Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cool Kickstarters: Catwoman Fan Film

Angi and I have been Twitter friends for a while now and were finally able to meet for the first time at D23.  She also let me ask her a few questions about her cosplay in our Cosplay Crush series.  Two weekends ago I was happy to see her again at Stan Lee's Comikaze.  She is one of the nicest people I have ever met and extremely talented.  She told me about her new Kickstarter and I had to see it ASAP!  It is so amazing and I wanted to share it all with you!  Check out the video below!

Click the link above and you can also see her first film, and get an idea of what the new one will be like.  It so great to see what nerds can do when they put all their talents together!  You can donate to the cause HERE and follow/ask questions over on Twitter @AngiViper.  


  1. I loved her first film. So well shot and she played Black Widow so well. I am super keen to see DC new 52 Catwoman come to life!

    1. I totally agree Cazz!! Thank you for the comment! xo