Thursday, August 25, 2016

Join The Geek Girl Gang!

Like many of my blogger friends, I met Meli on Instagram. By accident! One night. Scrolling through a nerd hashtag. There she was. An adorable nerd lady, dressed as my favorite Doctor {10}. I just HAD to be her friend.
Meli and I at SDCC 2014!

A friendship was born that late night. And it has only grown.

I want to introduce you to Meli's brain child Geek Girl Gang! We are all apart of it already, she just made it official! 

Want to make it official?! Check out her awesome new tees in her shop!

*Geek Girl Gang
*Comic Con is my cardio 
*Full of feels {we all are right?!}

SO I was lucky enough to be able to get one of Meli's first tees and dress it up Nerdy Girlie style! Check out my three looks below!
This is my go to everyday outfit. If I have my TOMS, a shirt to layer and my jeans I'm a happy nerd. Bonus points to anyone who gets my nerdy and girlie tees!
I think I might have been a hippy in my past life because I adore long skirts and headbands! The Comic Con tee pairs perfectly!
Check out a close up of my accessories! Quidditch anyone?
And last but not least, if I'm going for a run or just lying around the house on my Sunday here is my go to look. The most comfy pants you can find, a cozy nerdy tee and sneakers incase I have to go for a La Croix run!

Ready to get geek chic? Head on over to the Geek Girl Gang shop and get your tees now! I'm excited I already have one outfit ready for San Diego Comic Con 2017!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Figuring Out My Place In Time And Space: Surviving The First Wedding After Your Divorce

It was bound to happen and it did. Fresh off a divorce and I you to attend my very first wedding since. 

For me, it was my baby brother's. Of course I love my brother to pieces. I am so proud of him: a Stanford Master's graduate in Engineering now working his dream job at Rouge Fitness. His new wife a lovely lady with a heart of love for him and a voice like a Disney princess.

That being said...let's get real, that doesn't mean that it wasn't hard to watch all of my family gather for an event that happend for me only nine years ago and ended last year. It is still fresh in my mind and a wedding just brings all of those feelings of failure to the surface.

I can't say that I was excited for the event. Though I wanted to be. My main feeling was...

Remember when I told you I had to skip out on my first San Diego Comic Con in 8 years? It was because of this wedding. I had known about it for over a year. And of course I was happy for them, but sometimes it is hard to see past your own mistakes and be happy for others. Though I tried my hardest to show that I was, and I began to feel it at times, but of unhappiness slipped through the cracks.

The event grew closer and closer and I wasn't sure if Ocean Eyes was going to be able to come with me. I dreaded that. I dreaded the cost now that I am on my own. The many new people I would have to meet and put on a happy face for. And the happiness and love that I remembered having on my wedding day that eventually faded.
*Gather a squad.

If it wasn't for Ocean Eyes, I wouldn't have made it through this event. He was able to come and helped me through it all. The bridal brunch, the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, the pre-wedding BBQ and of course all of the wedding day activities. He listened when I needed to talk, he snuggled when I felt a bit sad and he brought me wine just because. I also grew closer to my other baby brother and his sweet and funny girlfriend. We cannot wait to do some more double dates! My heart swelled with the love that came from my supportive family.
And guess what?! All those new people I had to meet? I fell in love with a few of them. Two in particular which are pictured above. They are both so sweet, kind, caring and funny humans, I cannot believe they are now family!

*Belief in the future.

I cannot say enough good things about Ocean Eyes. He impressed everyone in my family and the bride's with his kindness and humor. A family that was considerably bigger than my five! A situation I'm sure was difficult for an introvert, but he showed himself beautifully. I could feel myself falling more in love with him with each passing minute. My favorite moment of the entire trip was the two of us sitting in our crappy hotel bed, watching Jurassic World and eating some of the best Mexican food I've ever had from the restaurant connected to our Days Inn. Who would have guessed?!
*Drink lots of wine and eat a ton of cake.

It helps.

*Dance, dance, dance.

It also helps! By the reception the wine had kicked it, my Love was dancing with me, which I had never experienced before, and my belly was full of cake. Even when Ocean Eyes decided to take a dancing break {he is not a dancer} I still enjoyed dancing alone. I was full of hope in a future with him, I was happier than I'd ever been and everyone could see it on my face. But most importantly, I could feel it deep in my soul. My future feels brighter than ever before in love, friendships and career. It took this difficult weekend full of love filled events to see that I have a great love standing beside me in Ocean Eyes and a family that is happy to finally see it.

