Thursday, January 29, 2015

Everyday Cosplay: Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week 2015

When @HiddlesEducates asked me last year to create Everyday Cosplay looks for Tom's Spirit Week 2014 I said YES!  I was so excited then, and when she asked again this year I was of course game!  Here are five looks I've developed based on just a few of Tom's many characters.

Please enjoy and SHARE your Tom Cosplays on Tuesday February 3rd, 2015 for #TomsTwinTuesday either here, on Twitter or Instagram!  You can tweet @HiddlesEducates or @thenerdygirlie, we would LOVE to see your looks and share them!
Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week 2015: Coriolanus

Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week 2015: Coriolanus by thenerdygirlie featuring Tees by Tina

I knew straight away that Corliolanus had to be one of the outfits.  Seriously that vest?!  Of course the one that looks most like his and is my favorite is the most expensive one!  LOL
Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week 2015: The Great Escapo

Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week 2015: The Great Escapo by thenerdygirlie featuring lace up ankle boots

I LOVE this look, it is simple and chic!  I'm a huge shoe lover so these books are definitely something I need for my wardrobe!
Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week 2015: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week 2015: F. Scott Fitzgerald by thenerdygirlie featuring oxford shoes

I completely adore this coat, the pop of yellow really pulls the outfit together and those shoes....I love my shoes :)
Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week 2015: Sir Thomas Sharpe

Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week 2015: Sir Thomas Sharpe by thenerdygirlie featuring a long black coat

I am really into wearing black these days and this look would be perfect for a night on the town!  The many layers would certainly keep you warm!  Again with the magnificent coat and shoes!  Forgive my look for the navy blue black on had white stars on it.  Everyday Cosplay is about trying to use what you have in your own closet, and I have to say I made it work for me and love this outfit!
Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week 2015: James

Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week 2015: James by thenerdygirlie featuring blue jeans

I LOVE the comfy-ness of this outfit.  The jeans are ones you'd want to spend the day in.  The sweater is super loose and such a rich color and who doesn't love a fun pair of socks?!
Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week 2015: Wheatland

Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week 2015: Wheatland by thenerdygirlie featuring a black belt

LAST but NOT least, one special Everyday Cosplay for our fearless leader!!!  I LOVE this one so much, it is basicly my normal everyday wear!  So along with  @HiddlesEducates, this MIGHT be the one I'm rocking come Tuesday February 3rd!

What are you going to wear?!  Share with me in the comments below!  Come Tuesday don't forget to tweet both  @HiddlesEducates and myself, we are so excited to see YOUR Everyday Cosplays for  #TomsTwinTuesday

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

SDCC Bag Outfit 2015...I Need YOUR Help!!

I had such a fun time collaborating with my good friend Louise of Anna Mia Clothing for my 2014 SDCC bag dress that I thought, YES we have to do it again this year!!  I have a bunch of bags saved and I cannot wait to get the ideas flowing as to what this year's outfit should be!
I have some cosplay ideas I would like to do for SDCC, but it is so far away that I cannot narrow it down yet.  Let me brainstorm a few ideas now:

  • Harry Potter Wizard - Bag Robe
  • 12th Doctor - Bag Coat

Oi it's hard this far out!  LOL  I've also thought of just a skirt this year...Shabby Apple makes amazing designs and I have always wanted one of their tulle skirts.  Maybe I do a skirt similar to these with a nerdy tee?
Ok and now this is where YOU come in!  I need HELP!  What should I do?!  Should I do a cosplay designed outfit or one of the skirts?  I really love the nerdy and girlie aspect of my dress last year and I think the skirt would give the same effect.  I am "The Nerdy Girlie" after all!

Louise DOES take custom design request, but not MANY!  Contact her ASAP if you want something for San Diego Comic Con.  She can walk you through the measurement process and you can pick up your creation when you arrive for the con.

She measured me once last year and at each fitting the dress fit perfectly!  I wouldn't have any qualms recommending her work to anyone who isn't local to San Diego.

