Wednesday, September 18, 2013

We Wear Born Campaign Feature!

I bought my first pair of Born Shoes in June 2012.  Thanks to one of the mom's a pre-school for letting me try her's on, I ran right away to the store an purchased this pair below!  WOW!  I can't believe I had gone this long without knowing about these amazing shoes.  They are super soft and comfy, not to mention totally stylish!  I love the height they gave me too {I'm 5'3"!}.

Earlier this year a representative from Born contacted me because of some tweets I had tweeted about the amazing shoes!  I wrote her this lil paragraph expressing my love for the shoes and sent her this picture.  It had been many months ago, so I had forgotten.  Until I received an email with the picture above!  I LOVE how this came out and am so excited to be apart of such a wonderful brand!
To make this story even better, yesterday morning a surprise Born Shoes package came in the mail!  They did tell me they would send me a lil something but I was NOT expecting this!  In the package was a lovely tote bag, wristlet, keychain, tool, bracelet, eye glass pouch, grooming kit and two mini shoes!  The icing on the cake was a lil note with a certificate for a FREE pair of shoes!!  I had to pick three and they will send me one.  Here are the three I picked!
I'm too excited!  I have been dying for a pair of these boots for a while.  My second choice is the metallic because I have been wanting that style but would never buy metallic.  Third are the pink flats that will be perfect for Spring.  I hardly ever by colored shoes so that is why I picked those.  I will update again when my shoes arrive!
Two days before I left for my trip to Colorado my Born shoes arrived on my doorstep!  I was so happy because I was hoping to be able to wear them on my trip and boy did I ever!  They are soooooo SOFT and comfy.  I love that every time I wear them, they get more character.



  1. That's so cool! Congrats Megan! I was looking at your everyday cosplay for Deb from Dexter the other day, and I liked the Born shoes that went with the outfit. (That was the first time I had heard about Born shoes.) Unfortunately, when I clicked on the link, they were out of those shoes in that color :(

    1. Bummer Violet, I purchased mine in March, maybe check in the stores?! They are releasing new stuff so might be something even better now!! xo Thank you for the comment!!


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