{I am forever Figuring Out My Place In Time And Space. Learn and grow with me by reading my other heart felt and often over sharing articles!}

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hacking San Diego Comic Con 2016

Another San Diego Comic Con has come and gone and it’s time to share my experience with my fellow nerds. Personally, this year was far better than last year in terms of experiences and just the overall vibe of the Con. As with everything, there is always good and bad, but overall this year was a great SDCC.
My SDCC was absolutely fantastic! As usual, when I first stepped onto the exhibition floor I was instantly in a state of awe. I feel that every major studio really spared no expense when it came to creating incredibly alluring booths and displays. My favorite displays this year were definitely AMC’s The Walking Dead and DC Comics. AMC recreated the pivotal last scene from this past season’s finale -- and if you were willing to wait in line you could be a part of that last scene. DC Comics had on display costumes from the upcoming Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad movies. And I can’t forget to mention the Star Wars display. The Star Wars team fully reinvented itself by creating an ancient temple around their display area -- the temple resembles the one that we see in the Rouge One trailer. And just like DC, Star Wars also had costumes from Rouge One on display which was a nice touch.

The best part of SDCC is seeing all of my nerd friends that I really only get to see in person at Comic Con. I saw most of these awesome people at the Game of Bloggers party hosted by Crazy For Comic Con. It was awesome getting to see and talk to all of my favorite people after a long and exhausting preview night. The party was awesome with a lot of bloggers in attendance, food and drink, a DJ, and lots of giveaways, and getting to check out some of the new Hero Within fashion line was pretty top notch as well.  I can’t wait for next year’s party!
One of my favorite parts of this con was the massive love and support from the USA television network for their sleeper hit, and currently one of my favorite shows, Mr. Robot.  I cannot tell you how happy I was to see one of my favorite shows literally plastered all over the city of San Diego. Everywhere I went there was something Mr. Robot.  From the posters on the light posts, the Uber VR experience, the Mr. Robot offsite experience, to the F Society street team, who were one of the best street teams I saw all week (next to the Ash vs. The Evil Dead street team who were absolutely hilarious). The Uber VR experience was pretty cool, it involved you calling an Uber driver named Mr. Robot who would then come and pick you up in a Mr. Robot computer repair van. The driver and an assistant would then drive you around the Gaslamp to a location where the driver would park and the assistant handed you an HTC Vive and a pair of head phones – then all you had to do was enjoy the incredibly sad, and amazing, mini-standalone episode of the show. It was a cool VR experience and afterward you got a cool Mr. Robot t-shirt and they sent you on your way with a much appreciated bottle of water.
Now let’s talk about one of my all-time favorite SDCC offsite events, Nerd HQ.  This year Nerd HQ partnered with Microsoft and brought in a ton of fresh new games for those in attendance to demo. The games included Dead Rising 4 and Gears of War 4, but there were also games that aren’t Xbox exclusives including my favorite game of the con Battlefield 1.  After playing the Battlefield 1 demo I am completely on board the hype train! The frantic and massive team-based, World War I setting is definitely a breath of fresh air that is desperately needed in the first person genre. I can’t wait to play this game more.

Finally, let’s talk about some of my graphic novel/comic highlights. One of the best parts of this con was meeting one of my all-time favorite artists, the creator of Lost at Sea and the Scott Pilgrim books, Bryan Lee O’Malley. Getting the ticket to his signing was absolute hell due to the fact that when the con opened I was moved to the wrong side of the con! I had to use what I’ve learned after years of maneuvering through the massive crowds on the con floor to get to the Del Rey booth -- but in the end I still got the ticket and it was worth it because O’Malley was really cool and funny.  I also got to see another of my favorite artists, Cara McGee, at the Over the Garden Wall signing, which was great because now I’m hooked on the series. I also met some other artists who I will talk about in some upcoming blogs -- stay tuned for that because I found some serious new graphic novel/comic gems at SDCC!
Well, that about sums up my SDCC. It was another great con and I can’t wait to do it all again next year!

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