Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hola Amigo! A 100 Cups Of Coffee Adventure

In the age of Instagram, I've found so many amazing things that I love. Most of them I probably will never get to see {though who I am following is my list, just in case} this weekend, there was one I was able to check off: Amigo Motor Lodge.

I asked Ocean Eyes if he was working on Monday {President's Day} and he told me he had off so I booked room immediately, without even seeing how far away they were {2 hours and 41 minutes from North East Denver}. Not too bad. Plus our dog Piper could come too. Perfect for National Love Your Pets Day which was also on Monday.

So we packed up my little red car with Piper, wine, champagne and a picnic lunch and drove down for my first trip to Salida, Colorado. Boy am I glad I drove, because about thirty minutes in it go really twisty. And I do not do well in the car. But we made it through, came out the other side and saw some of the most gorgeous landscapes I've seen since I've moved to Colorado.

Wide open golden fields and peaks of pure white. It was a sight to behold and we still had two hours to go. To pass the time I listened to two really great podcasts: Strategy Hour {which had my favorite blogger Studio DIY on} about online business, blogging and productivity. All of my favorite things! The second was an NPR podcast called How I Built This all about how companies and entrepreneurs built some of our world's most popular brands {Kate Spade, Crate & Barrel and Drybar}. They were very inspirational and made me want to jump out of the car and create! Which was what this trip was about.
Since Amigo Motor Lodge was so Instagram worthy, from what I had seen, I had planned for Ocean Eyes and I to do a photoshoot while we were there. I wanted to capture the uniqueness of the motel + have some new headshots for myself and he was game! We drove into the motel's parking lot and met one of the owners Phillip and his dog Mofffet. Piper and Moffet became fast friends. Phillip gave us the key to room number 11.
All of the rooms had doors painted black with HUGE numbers on them, you couldn't miss your room number. I pulled into the space right in front of our door and right away we unpacked and popped the champagne. It felt like a cool adult summer camp. The room was bright with light and decorated with a minimalist retro feel which I adored from following them on Instagram. Each room is unique and I was lucky enough to peak into all of the rooms when they were cleaning the following day. My favorite is room number one with a space theme and an Ice Cube quote hanging on the wall.
Everything about Amigo Motor Lodge is strategic. The graphics surrounding the brand, which we were lucky enough to have seen a few being put up in the lobby the following morning, to the humor used throughout the motel, to the environmental friendly feel {reusable coffee mugs in the morning, one big dispenser of toiletries in the shower and beautiful glass water cups or in our case, Moscow Mules}.
Besides the motel living up to all my dreams, Salida had some of the best food I've ever had. We had dinner at The Fritz and breakfast at Seasons Cafe. Seasons Cafe uses only local food and now creates their own in house coffee. Both were some of the best things I've ever tasted.
Since we had driven all day, we returned from dinner and snuggle up in the comfy beds. I loved the huge down comforter and once we turned the heat on the floors felt like they were heated! Since we don't have cable we watched The Walking Dead live for the first time and in the morning drank our coffee and watched the news. We spent most of our time in the beds.
After our Huckleberry Roasters coffee and yogurt in bed, it was time for our photo shoot! I had brought three different looks and Ocean Eyes was the best photographer. It was this time last year that he had taken my old profile picture for my socials and this year he did a great job again. We utilized the amazing motel's scenery for our back drops: outside our door, sat two bright red chairs, perfect for a pop of color.
Inside the bathroom, which had good lighting and cool metal fixture to frame the shot.
And the Amigo Motor Lodge lobby, which was probably my favorite with it's HUGE pile of wood, vintage feel and lots of amazing diffused light.
Our trip was short and sweet. We decided we want to make a trip down to Amigo Motor Lodge at least annually. But I'm already planning a summer trip. Owner Phillip has big plans for the space come summer: landscaping, pop up tenting and mini "RVs". Plus their signature teepee being resurrected after the wind dies down. I cannot wait to see how this hidden gem grows and becomes even more picture perfect.

