Friday, January 11, 2013

DEFIANCE poster on The Big Bang Theory!

DEFIANCE poster on The Big Bang Theory!

The hunny and I were watching one of our favorite shows together last night {The Big Bang Theory} and to BOTH of our surprises, the game he is currently working on's poster {DEFIANCE} was spotted in the background of the comic book shop on The Big Bang Theory!  I SCREAMED {sure neighbors were loving that, but good promotion!} and he paused the show because I HAD to document the happy/exciting moment!

How this happened we don't know, but it was such a FUN surprise!!!!  Both the game and the show for the SyFy network will be out this April!!!!  
{I'm his cheerleader.}

A second sighting of DEFIANCE poster on The Big Bang Theory 2/21!!

It's almost April 2nd for the game and 15th for the TV show on SyFy!


  1. Saw it during my lunch break at work and shouted DEFIANCE! But my co-workers already knew I was crazy! -)


    1. I might be seeing your hubby on Monday-Wednesday at his work... Don't know where they will put me and the rest. Hope their wall-0-soda includes Dr. Pepper! -)



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