Thursday, February 4, 2016

Everyday Cosplay: Deadpool

Thank you @ChristinaJCodd for the Deadpool suggestion! Who's ready to see the film!? I was so pumped after SDCC, and now the time has finally come! February 12th is the date...anyone else want to make that their Valentine's date?!
Everyday Deadpool

Everyday Deadpool by thenerdygirlie featuring a red nail polish

I kinda love red. Pink would be my favorite color, but red is defo a very close second. My car is red and whenever I can wear red lipstick and my Raybans, I'll admit, I feel kinda cool! So this Deadpool outfit might be exactly what I never knew I always wanted! Dude is chic and he doesn't even care!
Everyday Deadpool

And because I live in the DEAD of winter is a more colder-ish weather look! I am still having a difficult time adjusting my style to the snow. But I'm getting there! I just love the chimichanga inspired phone case in this look!

I LOVE doing reader requests because it gets me out of my comfort zone. I've never read a Deadpool comic, though The Gamer Geek is a HUGE fan. I'm excited about his upcoming movie and what I've heard about him is quite funny! If you have a request, leave them in the comments below!

Everyday deserves a lil cosplay! 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

NEW & VERY 1st Apartment Tour: Denver

photo by: The Gamer Geek


I am finally settled in my brand new....very apartment in DENVER! Come check it out! I tried to make it nerdy & girlie with all of my most favorite loves!
When you walk in I have a HUGE living room. Back in LA I bought two of these side tables on Instagram! They were a great deal. Are gorgeous and have a lot of storage! If you are an LA resident you should defiantly check them out!

I bought two of the lamps in North Hollywood at a shop, Practical Props. I walked passed it every week for a year on my way to Republic of Pie. I knew I had to get them as soon as I got my own place.
I had to frame all of my favorite music loves. A Silent Film on the other table and The Filthy Souls on this one! The little LA card I got at a cute shops in Echo Park called Shout And About. I just adore how the table looks all set up with my favorite things!
An up close shot of what I've typed up on my typewriter. I love this quote and it is such great inspiration. I can't wait to see what I'm inspired to type next. 
Ikea rug and table. The Gamer Geek helped me put this together! We make a great team!
My desk, which I purchased from the same Insta as the side tables. My vintage camera collection. Rocks from San Diego, lavender from LA and shells from Florida. I love a neat clean, simple work space!
Not totally in love with my TV area, but it does the job. Showcasing my favorite books, movies and vinyl. I have my wand and sonics displayed in front of the tv and that frame needs to be moved to a wall somewhere, I just am not sure where yet! You can see the dining room from here....
I get a lot of natural light in my place. I just need to get some curtains for a bit more privacy when they are open. I love having them open, but with all the construction still going on and me being on the first floor, I get of passers by. Curtains coming very soon!
 My GORG brand new kitchen. Lots of space!
I love this shelf to display my favorite tea cup from Oxford, teapot from London and tea cup from San Diego! The adorable coffee print is from the same Echo Park shop Shout And About. Check out their Insta it is super cute!
Favorite things details in the kitchen. My framed Republic of Pie gift card. I couldn't leave LA without a memento of my favorite spot. SDCC photos, music and friends. All my loves.
I adore my comfy new Ikea bed, bedding, pillows and SDCC Nibbler! Those pillow cases from Target at the most comfortable and soft EVER! The bed is looooow to the floor with four drawers underneath which come in SUPER handy!

Upon decorating and furnishing my apartment, I never realized that I was such a minimalist. I have tons of prints, posters, and toys to display but I really don't want to. I like the basics and through my divorce, moving out and moving a second time I got rid of a lot of things. I like things that mean something to me. Art that is from people I love or that I or they have created. I want each piece of my apartment to mean something. Not just have a lot of stuff.
View from my bed. EVERYTHING Ikea! LOL Dresser from there and all my lil jewelry, music box and Magic 8 Ball for answering all my burning questions. I LOVE this vintage fan that I found at the Goodwill right down the street for only $7! I cleaned it up and it looks brand new! Goodwill, Dollars Store and Ikea are my new best friends!

It's been two weeks nerds! I'm settled in my place, seeing friends, discovering the city AND have two jobs lined up + possible contract work + working on my 100 Cups of Coffee first draft to be finished and passed to a potential publisher by the end of THIS month!

I cannot believe I've arrived at this place. Looking back, I knew it would happen, but I always doubted myself. FINALLY taking a leap of faith paid off and I'm as happy as ever. Thank you nerds for always sticking by me and encouraging me. I love you all!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Everyday Cosplay: Tom's Twin Tuesday 2016!

I cannot believe that @HiddlesEducates has been asking me to participate in Toms Spirit Week for three years now! Isn't she the best?

For all of you who don't know, Tom Spirit Week is in celebration of Tom Hiddleston's birthday! His amazing fans love him SOOOOO much they celebrate him for an entire week. Each day has a theme and we blow up social media each day with the chosen theme! See calendar above to participate!
I hope you are all celebrating and staying warm {it's SNOW city in Denver!}. I'll be sporting this tank by Jordandene because having a cozy work from home day! Let It SNOW!

I created TWO new looks this year. But you can see 2015 and 2014 by clicking the links!
Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week 2016: Jonathan Pine

Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week 2016: Jonathan Pine by thenerdygirlie featuring crop shirts

I am SUPER in to casual layers at the moment! And black :) So this look is perfect for keeping warm here in Denver. Maybe add in some hidden thermals...because I'm still Cali cold! LOL This one is too cool! I just don't want to BE cooooooolllll :)
Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week 2016: Hank Williams

Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week 2016: Hank Williams by thenerdygirlie featuring loafers & moccasins

I ADORE the accessories on this look. The HAT! The sweater! The SHOES!!! This would be such a good work or a Sunday brunch look! Hats are my accessory of choice at the moment! 

There you go Hiddlestons! Share you looks on Twitter and Insta with me and @HiddlesEducates. Don't forget to #TomsSpiritWeek and #TomsTwinTuesday!
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