Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Everyday Cosplay: Phineas & Ferb

I have been a HUGE Phineas and Ferb fan since I began working at my pre-school.  This show is NOT just for kids.  There is some fun humor only adults will get and some great musical numbers!  This is a cute early fall look that will keep you dreaming of Summer!
Tee - Forever 21
Jeans - Hollister
Shoes - Payless

Everyday Phineas

This is such a fun and EASY look!  If you are not watching this show yet, you need to get on it.  It is defiantly not just for kids.  What I really like about this look is that you defiantly know which character you are, this would be so fun to wear to Disneyland!
Halloween 2010
Everyday Ferb

I HAD to update this post with MORE Phineas and Ferb characters.  I just finished a marathon watching of the entire series and so happy to finally see the Star Wars episode.  This show is so funny and smart, the characters are pretty fashionable too!  Ferb is my favorite! #BritishBoys

Everyday Candace

Everyday deserves a lil cosplay!

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