Monday, February 20, 2017

100 Cups Of Coffee: #23

23. Cozy Cafe. Redondo Beach, CA. Black coffee.
What if?

I’m still not quite sure how this guy found me on Instagram, Insta Greg. But one day I logged into Instagram to find that I had a direct message. I couldn’t believe this hip and gorgeous LA musician wanted to talk to me. Insert my second type, after ginger, musician. I had already had my go with a LA musician, so I was very wary of Insta Greg. But this was the first man who sought me out. I had been finding it hard to make connections with men in real life. Tinder was just too easy. Not that Instagram is real life, but it isn’t a dating app either.
But there was still Number One. Insta Greg had it all. Long soft blond hair. Comfy cuddles and an enthusiasm for life and me, just what I wanted. Enthusiasm for me. Finally. But he scared me. On our second date, which was an entire month after our first due to a car accident I was involved in when our first second date was scheduled, he said he asked if I wanted to be exclusive. On our second date. I told him I wasn’t ready because of the divorce. Really it was because of Number One’s hold on my mind, heart and body.
I never gave Insta Greg a real shot in the weeks that we were talking to each other. My mind truly wanted to, he seemingly had it all, but there was always a nagging doubt in the back of my mind and of course Number One.
One day I set out to understand that doubt and give in a real shot at the same time.
I drove down an hour from LA to visit him at his parent’s house where he was house sitting and working remotely for the weekend. The house was the perfect beach cottage on the cliffs complete with the most gorgeous and unreal view of the Pacific Ocean from the backyard. He was ready and excited when I arrived and immediately wanted to introduce me to his friends that very night. Our third date. I came down ready for this, or so I had though. But my heart was still torn and he could tell. He thought I was pensive because of the divorce and was always supportive about it. He is such a caring and gentle soul. But for me, I was mental drained of my marriage, it was Number One who had ahold of my heart now.
Number One and I had the physical connection I had always wanted. Number One ravished me. He laughed with me and joked with me. He showed me the LA I was dying to see, new restaurants, bars, pie shops, coffee shops and all the while I fell deeper, Number One held me at arm's length. That’s where Insta Greg came in. He picked up the slack that Number One didn’t want to give. I wanted it to be enough. For him to be enough.
I ended up having the most lovely day relaxing in the grass with Insta Greg. The ocean breeze softly lulled me to sleep all the while Insta Greg cuddled me close. Nap under the summer sun, truth chats about what he wanted out of our relationship and the respect to know that I needed time and space. Our afternoon turned into night. He let me sit alone staring out into the vastness of the ocean while the sun set.
It was then that I was ready to let him have all of me, even with my still lingering doubts. Only Number One had had me at this point. And those times with him I couldn’t ever let leave my brain. There was more passion than I’d ever felt in my entire life. But now I was here with Insta Greg, I was staying the night. It was then that I finally had my doubts confirmed, just as I made this decision to have sex with him. I tried to be prepared and he wasn’t.
“Do you have a condom?” I ask him.
Then the words I’d never thought I’d hear in my entire life came out of a grown ass thirty year old man’s mouth.
“I’ll just pull out.”
My face went blank. I was in complete shock. I just stared at him for what felt like forever, with my mouth gaping open. Doubt confirmed. I played the words over and over in my head. That couldn’t have come out of his mouth. What are we, in high school? Though I never even had a high school boy say those words to me. What I didn’t tell him was that I indeed had a condom in my purse, but at this point, I didn’t think he deserved it.
Politely declining the offer, of him “pulling out,” we still cuddled and I stay the night with him. He was a good cuddler and I love cuddling. In the morning, he jumped out of bed an hour before my alarm was due to go off. I had work that day. My sleepy brain thought maybe he was making me coffee or breakfast or both. So when he came back to bed a few minutes later, I thought oh just coffee. I’ll take that!
A not so sleepy hour passed and I drug myself out of bed to shower, all the while he slept soundly. When the time came to kiss me goodbye once I was ready for work, he shied away because of my red lipstick. Immediately a Dashboard lyric popped into my head “so kiss me hard, cause this will be the last time that I’ll let you.” And it was. The decision to never see him again was completely driven home when he told me about nearby coffee shop I could stop at on my hour drive to work, instead of waking up to make me some coffee, like I had thought.
Driving away from his house, it fading into my rearview mirror, I felt at peace, finally. I passed by a cute little cafe, of my own discovery, did an illegal u-turn and had a solo morning coffee and french toast, basking in the knowledge that I had grown more self-aware and confident in the decisions I was making for myself and my own happiness. My red lipstick stained the glass instead of his lips.

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Everyday Cosplay: National Drink Wine Day

HAPPY NATIONAL DRINK WINE DAY! This might be up there on my favorite holidays of the year. But really everyday is wine day for me! I love coming home after work and sipping some wine and catching up with Ocean Eyes while we make a Blue Apron. Those are the moments I live for.

It also helps that wine is one of my favorite colors. I've always loved wearing red. Here are a few items that will look perfect for this holiday.
Everyday Wine Day

Everyday Wine Day by thenerdygirlie featuring an iittala glassware

I just bought some new wine glasses from Crate and Barrel and they are my favorite. I love the shape and how delicate they are. They go perfect with some of my favorite wines: Gnarly Head, Infinite Monkey Theorem and anything with a skull on it. Ocean Eyes and I have a pretty good collection going!
What are some of your favorite wines! I always like trying new ones. Share with me in the comments below! Have a wonderful wine day nerds!! 

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