Friday, October 24, 2014

5 Fandom Friday: My Must See List of Halloween TV

October and Halloween are some of my favorite times of the year.  I love dressing up, I love themes and this time of the year allows us to do BOTH!  Though I do not like the scary that comes with Halloween, I have given you some favorite funny Halloween themed TV episodes.  ENJOY!
1.  Community - Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps {S3 Ep5}.  Season three is where the show really starts to get amazing.  This episode is perfect.  One of my top favorites and a great way to get into this amazing show.
2.  Glee - The Rocky Horror Glee Show {S2 Ep5}.  Great music and wonderful performances.  I don't watch Glee anymore, but I still enjoy their music!

3.  Psych - This Episode Sucks Season {S6 Ep3}.  I became a huge Psych-O after this year's SDCC and this episode is one of my most favorites.  Vampires and laughs!

4. Are You Afraid of the Dark - The Tale of the Nightly Neighbors {S1 Ep8}.  Where my fascination with vampires began!
5.  Castle - Vampire Weekend {S2 Ep 6}.  Nathan Fillion dressed as a "space cowboy," need I say more?!

What are YOUR favorite episodes!  I cannot wait to read them, let me know in the comments below when your post is up!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Everyday Cospaly: Orange You Glad It's HALLOWEEN?!

When I saw that the Nerd Machine had this Halloween tee last year, I HAD to have it!  I love dressing up for Halloween and dressing in theme for special occasions.  This outfit is perfect for the week leading up to Halloween.
Below I rounded up EVEN MORE awesome Halloween inspired apparel and accessories for you! Take a look!
Orange You Glad It's Halloween!

Stores everywhere have so may cute Halloween things it is hard to pick!  My favorite places to look are Target, Forever 21, Old Navy and Urban Outfitters.  Anything pumpkin, black cat our ghoul is perfect for this time of year!  Need even more Halloween ideas?!  Check out this adorable info-graphic from Wholesale Halloween Costumes!  
A Nerd's Guide to Halloween Costumes
Enjoy and share your Halloween attire with us on Twitter or in the comments below!  You can also make it Halloween EVERY with our Every Day Cosplay!

Everyday deserves a lil cosplay!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Where To Find The Nerdy Girlie at Comikaze 2014

After throughly combing the Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo panel schedule, I have found a BUNCH I want to attend!  A few overlap so I will have to make some choices on the day of, but I MUST see John Barrowman.  I haven't ever met him...except running into him at Phoenix Comic Con once {CHECK out that pic squeeee!}.  His panels are always a laugh a minute so that is my mission THIS con!

Second mission is to see all my friends!!  Since SDCC ended I have been needing my nerds!  I cannot wait to see old and meet new friends!


3:30pm:  Disney Fandom - Room 304ABC

5:00pm:  Geeks Get Published - and Paid! - Room 301B

6:30pm:  Geek Fashion Show - Hot Topic Main Stage


9:00am:  How to Publish Your Own eBook - 304ABC

11:00am:  How to Be Fashionably Nerdy - 303AB

Noon:  John Barrowman and Carole Barrowman - 408AB

1:00pm:  Geek Girl Fashion - 301B

4:00pm:  Doctor Who Live - 306AB


10:00am:  Event Photography and Cosplay - 303AB

10:30am:  Jewel Staite - Hot Topic Main Stage

Noon:  John Barrowman - 304ABC

1:00pm:  How to Create Your Own Novel - 308AB

These are the panels I HOPE to attend this year at Comikaze.  Hope to see some of you there!  Now to figure out what to wear!  Maybe my Halloween costume {post coming day before Halloween}, my awesome nerdy girlie tee and....?  HELP!!

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