Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Everyday Cosplay: Dexter

Dexter is one of my most favorite shows ever!  It might be a little weird to be inspired by a serial killer, but he is fictional!  Plus I got a fun and cheeky outfit out of it!!  I love that my tee has a bit of faux leather on the shoulders. It reminded me of Dexter's gloves.  My favorite part of Every Day Cosplay is the small details!
Tee and pants - Forever 21
Boots - Cathy Jean

Everyday Dexter

It is not exactly Dexter, but I never go for exact in Everyday Cosplay, I go for FUN!  I love throwing in the spiky, knife like, necklace and the blood red polish!  Weird yes, but also amusing!  Are you enjoying the FINAL season of Dexter?!  I can't believe this last episode and cannot wait to see how it ends!

EVERYDAY deserves a lil cosplay!


  1. Love Dexter too~!
    Cool idea. Adore the shoes!

  2. Well done! It really is in the details!
    Love Dexter.
    Did you listen to the Nerdist podcast with Michael C Hall?? He is hilarious.

    1. YES and it was right after watching that week's Dexter, so I had Dexter dreams! LOL I love getting to hear an actors REAL self! Loved your podcast this week great job! Thank you for the comment!!