Thursday, November 27, 2014

Everday Cosplay: Phil & Lil {Couple's Cosplay}

HAPPY THANKSGIVING U.S. nerds!!!  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays!  I LOVE eating and spending time with my family!  Our favorite thing to do every Thanksgiving is to have a Harry Potter marathon and last year my brother began me on my guitar journey!  So to happy one anniversary to my guitar lessons!

Since Thanksgiving is all about family I have a lil family/couple cosplay for you!  The adorable twins who were MY favorite on Rugrats Phil & Lil!  Ladies first here is Lil:
Everyday Lil

Everyday Lil by thenerdygirlie featuring ankle socks

Could this look be anymore girlie?!  I LOVE it!  I think I might have to MAKE The Hunny do this one with me for SDCC next year...can we peer pressure him nerds?!  Oh wait....would it be weird that we were cosplaying brother and sister?  

Here's Phil:
Everyday Phil

Everyday Phil by thenerdygirlie featuring knee high socks

IF The Hunny WERE to do this look, he would throughly hate it!  Pink...light blue...ducks?!  Yeah this will never happen...a girl can dream though :)

I hope that all of you have a wonderful holiday whether you celebrate or not!  

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thank You Tuesday - The Gamer Geek

By:  The Gamer Geek

‘Tis the season of being thankful and The Nerdy Girlie Team is reflecting on what they are thankful for this holiday season.  I have so much to be thankful for in my life.

First off, I am grateful for my amazing family who never cease to make me happy and joy filled whenever I am feeling down. They bring so much light into my life and keep me motivated when I need to be.
I’m also thankful for the music I continuously enjoy and listen to. Music has always been a passion of mine and all of the artists I listen to fuel that passion and keep me wanting to write music and pursue a career in music.  I’ve seen so many great bands and artists this year including Imagine Dragons, Bleachers, The Features, Royal Teeth, The Mowglis, Finish Ticket, Kevin Devine, and I saw Pearl Jam for the first time this year.

I am also thankful for my video game collection for taking up all of my time. They don’t call me The Gamer Geek for nothing!
But most of all I am grateful to The Nerdy Girlie blog and all of my nerd family.  Thanks to everyone who reads our stuff.   I am incredibly thankful to write for this blog that my awesome sister created. I am thankful that The Music Maven, Els, and I can write for this blog and help contribute to this nerdy online heaven. We’ve met so many great people because of this blog and have created a lot of cool memories. 

Thank you guys so much for being a fun part of my life!

Monday, November 24, 2014

A Thousand Miles To Let A Silent Film Feel Our Heartbeats

I'm gonna be honest here, I've been avoiding writing this post.  I think I'm nervous!  There was so many feelings that went into this trip that I'm afraid I won't be able to fully express how much this experience has meant to me.  I'm of course listening to A Silent Film as I write this, and scrolling through all my pictures trying to gather my thoughts.  So here it goes...

I don't remember when I decided to go on this trip, but I do remember purchasing my show ticket before I knew for sure whether I'd attend or not.  Either way, I helped The Lads out and I was happy just doing that.  Then The Hunny and I started discussing Christmas gifts and I thought, this trip could be my gift.  I'm at a point in my life where stuff doesn't matter to me much any more, I would rather gather experiences.  After a bit of persuasion on my part, he agreed and my flight, rental car and hotel were booked.

*Side note, I did stay with my Uncle, Aunt and cousins for most of the trip and they were THE BEST hosts I could ever ask for {even tho they tormented me with a life size Barbie doll the entire time!  LOL}.  I love them so much and am so grateful and blessed to have them in my life.  They spoiled me the entire time and I could never thank them enough! xx*

My flight into Portland was SUPER early Friday morning and after only getting three hours of sleep the night before, plus sightseeing the entire first day, I crashed that night, woke up refreshed and ready to head down to the show, which was about an hour and a half outside of Portland at Spirit Mountain Casino.
I was almost freaking myself out about how calm I was the entire trip.  It was the first time I'd ever traveled alone to a place I had never been for something just for myself.  Am I a grown up now?  The drive down to the casino was gorgeous.  The entire state, that I saw, was gorgeous.  Though I was not use to driving in the rain or driving so SLOW!  I arrived at the casino and was greeted right away by someone I had been waiting to meet for a while now, A Silent Film's manager Lee.  I could then breathe a sigh of relief that I was finally "home."

Lee and his gorgeous wife graciously invited me to lunch and it was fun to finally speak in real life.  There would be a lot of first in real life meetings this trip.  The Lamplighter {ASF fans} community is like a family and I have met so many kind, loving and welcoming people.  I don't get to be surrounded by people who love music as much as I do often, so I drank it all in.
Around 4pm, the Lamplighters began to converge on the casino and there were tons of squees and BIG hugs going around.  One in particular I had been waiting months for.  I met Lindsay through the Facebook fan page and we have been talking everyday for a few months now.  She lives in Utah and flew out especially for The Lads as well, see why I love her.
Lindsay, Mimi & I ready to rock!

