Thursday, July 17, 2014

Everyday Cosplay: Gadget Havkwrench

Welcome to ONE WEEK till SDCC!!  Who's excited?!  I know I sure am!  Well this will be the last Everyday Cosplay until after SDCC and it is a reader request!  I LOVE doing reader requests because it gets me out of my box!  I may or may not know the character so it is also fun to find some thing new!  Fortunately I did know Gadget and am a HUGE fan of Rescue Rangers and Disney Afternoons!

Total Price:  $53.20

Since it is summer, I thought Gadget's jumpsuit should be a bit cooler since it is SUMMER!  I like the flesh tone of the sandals that match her bare feet and using the nail polish to tie in her hair color.  Top off the look with her goggles, sunnies in the same shade!

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Everyday deserves a lil copslay!


  1. Gadget will always be one of my heroines! I LOVED that she was into inventing, and being creative, versus being about make-up or, hunbg up on the decision to be with Chip vs Dale (at least, I don't recall that being the case).

    And those sunnies are awesome!

  2. I was so excited when I saw this! I've always thought Gadget would be fun to dress up as.

    1. AW so HAPPY Sam thank you for the comment!! xo

  3. Very cute! Perfect for the summer. :D