Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Everyday Cosplay: Professor Farnsworth

As you all know by now Futurama is one of my most favorite shows ever {dare I say FAVE?!}!  I am trying to get an Everyday Cosplay for ALL the characters, and for some reason Professor Farnsworth popped into my head for my next creation. You wouldn't normally think fashion when looking at the Professor, but I found some awesome pieces for you and they are not PJs!

Before I began making this look I thought that the white coat would be the hardest thing to find, but it ended up being my favorite!
Everyday Prof. Farnsworth

Second favorite the sunnies!  They look similar to his glasses and are an inexpensive way to incorporate the glasses into the look, even if you don't wear glasses!

Everyday deserves a lil cosplay!


  1. YES! I love this! Can't wait to see the others :)

  2. Great interpretation of the professor!