Thursday, October 9, 2014

Everyday Cosplay: Lloyd Dobler

If you are a regular reader of The Nerdy Girlie, you know that we are nerds about a LOT of things, one of them being MUSIC!  Can YOU name who OUR BAND is?!  Leave your guess it in the comments below and I'll pick a random winner to send their album to!
So MUSIC...ever since the day before San Diego Comic Con, when The Music Maven and I took THIS picture on the beach I have been wanting to re-create a Say Anything Everyday Cosplay!  I LOVE this look and would totally rock it for any show!
Everyday Lloyd Dobler

We here at The Nerdy Girlie are ALL life long music fans, 80s music is one of my favorite genres! 3 out of 4 of us grew up then!  For this look I knew I had to find a cool The Clash tee!  I was worried about the coat, but this long cardigan is the perfect length and color!  An updated and smaller version of Lloyd's boom box will save your arms!  I LOVE mine and take it EVERYWHERE!

What is your favorite 80's song?!  Mine is Take on Me by A-ha!  Don't forget to keep those requests coming in the comments below, I'll be back to requests next week!

Everyday deserves a lil cosplay!

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  1. The Bangles' cover of Hazy Shade of Winter is one of my favorite 80's songs, but there are so many good ones. Also anything by Bowie

  2. That coat is perfect! It's screams Lloyd Dobler and chic at the same time :D I can't think of just one 80s song to claim as my favorite, that decade was filled with some of the bestest jams EVER!!

  3. I <3 Lloyd Dobler so much. When I was trying online dating (shortly before I met my hubs), the headline of my post was "Desperately Seeking Lloyd Dobler." I don't think anyone got it, and I never got a date off that site.

  4. Favorite 80s song? But there are so many!!! The first one that pops into my mind is Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel....