Sunday, September 29, 2013

Interview with Kristin of Syfy's Fangasm!

The Nerdy Girlie:  How did you get involved with Fangasm?
Kristin:  I became involved with Fangasm very early on in the casting process. It took a full two years for this dream to become a reality, but the final product was well worth the wait! When I found out the show would be aired on Syfy, one of my favorite networks, instead of an earlier possibility, I felt like the stars were aligning.  We went through a few periods of extremely intermittent communication, to being cast, flown out, and moving in within a matter of weeks!  I love traveling and meeting new people who share my interests, and I've always been a really positive and welcoming person so when I had heard about the show, I immediately knew I wanted to be a part of it!

TNG:  What was your favorite experience while filming the show?
Kristin:  Oh this is hard! I had so many wonderful experiences during my time in LA.  I think the obvious favorite would be getting the chance to meet one of my childhood idols, and the co-creator of my favorite superhero (Spider-Man), the living legend Stan Lee.  I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to spend even a few minutes of one on one time with him!  But I also really loved a lot of the little, less notable things about living with my lovely roommates.  After living together and sharing in so many different experiences, we formed this intense bond between all of us, so I miss things like Sal's incessant teasing, Andrew's infectious laugh, everything in general about my best friend Molly, Dani's silly faces, Paul's extensive movie knowledge, and Mike's ability to turn everything into a party!  So overall, I'd say the best experience was being exposed to so many new people and making a group of lifelong friends.
TNG:  What has been your favorite experience after filming the show?
Kristin:  My favorite experience after filming the show has been my trip to San Diego Comic Con.  It was my first time attending the convention, and I had an absolute blast! I stayed with Molly, so it was like we were living together again for a week, and we partied our hearts out!  We also bought tons of exclusives from the convention, and I got to hang out with so many of my favorite comic creators.  It was like a dream vacation that I never wanted to end!
TNG:  What are some of your favorite things to nerd out about?
Kristin:  I nerd out A LOT about comics.  It's the most fascinating medium of storytelling in my eyes.  I love that there are these endless universes that've been created and there's constantly new content being added by a plethora of writers and artists.  It gives the reader a unique experience between story arcs, and it allows you to really build a strong connection to the characters.

TNG:  What are you girlie for?
Kristin:  I'm really girlie for fashion! For college I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, and it's always been a dream of mine to start a clothing line for girls that incorporates elements from my favorite fandoms.  I love the influx of geeky fashion available these days, but I feel like the comics category is still lacking!

TNG:  Think you would try Project Runway next?
Kristin:  I used to love watching Project Runway in college, but I wouldn't be a good contestant!  I'm really good at the designing aspect of fashion, but I'm less skilled in the sample production area.  I want to create a line that's licensed and handle more of the product development side of the process!

*Thank you Kristin for taking the time to answer our questions!  If you haven't watched the first episode of Fangasm you must!  This is THE BEST portrayal of nerds on TV.  I am so happy to call myself a nerd after watching this show.  Kristin and her fellow nerdy girlies Molly and Dani are AMAZING examples for the nerd girl community!  I cannot wait to see you ALL at Comikaze in November!!

Tee Busters Tees Review

The friendly guys over at Tee Busters contacted me and asked if I had any interest in reviewing their tees.  OF COURSE I said!  I picked out a few that I liked and they sent me a surprise tee out of those choices!
It arrived very quickly and in perfect condition all the way from Ireland.  They even threw in a lil treat!
I asked them to send over a medium and it fit perfectly!  A little snug in the neck and I probably wouldn't have minded a large even.  But this tee is still wearable.  I thought the length of the tee and sleeves were perfect.  That is my big thing when picking tees to wear.  The colors were pretty and they have so many great designs to choose from!
There were so many awesome designs that I had a hard time narrowing down my choices!  I would defiantly wear ALL five of the above!

You can check out their website for daily designs or follow them on Twitter @teebusters for weekly giveaways!

Thanks guys I love it!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Geek Girls Gab with Tom Hiddleston Army Romania part 2: Ioana

Blogger, admin and movie reviewer at: Kool Hunt and To The Edge and Back.  Admin together with Miriam for the first Romanian fan pages dedicated to Tom Hiddleston, Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel Cinematic Universe Romania.
The Nerdy Girlie:  What is your 1st nerd memory?
Ioana:  My first nerd memory has to be around the time I was watching X-Files together with my father. We were both fans of Fox Mulder but even at that time I enjoyed the character development of one Alex Krycek. Needless to say that my geek side was been spotted, nurtured and encouraged by my parents and with them I recall some of the most fun memories like the countless time both me and dad we would hope against hope Krycek won't die. 

TNG:  How and why did you start blogging?
Ioana:  Officially I'd have to say around 2007 although I used to participate and write reviews and opinions on various blogs and forums dedicated to the geek world: Buffy fandoms, Marvel, Kindred the Embraced, Anne Rice, Star Trek.

TNG:  YOUR favorite blog?
Ioana:  A favorite Romanian blog would have to be - beside my own -
An English speaking one is Ryan Penagos - while cruise through the post of Empire, Total Film, Screenrant and ComicBookMovie.

TNG:  What is your favorite thing/things to nerd out about?
Ioana:  From characters to actors, to plots from favorite movies and TV Show, I'd say the sky is the limit when we merry happy go lucky meet and begin to talk. It's fun and it gets exciting whenever you spot someone who has the same interests like you and you feel comfortable to geek in front of him/her.

TNG:  Any tips for San Diego Comic Con?
Ioana:  I'd say being more opened and flexible towards the fans outside US. We're willing to buy the tickets and packages and understand the procedures but we would like to know more and sometimes it feels the information is accessible to those residing US. Invite artists recognized internationally from every corner of the world, broadcast some of the events to the European TV Channels, use the bloggers, we can do a fine job on the spot and in front of the laptop screens and we're more than happy to help.

TNG:  Girlie things you love?
Ioana:  Nailpolish, make-up, sexy actors and well written fan-fiction. 

Thank you Ioana for answering our questions!  I can't believe I get to connect with awesome geek girls in other parts of the world!  Make sure you check out all her amazing fan sites and follow her on Twitter:  @IoanaRIP.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Everyday Cosplay: John Watson

I finally have a match to my Sherlock cosplay!  The fun is in the details of this Watson look.  My easy DIY headband is a nod to their flat.  I also have on Union Jack earrings as a nod to Watson's military service.  Overall I think this is a fun Fall look!
Sweater - Anthropology
Shirt - Victoria Secret
Belt - Target
Jeans - Hollister
Boots - Cathy Jean
Headband - DIY
Earrings - Etsy

Everyday John Watson

Ok DYING over these boots!  Another great investment because they can go with anything.  I like that they are a guy style with a girlie twist!  The Union Jack socks are such a fun secret.  I think John loves his country, but wouldn't want to be flashy about it.

EVERYDAY deserves a lil cosplay!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nerdy & Girlie for 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

While browsing the web for Every Day Cosplay items I stopped at one of my favorite sites, Target.  As usual they did not disappoint and distracted me from the task at hand.  Just like in the store!  Phillip Lim has just released a line for Target and it featured some comic book inspired pieces that I thought were super fun!

1. 2. 3.

I would defiantly have to try these on before ordering, but would LUV to have the scarf and the sweater dress!  I love scarves! :)  I would like the sweatshirt better if it was blue like the dress!

What do you all think?  Worth it?!

Geek Girls Gab with Tom Hiddleston Army Romania part 1: Miriam

Romanian-born and proud of it, Medieval History and French teacher, Master in Diplomacy and Geopolitics,very big Medieval History enthusiast, aspiring PR and Marketing Expert, adoring the sea-side and traveling. Together with Ioana I run the the first Romanian fan pages and Fan-club dedicated to Tom HiddlestonRobert Downey Jr. and Marvel Cinematic Universe Romania.
The Nerdy Girlie:  What is your first nerd memory?
Miriam:  My first nerd memory (I don’t know if it qualifies as such) would be getting totally hooked on Twin Peaks,as a youngster, although not understanding much of it at that time and then, later on, on the TV-series Millennium, I adored them and still love both shows.  I also became a fan of the X-Files and discovered British crime-series, such as Midsommer Murders.

TNG:  When did you begin blogging?
Miriam:  Started blogging and interacting with social medias from 2011, the year in which I moved to Germany, changed jobs and discovered a different life-style.  I became a true fan-girl of Tom Hiddleston and all things about him, which drove me to discover in depth Marvel Comics and get deeper into the Geek Universe.

TNG:  What are your favorite blogs to read?
Miriam:  My go-to movies and reviews blog is Ioana’s and that would be all for now at least.  I enjoy forming opinions of my own and not having them altered by others.

TNG:  What is your favorite thing to nerd out about?
Miriam:  I, as a true fan, love talking about Mr.Hiddleston and sometimes Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, but not in the adolescent way, just a tad more grown-up type of talks.  But generally I try my best not to get into big discussions involving an actor’s or public person’s private life, there are some boundaries which I would like not to cross.  The occasional yelling and screaming from the inside has happened to me when meeting live Tom Hiddleston.  That was one experience I will not forget and memories stay fresh in my head.  About those moments I can geek-out any given time, no matter if people heard the stories a million times before.

TNG:  Any tips for San Diego Comic Con?
Miriam:  San Diego Comic Con is an event which is definitely on my wish-list for next year or in two years from now, and I would just like to see it a bit more open towards its European fans as well, who are willing to spend money and time to travel and enjoy the show.  Would be great if in their PR and Marketing team they would have a smaller team specialized in European fans, let’s say, to help them out when it comes to everything from booking plane tickets to reaching the venue and so on.  This would be of great help especially to people who have never travelled to the US before.

TNG:  What things are you girlie for?
Miriam:  I am typically female for this one:Bags,shoes,shopping,having my nails and hair done,those make me feel great always.But as a a bit of a sport and fitness fanatic,I love the feeling after having completed a hard work-out or a long run.That pain is for me a sign I pushed my limits and I can do more.Not very girlie for some,but totally Girl-power for me.

Thank you so much or Miriam for answering our questions!  I know there are many Tom fangirls out there who will be happy to read your encounter!  Make sure you stay tuned next week for part two with her blogging partner Ioana!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Everyday Cosplay: Olivia Dunham

Miss Fringe like I do?  Well you asked for it Fringies!  Here is my Everyday Cosplay for season 5 Olivia.  She was stylin' in the future!  Please San Diego can you cool down and let it be Autumn so I can FINALLY wear this awesome jacket outside!  I am really digging this look it is so easy and can be worn tons of places!
Jacket and Pants - Forever 21
Tee and Belt - Target
Boots - Cathy Jean

Everyday Olivia Dunham {Fringe S5}

I love this look, have I said that yet?!  This is Autumn to me:  browns, boots and hip coats!  Thank you Olivia for being so stylish!

EVERYDAY deserves a lil cosplay!

We Wear Born Campaign Feature!

I bought my first pair of Born Shoes in June 2012.  Thanks to one of the mom's a pre-school for letting me try her's on, I ran right away to the store an purchased this pair below!  WOW!  I can't believe I had gone this long without knowing about these amazing shoes.  They are super soft and comfy, not to mention totally stylish!  I love the height they gave me too {I'm 5'3"!}.

Earlier this year a representative from Born contacted me because of some tweets I had tweeted about the amazing shoes!  I wrote her this lil paragraph expressing my love for the shoes and sent her this picture.  It had been many months ago, so I had forgotten.  Until I received an email with the picture above!  I LOVE how this came out and am so excited to be apart of such a wonderful brand!
To make this story even better, yesterday morning a surprise Born Shoes package came in the mail!  They did tell me they would send me a lil something but I was NOT expecting this!  In the package was a lovely tote bag, wristlet, keychain, tool, bracelet, eye glass pouch, grooming kit and two mini shoes!  The icing on the cake was a lil note with a certificate for a FREE pair of shoes!!  I had to pick three and they will send me one.  Here are the three I picked!
I'm too excited!  I have been dying for a pair of these boots for a while.  My second choice is the metallic because I have been wanting that style but would never buy metallic.  Third are the pink flats that will be perfect for Spring.  I hardly ever by colored shoes so that is why I picked those.  I will update again when my shoes arrive!
Two days before I left for my trip to Colorado my Born shoes arrived on my doorstep!  I was so happy because I was hoping to be able to wear them on my trip and boy did I ever!  They are soooooo SOFT and comfy.  I love that every time I wear them, they get more character.


Monday, September 16, 2013

DIY Dexter Halloween Party

With the FINAL episode EVER of Dexter THIS Sunday September 22nd and Halloween coming up, I thought perfect time for a party!!!  I have been a fan of Dexter since the beginning and have even read all the books!  So to send off one of my favorite fandoms I decided to have a Dexter theme dinner party!
I started off by wrapping the entire table and chairs with plastic wrap.  That was relatively easy and a more themed touch than just a table cloth.  The black garbage back is actually the drink dispenser!  I decided to dress it up a bit.  The ice bowl for the drinks has the ice truck killer's famous victims hand in it!  I painted the nails myself.  Thank you dollar store for the idea!

If you click on the collage below you can see our Dexter victims pictures hanging from the chandler!  It was a fun way to help guests get immersed in the theme!
For the menu I had a CHOP salad, pigs in a blanket {which I called "bad guys in plastic"} and blood slide cookies.  The cookies are from Trader Joe's and such a yummy fall tasting treat!  To drink we had a red sparkling pomegranate juice also from Trader Joe's.

In the end clean up was a breeze!  Dexter would be proud at how well I cleaned up leaving not a trace!  Maybe a bit of finger prints though!  OOPS!!

To further your party's theme you can also check out our Dexter and Debra Every Day Cosplays!

Who is excited for the series finale of DEXTER??

Friday, September 13, 2013

Blog Update by

Thanks to the lovely and talented Lori {} The Nerdy Girlie has a more pulled together and streamlined look!  Lori was amazing to work with and will defiantly hire her again in the future!  

If your blog needs a bit of a sprucing up head on over to Girl Hero.  

I HIGHLY recommend her!!  I am super excited about he new look!!  I feel like I have a new back to school outfit! :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Geek Girls Gab with GlitzyGeekGirl

Hiya! My name is Anna Lee, and I run a blog called GlitzyGeekGirl! The name describes me perfectly. I am a hairstylist that loves fashion, makeup and new trends. But I am also very geeky! When I am not at the salon or shopping, I am probably on my computer playing online games or updating my blog. I enjoy being glitzy and geeky by doing cosplay. It's so much fun to bring a character to life and design their outfit for a comic convention. My favorite part of cosplaying is creating DIY tutorials for my readers. I also love to post pictures of my cat, Pixie!
The Nerdy Girlie:  What is your 1st nerd memory?
Anna:  Growing up, I would watch my older brother play video games. So most of my childhood was spent playing Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Sonic with him. Then he introduced me to PC games, and we still to this day play and talk about games together!
TNG:  How and why did you start crafting and crocheting?  
Anna:  I have always had an admiration for art. I can't say I can draw, sculpt or paint well, but I am pretty good at being crafty. Mostly, I enjoy taking something pre-made and altering or recycling it to become something different. My mom taught me how to use a sewing machine, crochet, and do other handy craft tricks. Recently, I have learned a lot since I picked up cosplaying as a hobby.

TNG:  What are some of your favorite nerdy blogs?
Anna:  I love my girls over at Nerd Burger and Geeky Glamorous! I'm also real life friends with A Galaxy Called Dallas and Mia Moore. And I just recently started reading Darling Stewie.

TNG:  Do you favorite Etsy shop?
Anna:  My current favorite is GeekOUTlet.  I want one of everything from their shop!
TNG:  What is your favorite thing/things to nerd out about?
Anna:  I fangirl over good books. I'm major into Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, etc .. Right now I'm hooked on The Mortal Instruments. I love to read books over and over again, dress up for the movie's midnight showings, and collect t-shirts and other memorabilia. This is also true for a couple of TV shows like The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and Game of Thrones.

TNG:  Any tips for San Diego Comic Con?
Anna:  My dream is to attend SDCC...and hopefully it will happen next year! I've already got my membership on the website so I can actually get a badge this time (I didn't know about the memberships until a few weeks ago so tip number one is make sure you're registered).  Also make sure to bring a poster tube. I learned this from the Dallas Comic Con this year.  I had to buy one for some autographs I got, took it home, then bought more autographs the next day and had to buy another poster tube! So invest in one and don't forget it!

TNG:  Girlie things you love?
Anna:  Well of course I love all things hair and makeup! I have my own salon, and it's so much fun making people look pretty for a living. :) I'm also really into Hello Kitty and My Little Pony. My room is covered in pink sparkly things and Hello Kitty is on everything! I really enjoy shopping for necklaces, too. I have too many to count. My favorite jewelry designers are Tarina Tarantino and Betsey Johnson.

Thank you Anna for answering our questions she is totally a nerdy girlie!!  BONUS we are BOTH cat ladies!!  Isn't her's so sweet!!  Check out her awesome blog:  GlitzyGeekGirl and follow her on Twitter:  @GlitzyGeekGirl.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Everyday Cosplay: Hermione

Harry Potter is what got me back into reading after high school and throughout college.  It made reading fun and magical!  Our new family tradition is to watch all the Harry Potter movies during our time off for Thanksgiving.  It is a fun time to relax and re-live the magic!  With Autumn upon us I thought this Hermione look would be perfect!
Sweater - Anthropology
Shirt, Jeans - Forever 21
Boots - Target
Scarf - gift

Everyday Hermione

These are a great pair of boots and can be worn with TONS of other looks!  The 9th Doctor, Leela and Katniss.  Building your Everday Cosplay wardrobe, you can begin to assemble multiple looks and in the end save money!  Quality versus quantity!

EVERYDAY deserves a lil cosplay!

Monday, September 9, 2013

In The Racks: She Hulk and Rouge Touch

When I saw that Marvel was releasing both The She-Hulk Diaries and Rogue Touch I was sold by just looking at the covers!  But as you know, you can't always judge a book by its cover!  So now I give you the good, the bad and the ugly!
She Hulk and Jennifer Walters share the same body.  Walters is a high powered attorney.  She Hulk is a crime fighting party girl.  Together they have one crazy life.  

I am always a sucker for a love story and falling in love with band members!  This book was a quick beach read for me during my vacation this summer.  I found that it kept my interest and kept me coming back for more.  There were some cheesy parts, but I didn't mind since this was my first introduction to She Hulk.  Her cousin Bruce makes a few appearances which is nice because he is my favorite super hero!  Overall, I wouldn't read it again, but I did enjoy it and would recommend it!

She Hulk: 3/5 stars

The X-men movies were some of the 1st comic book movies I ever saw so I was super excited to read up on the origin story of Rogue.

Rogue Touch follows Rogue on the run from the law with alien Touch.  I found it very hard to get into this one, unlike She Hulk.  It never really grabbed my attention and made me WANT to read it.  It really felt like a young adult, first love story, whiney, sappy thing.  I guess I am just getting to old for the teenage romance stories.  When I almost stopped reading the book, is when it finally got interesting.  The second half is actually quite good and if it was all like that I might have enjoyed it more.  That ended up redeeming it a bit for me, but not much as for me to recommend it to you all.

Rough Touch: 1/5 stars

If you would like to discuss the two books reviewed today, please comment down below!  I would love to hear what you all thought of them!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

7 Ways to Stay Productive While Blogging

This summer has given me many days off to focus solely on my blog "job."  In the beginning I had a wandering eye, but with a set schedule and these useful guidelines, I am able to get a lot of work done and feel like I had a successful day.
1.  Start the day.  Every morning I wake up by nine.  If I am really ready to work, then it is seven.  It is nice to have some time to "sleep in" every now and then.  First thing I do is make my bed.  That just makes me feel like the day has begun, also I can't get back in!  I let myself stay in my PJs and get a cup of coffee.
2.  Neat desk with stuff you love.  My desk is what I would call neat/messy.  The Hunny would say messy.  I have stuff I love there and it makes me want to work there!  With my morning coffee, I give myself time to wake up and pursue the various social network sites for about an hour, including checking and answering emails.

3.  Organized computer files.  Every time I create a file {photo, doc or other} I keep the naming consistent.  As soon as I don't need something anymore, it is in the trash bin and emptied.  I am working on a Macbook Air so I need to know what I have and that all the space is being used efficiently.  I see an upgrade in my future!

4.  An on going to-do list.  I am a very visual person, so I like to see what I need to get done and I find it very productive to have a list I can check things off of.  I also find it helpful with thinking up new ideas.  One idea can break off into many others!
5.  Breaks.  About every hour or hour and a half, I get up and stretch, do a mini exercise or get some household stuff done.  Every other day I try to get out of the house.  I make lunch dates with friends or just run some errands.  I find these mini breaks help me be more productive in the long run.

6.  Stay healthy.  This has been a big issue for me.  I like to stay healthy and eat healthy, but I want it to be easy!  I keep fruit and yogurts handy, but by the time lunch roles around I just grab anything.  Prepping lunches on Sunday is a good way to make sure you eat healthy during the week and doesn't take too much time to do!
7.  Have a set stopping point.  If I can begin work ten I am happy with stopping by five.  Holding yourself accountable for what you know you did is how you get stuff done.  I have a calendar that I schedule my posts for each day.  It is a great visual to know what needs to be done and if you accomplished enough for the day.

What keeps you going as you work at home all day?  
Let's keep the tips flowing in the comments below!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

So long Futurama & thanks for the memeories

Ready to watch the finale!

It has been a good run!  I was lucky enough to see MOST of this series finale at SDCC this year.  I videoed the first 1/3 of the cast doing a table read of the finale.  We then watched the 2nd part in its entirety as we saw it on Wednesday night.  The last and finale piece I had to wait for...just like you all.  It did not disappoint!

Avenge Us!  Perfect funny and also kinda sad intro line to the finale episode.  I have always enjoyed these lil bits in the beginning of each episode.  Some of my favorites have been:

"See you on some other channel."
"It just won't stay dead."
"You can't prove it won't happen."
"Thanks for watching, Futurama slave army!" (In Alienese)
"The Humans Shall Not Defeat Us." (In Alienese) 

The episode opens with Fry and Leela back where they had their first delivery together, the Moon.  It was nice to see the full circle.  Crater Face is always good for a laugh.  It was so great to SEE this part after only HEARING it at SDCC.

The second part I had already seen at SDCC so I was anxious to get past this and see the end!

This last 1/3 of the show was very touching and I was happy to see how the ending played out.  Though I did think that Fry and Leela would stay in the frozen time, I was so happy that they decided to go back with the Professor.  It was so sad that they would not remember their amazing life together!  But it opened them up to have ANOTHER amazing life together and no one ever gets that chance.  Of course it also leaves the show open to come back, which I would not be against!
A LIL bit of Futurama round my house!
I will always be a fan of Futurama and don't forget you can always go back and re-watch the old episodes!  That's what I have always done!  Here are my top 10 Futurama favorites!

What did you all think of the finale?!  

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Geek Girls Gab with Els, Nerd on the Run

I met Els for the very first time in person at 2013's SDCC.  She, The Music Maven and I had been corresponding over Twitter before the con and made a deal to meet up!  I am so glad we found each other, she is an amazing nerdy girlie!  We had a long time to chat and nerd out together about our love of Zach & Fringe!  She and her dad even joined us at the Nerd HQ Serenity screening!

I’m Els, and I’m from Colorado. I’m a runner, hopeless romantic, amateur photographer, Pinterest recipe attempter, and off-key shower singer. I was fortunate enough to attend my very first SDCC & Nerd HQ this year, and there is a big nerdy glasses shaped piece of my heart that I left there in San Diego...
The Nerdy Girlie:  What is your 1st nerd memory?
Els:  When I was 3, I became obsessed with Beauty & the Beast. No other Disney Princess could compare to Belle. I adored her because of her smarts, love of books, and desire to learn. And once I saw that she cared more about the library than the castle, there was no denying Belle was my favorite. ;) Wanting to be just like her, I begged my Grandma to make me a Belle costume. But I didn’t want the princess outfit…oh no. I wanted the blue dress with the white apron… along with the basket to carry all of my books in. I didn’t realize I started cosplaying at such a young age! And the rest is nerdy history! 
TNG:  How and why did you start blogging?
Els:  I’m not really much of a blogger, but I do have a WordPress and Tumblr floating around the dark spaces of the internet! ;)

TNG:  YOUR favorite blog?
Els:  My two FAVORITE blogs are The Nerdy Girlie and The Nerd Machine. I get all my SDCC & cosplay information from Megan’s blog (you’re the best, Meg!), and I love reading the articles posted on TNM. I also have a love affair with photography blogs.

TNG:  What is your favorite thing/things to nerd out about?
Els:  I graduated college with my degree in Biology, so I am a HUGE science nerd. I can drone on and on about molecules, biological pathways, and chemistry. And of course, I geek out daily over my two favorite shows, Chuck and Fringe. And anything that Joss Whedon (Firefly & Dollhouse, anyone?!) is involved in is a must!
TNG:  Any tips for San Diego Comic Con?
Els:  Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Tackling my very-first-ever day at SDCC alone, I was overwhelmed. I got lost in the throngs of fellow nerds and honestly had no clue where I was going. I even texted my friend who had been in the Con the day before, “Where the hell is the entrance to this thing?!”  Eventually I found a big line of people, and asked what they were waiting for. “This is to get into the Exhibit Floor.” Bingo! 

Also, strike up conversations with people. I mean, we are all there for the same basic reason – to geek out for four days! Everyone is so nice at SDCC, and being able to talk about fandoms, comics, (*cough*) Zachary Levi, or anything nerdy is beyond awesome.

TGN:  Girlie things you love?
Els:  If I can take a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine in one hand and a good book in the other, I’m one happy girlie! 
I also love kisses… like getting a kiss on the cheek. FROM ZACHARY LEVI! ;) (Still can’t believe that happened!!!) xoxo
Now Els is a part of The Nerdy Girlie Team.  She writes under Nerd on the Run about everything from fitness, books and of course Nerd HQ!  THIS is why I started this blog and continue to do it, to make amazing new friends like Els!  Follow her on Twitter:  @elshannahb.