Thursday, November 13, 2014

Everyday Cosplay: Chuckie Finster

This has to be one of my favorite viewer requests and it is from from one of my favorite nerdy girls @rozofthedead.  After my Helga Everyday Cosplay, Roz requested Chuckie Finster from Rugrats, another classic Nicktoons show!
Everyday Chuckie Finster

Here in Southern California we can still wear a look like this comfortably.  If you are in a colder climate switch out the shorts for some long pants.  I really love how colorful this look is and it will defiantly brighten up the gloomier day's of Autumn!

Who was your favorite Nicktoons character?  I really loved Phil and Lil and have always wanted to do a couple's cosplay of week?!  Share your favorites and requests below!

Everyday deserves a lil cosplay!

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  1. Soooo cute and perfect! Love Rugrats!

  2. Oh man, I love this outfit! Those shorts would also look cute with some yellow tights or leggings.

    I'm totally jealous of the weather out there in California right now! I had ice on my car this morning :(

  3. OMG I miss Rugrats so much! This is perfect!

  4. Oh, I remember him! Used to watch Rugrats when I was a kid :D

  5. Ickis and Oblina (Aaahh! Real Monsters), and Rocko (Rocko's Modern Life) were my favorites for a long time. That is, until G.I.R. showed his adorable robot face on Invader Zim!!!