Leave your suggestions for me in the comments below and I cannot wait to get this year's outfit started!  Do you have anything special planned for SDCC this year?  We are past the 6 month mark, time to get thinking!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Coffee and Cameras: The Selfie

I don't know what it is about the selfie, but I have never been a big fan of it myself.  Truth be told, I'm always embarrassed to post one!  But sometimes I just feel really good about myself that I have to post one.  In a world where we are bombarded by what "perfect" is suppose to look like it is rare that I feel that way and by posting a selfie, I feel like I can say hey, I'm happy with ME!

Back at the end of 2014 when I FINALLY upgraded from the iPhone 4s to the 6 a new world of selfies opened up to me!  The front facing camera is almost as good as the regular camera!  In the correct light, you can get a very good picture!  Then I discovered the timer and my life changed!

The timer allows you to set either a three or ten second countdown.  The numbers count down on your screen and allow you to get prepared for the shot.  Usually I use three seconds for my own selfies and ten for a group selfie.  

TIP:  Take some time before you hit the timer to find an angle that you feel you look best at.  Use the front facing camera as a mirror!  I've done this many times while traveling and a mirror hasn't been handy.

Once the countdown reaches zero, the camera takes a burst of TEN shots!

TIP:  Take as many photos as you wish until you get the one YOU like!  My magic number is three.  That is thirty shots to choose from and funnily enough, I usually go with the first!

{Hand-held Selfie}
The first one we all master, am I right?  My big TIP for the hand-held selfie is lighting.  I like to do a full 360 degree turn to find out which is the best position for lighting.  Second TIP might be more my own preference, but I like a clean or interesting background.  Within the good lighting, find a background that let's YOU be the start of the shot.
The hardest thing, I think, about the hand-held selfie is not getting your arm in the shot.  It just takes maneuvering the camera.  You are in control, work with the camera until the angle is good!

{Propped Timer Selfie}
Like I said above, the self timer is a game changer when it comes to selfies.  It took me about a month to realize that I could prop up my phone and take my own picture!  Usually I have to wait for The Hunny to be around.  I give him a detailed description of what I envision for the shot {the OCD photographer in me} and after about twenty shots, MAYBE I get one that I like.
With the self timer, I can set up a shot just how I like and get it done in a few timer bursts!

TIP:  Background choices!  I mentioned above that the background can take away from you or it can ADD to you.  While in Vegas and in height of my The 1975 obsession phase, THIS amazing mirror was in the room.  The first day was a fluke, but I loved it so much I had to do one everyday!  Be happy I don't have this at home!

What you cannot see is that the room had all of our luggage and junk around.  I had to be VERY conscious of what could be seen in the mirror and each day I learned more.  The first one you can see my luggage handle.  Again maneuvering the camera is what selfies is all about.

{Couple Selfie}
I feel like the couple selfie is a more spontaneous beast than any other selfie.  You are hanging with your bestie and you realize, we need to document this awesome time in our friendship.  So in the couple selfie, I think it is more about chemistry than anything else.
TIP:  Let your true self come through in a couple selfie.  Feed off each other and only do one burst!  This is a quick spontaneous moment in time.  Capture it, share it and put the phone away.  Stay in the moment with the people you love.

{Group Selfie}
I never thought of doing a selfie with more than one person before, but then came the holidays.  The iPhone 6 has such a wide camera that I've been able to get eight people in a single shot!  The first one was a bit hard, but I've learned a couple things....
TIP:  The person taking the picture should be a bit in front of everyone.  This gives you more room in the shot.  Again using the phone like a mirror get everyone scene and then set the timer.  I find the ten second one best for group shots so everyone can get settled before the burst starts.

{Details Selfie}
Especially for us nerds, it is all about the Easter Eggs.  I try to always have a bit of nerdy flair on me at all times and when someone notices, that makes my day!  So why not share those details in selfie form?!

WHEW...I didn't realize that so much went into posting the perfect selfie!  I like that YOU can be in control of your own self image.  I think that is a powerful thing for anyone with self-esteem issues, and isn't that all of us really?

Did you find this post helpful?  Is there a certain topic you would like me to tackle in the future?!  Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to share if this post helped you!  

NEXT TIME on Coffee and Cameras:  Composition.

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