Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Everyday Cosplay: Chuck

I have had a love affair with Chuck from my very first SDCC in 2009.  We were in Ballroom 20 ALL day and the only panel we didn't know about was Chuck.  As soon as Zachary Levi came out all sweet, humble and handsome I could help but begin to love him and the show.  If you have not watched it yet...what are you waiting for!?
Tank:  Old Navy
Shorts:  Sears
Star Wars Bow:  Cake Shop Couture
{Star Wars one of Chuck's favs!}
Everyday Chuck

You CANNOT do Every Day Chuck without the Converse!  Chuck & Chucks!  Plus these shoes go with EVERYTHING!  Can't find the necklace featured, I LOVE the a nerd necklace from Geek A Bye Baby I had them custom make me a "The Nerdy Girlie" one and it is FABULOUS!

EVERYDAY deserves a lil cosplay!


  1. The only episode I haven't seen is the series finale, because I like to be in denial that it's over. That show had me from the very beginning.

    1. LOL I like your style Kelly! I was a wreck after watching it! Stay strong! xo