Friday, September 30, 2016

Awesomely Autumn Pumpkin Products: Look Human

I am a huge fan of the apparel site Look Human. I even featured one of their tanks on my 5 Fandom Friday post: Geeky Clothing Items I NEED In My Closet Immediately and Valentine's Day Geeky Tees! One day while I was searching their site for nerdy goodness I found some hilarious pumpkin inspired tees! I just had to share my favorites with you!
Accio Pumpkin Spice: Potterheads can now be pumpkinheads too with this deliciously cozy sweater!

Anyone else marathon Stranger Things in weekend?! Well this sweater is just too perfect for us mega fans waiting for more! Click HERE to get yours!
If you couldn't already tell...this is my Autumn motto! Get yours HERE!

Pumpkin Spice Princess?! I think that name could work well for me! If you are one too get yours HERE!
 Two of my favorite things! Cats and pumpkin spice. They go PURR-fect together!!!
 Usually my patronus is a humming bird, but every year around this time it changes in to pumpkin spice! LOL
I couldn't let this post go by without adding some mugs for your pumpkin spice latte! These two were my favorite! PURRMPKIN Spice....
And the truth on a mug...pumpkin is the spice of life! I need to add these to my mug collection!

Which ones do you like best?! Would you wear your pumpkin spice love on your sleeve or are you a closet pumpkin fan?! You know my answer! Let me know your favorites in the comments below!

Check out all my Awesomely Autumn Pumpkin Products posts and keep cozy my nerds!

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thrifting Thursday: Mugs

Happy National Coffee Day!!!!!!! So this week's Thursday Thrifting is in celebration of that!

Last week I shared with you my new love of thrifting vintage globes! Today I'm excited to share with you something I've been collecting for a while now, mugs! I've always bought my mugs, but Ocean Eyes introduced me to the wonderful world of mug thrifting. His and I's collection combined is one to be admired! He has around 20 and I have probably double that.

And we just agreed we are not stopping there! How can we when we keep finding awesome gems! And for only $1 or .50 cents each?! Where do we find them?
Our gold mine for mugs has to be the Arch Thrift Stores. Ocean Eyes LOVES finding ones that make us laugh and I love finding ones that remind me of things I love or from my childhood. Ocean Eyes always picks out a mug in the morning and brings it to me filled with coffee. That is the best part of my day! What will he choose? "You're Wonderful," "Domestically Disabled," "Grandma"? It is my favorite way to start the day with a smile!
This mug Ocean Eyes found at an Arc Thrift Store on our way home from Boulder. Both Arc and Goodwill usually have large selections of mugs to search through. Just be careful not to break any! {{knocks on wood}}
Like I mentioned last week, we have the amazing vintage and antique shop the Brass Armadillo here in Denver and that is where I found the McDonald's and Garfield mugs. They were more around $4 but when it comes to things from my childhood, I'm willing to spend a bit more. We had the entire Garfield collection when I was little and I cannot wait to complete it again!

The middle one I found on our very first mug scavenging adventure together and it is from the San Diego Zoo! I was so happy to find that for only $1 and have a little reminder of a place I hold dear to my heart!
Thrift stores are always hit or miss. Sometimes we find gems, other times nothing. But just stopping in once a week gives you a great chance of finding something special! One week I found the entire collection of Flintstones Movie mugs from McDonald's! Those I regret not getting!

Do you ever have NOT buyers regret?! Share your stories of something you wish you would have bought in the comments below! And come back next week for another thrifting adventure. This week's hint is my second favorite thing to coffee....guess below!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Everyday Cosplay: Coffee

Happy almost National Coffee Day! Celebrate with me on Thursday September 29th with this week's Everyday Cosplay!

If you follow me on any of my social media sites, you know that I LOVE coffee {#100cupsofcoffee anyone?!}! I'm not a huge fan of brown in my clothing, but I do love it in my shoes and purses. This week I take one of my favorite drinks and bring it into my wardrobe! Wake up and smell the coffee fashion nerds!

Everyday Coffee

Everyday Coffee by thenerdygirlie featuring pin jewelry

I love brown accents in my outfits. Purses, SHOES, sweaters are perfect! Check out that adorable coffee enamel pin and the fun coffee keychain! 

How are you going to celebrate National Coffee Day this Thursday?! Share in the comments below! I will starting my day with coffee and maybe a coffee type cocktail for dinner!

Everyday deserves a little cosplay!
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