Thursday, November 27, 2014

Everday Cosplay: Phil & Lil {Couple's Cosplay}

HAPPY THANKSGIVING U.S. nerds!!!  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays!  I LOVE eating and spending time with my family!  Our favorite thing to do every Thanksgiving is to have a Harry Potter marathon and last year my brother began me on my guitar journey!  So to happy one anniversary to my guitar lessons!

Since Thanksgiving is all about family I have a lil family/couple cosplay for you!  The adorable twins who were MY favorite on Rugrats Phil & Lil!  Ladies first here is Lil:
Everyday Lil

Everyday Lil by thenerdygirlie featuring ankle socks

Could this look be anymore girlie?!  I LOVE it!  I think I might have to MAKE The Hunny do this one with me for SDCC next year...can we peer pressure him nerds?!  Oh wait....would it be weird that we were cosplaying brother and sister?  

Here's Phil:
Everyday Phil

Everyday Phil by thenerdygirlie featuring knee high socks

IF The Hunny WERE to do this look, he would throughly hate it!  Pink...light blue...ducks?!  Yeah this will never happen...a girl can dream though :)

I hope that all of you have a wonderful holiday whether you celebrate or not!  

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