Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Everyday Cosplay: Psych-O

If you have following me lately, you will already know that I am in the mist of a Psych marathon! Ever since seeing and falling in love with the cast at SDCC 2013 I can't stop watching!  
I am currently on season 4 and so far my FAVORITE episode is S3 Ep 2.  I LOVE all The Breakfast Club/Pretty in Pink...80s movie references!  I also LOVE trying to spot the pineapple in EVERY episode...HENCE this week's Every Day Cosplay!  

This one is for the NEW & OLD Psych-Os!

Everyday PsychO

I want them all!  Perfect for showing your Psych pride any day of the week!

EVERYDAY deserves a lil cosplay!


  1. The pineapple skirt is so amazing and cute.

  2. I love pineapple print and accessories :O It's too adorable!!

    There's a pineapple in every episode?!!?! I've got to watch these again.