Friday, August 15, 2014

BACK TO THE UK aka HAMLET 2015!!!!!

The Music Maven and I ARE going to see Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet IN London Monday October 26th, 2015!  We were lucky enough to have one of her awesome U2 friends purchase us tickets for the event on the Saturday before the sale opened to the general public.


Then I began the planning!  I am a HUGE planner!  I LOVE planning and organizing!  I went right away to make up a spreadsheet and break down all the prices for every portion of the trip.

The Plan:
Fly into Dublin - Liverpool - Stratford Upon Avon - Oxford - London.

The Music Maven is a HUGE U2 fan....bigger than anything else and since as long as I've know her.  So if we were going to be going to the UK, we had to go to Dublin since we would be so close.  This would be her Mecca and I cannot wait to see all the U2 sights with their biggest fan!

We will then take the ferry to Liverpool.  The Music Maven also has friends in Liverpool and since it is on the way to London, we are going to stop there.  I'm exited because it is a place in England that I was unable to visit during my last visit.

Stratford Upon Avon:
Another place I was un able to visit and cannot wait to see.  I LOVE Shakespeare and cannot wait to see everything about him and enjoy another small English town.
My favorite part of my last trip to England and I cannot wait to experience it with The Music Maven who will enjoy it as much as me.  Put the kettle on for us A Silent Film!
We are ending the trip with London.  There is so much we want to see and do Hamlet being the main reason we are traveling abroad.  The Music Maven will want to do all things Sherlock and I will want to do all things Doctor Who.  Also the BIG sites!  I want to also want to eat some awesome food and do tea time at a nice tea room.  I would also LOVE to do some vinyl shopping with The Music Maven in Soho!

Tips on what we should SEE, DO, STAY, EAT, ANYTHING while back in Ireland and England?  Let us know in the comments below!  Congrats to EVERYONE who got tickets to Hamlet, let us know when YOU are going in the comments below!  Hope to see some of you there!!!


  1. Squee! I'm so excited for you and glad it all worked out!

    1. Thank you B, cannot wait to hear about YOUR trip!! xo

  2. I am so jealous! About all of it, London and Cumberbatch. Hope you two have an amazing adventure

    1. Thanks Melissa, we are super excited!! xo

  3. Go to Fortnum & Mason for afternoon tea. It's 'by appointment of her majesty ...' type of store and not so tourist oriented as Harrods and everything inside is just so British.
    Go to Covent Garden on sat/sun for many l food stalls/places / bars... and also for live street music.
    Check quintessential British style shops like Orla Kiely, Lulu Guiness, Tatty Devine or Lara Bohinc ....
    Take the Docklands railway and see the area from the train.
    Walk to the top of the Monument and see the view.
    If you're into modern art don't miss the Tate Modern and walk along the Thames river and that area ( if you're into Luther, that's where a lot was happening, like Blackfriars bridge).
    See Rosetta Stone In the British Museum.

    1. Thank you so much! These all sound amazing!! xo

  4. don't be afraid of the Underground - it's really not as confusing as the map looks! It's also very easy to just walk around for miles & see so much that way - the main centre part isn't really that big.

    Get yourself to the London Eye (the giant ferris wheel thingy) and when you buy your tickets, you can get a Thames River Cruise at a discounted rate if you buy both together. Definitely a must-do if you have time :)