Thursday, July 10, 2014

Everyday Cosplay: Royalty & Nerd Craft: Flower Crown

Just recently I have read a few awesome books that made me pick them up just for their covers alone!  Once I dove in to the story, I couldn't put them down!  I am not a fast reader to begin with, but these two series made me not want to stop!  It has been a long time since I've found a book I've loved so much.  The Selection series from Keira Cass and The Ring and the Crown from Melissa de la Cruz are the inspiration for this week's Everyday Cosplay and a new Nerd Craft!

First up the Everyday Cosplay!  The covers for The Selection series are gorgeous!  A girlie girl's dream.  Here are a few awesome dresses I found from Mod Cloth that I think fit the mood of the covers.  The white one is to die for!!
Everyday Royalty

Everyday deserves a lil cosplay!

The cover for The Ring and the Crown is equally as beautiful as The Selection series!  I hate to judge a book by it's cover, but I am a very visual person and if something catches my eye, I want to pick it up and learn more about it!
The flower crown on the cover is amazing!  Recently I made TWO flower crowns, one for the Hannibal finale and one for the Bad Veins concert I attended.  I learned so much from making two and wanted to pass on my knowledge and tips to you all!
*Silk Flowers {I bought some from Michael's with a coupon and the red ones from the Dollar Tree!}
*Green Floral Tape {Dollar Store}
*Wire {Dollar Store}
*Wire Cutters

Step One:  Take the wire and measure it around your head.  Cut where it feels comfortable and then wrap extra end around to make a ring.  I covered mine with green floral tape to make the silver wire not stand out.

Step Two:  I plucked off the flowers from the stems and cut a length of wire to thread through the bottom steam to attach to the crown.

Step Three:  Using a mirror I found the spots I liked best for the flowers and wound them on.
The purple one was my first one and I learned a lot making it and so the red one came out so much better and more comfortable!  I hope I get a chance to wear one of them to a Hannibal panel at this year's SDCC!

Don't forget to check out both of these books!  I LOVED them all!


  1. I'm just like you, if a book cover looks interesting I'm more likely to pick it up. I know it's not "nice" to judge a book by it's cover... but... I dunno, I just do. :P Luckily all the books I've picked up with "nice covers" have been really good books, and these 4 you mentioned are BEAUTIFUL!! And I'm happy to hear you think they are great!

    Love all three dresses you chose and the flower crowns - omg, so cute!


  2. I might have to look into those! I'm always on the hunt for new series to read. Those crowns look really great by the way! I've been meaning to make one myself, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

    1. Hope you like them Kelsey, let me know! Thank you! xo