see a brunette princess!

  7. Love it! It's so bright and cheerful.


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