We bonded while prepping for the show.  Lamplighters poured in and out of our room the entire time and it was like one big sleepover!  Once we were finally pretty for our Lads, the girls all met up for pre-show dinner and drinks.  There were six of us at the bar, swapping ASF stories and recruiting new Lamplighters. It was such a great way to start our time together.

Once in the venue even more Lamplighters gathered round to chat and get to know each other before The Lads took the stage.  We were so into our conversations we didn't realize the time until over the loudspeaker, the show was announced to begin.  We all squeed our way to our seats, where we would only stay for the next two minutes.  We don't do seats!

The lights dimmed and we all jumped to our feet, screaming our lungs out for the musicians we have been waiting an entire year to see and hear.  I want to say I remember every bit of the show, but I can’t!  For the first three songs, I was in total photographer mode, I concert called The Music Maven and The Gamer Geek and I videoed for our Facebook Lamplighters who couldn't be in attendance.  
Finally I realized that this experience was only going to happen once with these girls, in this place, so I put everything aside and danced and sang my heart out with some of the most amazing women I have had the pleasure to call friends.  We held hands, danced and even cried, all together.  Ladies I'd only met hours before became infinitely more important to my life in these shared moments.
A Silent Film’s music is therapeutic and touches the heart.  Their stage performance showcases their wonderful personalities.  You can see and feel the love they have for each other, their music and most importantly their fans.
Spencer aka “The World’s Nicest Drummer” took time half way through the show to recognized all of the Lamplighters who came near and far. I think six states were represented that night!  Lead Robert stopped one of our favorite songs Snowbirds, to dedicate it to one of our Lamplighters who was attending her 50th show.
The Lads played at full force through eighteen glorious songs and we still wanted more.  Many of our old favorites and tons of new songs from their upcoming new album {out next year, keep an eye out!}.  We were even the firsts to hear one live for the very first time! #special.  We drank it all in.
My favorite memory from the show would have to be during the encore and very last song Harbour Lights, Robert messed up the verses multiple times all the while laughing it off in such a charming and sheepish way.  The show ended and I couldn't help but throw the rest of my love at Ali who was ALL the way on the far side of the stage from us.  The Lads walked off the stage and right down to the floor to start talking to fans.

I was happy to let them speak with fans who had never seen them before and have them make new connections that would ignite the Lamplighter community further.  The girls all headed over to the bar to hang out and then back up to the room for a glorious after party where mountains of gifts awaited our Lads.  How sweet were they to come up and hangout with us, could they be anymore endearing?  They took time to give each of us special one on one moments and this was after driving from Phoenix to Portland, setting up, playing for an hour and a half, it being two o'clock in the morning AND having to wake up early to drive back to Phoenix.  Yes, see why we adore them.
Thank you Melissa for this adorable shot with Spence.

Come my time I was so excited to show Spencer my brand new iPhone case I had made by my friend Kimberly.  He loved it as much as I do and was super psyched about doing something similar for the upcoming tour.  Even after having major back surgery months prior, Spencer was completely engaging and genuinely accommodating to all his fans.  Lindsay and I were missing our good buddy Noel and Spencer took the time to have a very nice chat with her on the phone + film videos for other Lamplighters who couldn't attend.
Bassit, Ali is the “quiet one” but I couldn't help but bother him for a big hug and thank you.  He returned both fabulously.  
I hate to play favorites, but I'm sure you may have noticed from my Instagram that Robert holds a special place in my heart.  The energy he gives out through every performance is impassioned and I cannot help but be mesmerized by him.  After taking a few pictures of him with my fellow Lamplighters it was finally my turn.  If you have ever met me, you know I am a HUGE hugger and Robert always gives the best hugs, he didn't disappoint and I love our adorable picture together.
He noticed my phone case as well and loved it. We nerded out a bit over my new iPhone 6 which takes brilliant pictures and as the band’s Instagramer, I couldn't help but share that with him.  I was also excited to let him know that I began guitar lessons, he being my inspiration to do so, though I did chicken out on mentioning that last bit. #brotherfromanothermother
Too soon it was time to bid our Lads goodbye, but taking with us the best memories ever.  In bed and fast asleep by 3 a.m., Lindsay and I were back up at 7 a.m. to drive her to the airport.  But not before, a quick detour over to The Lad’s van to take a picture.  We were completely surprised that Robert was already in the van.  I think we surprised him too.  It was nice to give him a Lamplighter send off and try to play off that we weren't crazy stalkers. :) After the farewells, I drove around and stopped so Lindsay could discreetly snap this shot of the van and with that we ended of our Lamplighter adventures.  For now.
Seriously these smiles!
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