Friday, October 31, 2014

5 Fandom Friday: The Halloween Candy I Always Hope For When Trick-Or-Treating

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!  Ever since I was young I have had the BIGGEST sweet tooth!  I've only just started changing that in the past few months.  I am getting better at not eating a sweet every night and have been letting myself only have them on the weekends.  I'm my own buzz kill!  Here are the five sweets I dream about during the week!
1.  Kit Kat.  I'm not sure the origin of when I began loving the Kit Kat...but those mini ones will be the death of me one day!
2.  Haribo Gummy Bears.  ONLY Haribo gummie bears!  These have been my favorite candy since I as far back as I can remember.  I can even smell the difference between these and "other" gummies.
3.  Carmel Apple Pops.  These are from high school!  I can remember when these were a new item!
4.  Palmer Monster Money.  I always loved the ones that were half peanut butter, half chocolate!  Not many people passed these out so they were like really money to me!
5.  Starburst two pack.  Two yellows...WORST.  Yellow and orange...ew.  Pink and red...AMAZING.  Two reds...THE BEST!

What is your favorite Halloween candy?  Share you 5 Fandom Friday posts in the comments below so we can compare notes!  MMMMMMmmmmmMmmm candy!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN NERDS!



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Thursday, October 30, 2014



Who is excited for Comikaze!?  I will be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday so keep an eye out for me and say hello!
Now for my Halloween costume this year!  Say Anything is one of those classic 80s movies I just LOVE.  I seriously swoon over Lloyd's classic boom box scene! #MUSICNERD
I was lucky enough to find the coat at the Salvation Army for only $20.  It will be perfect for my 10th Doctor and John Bender looks!  The tee was 50 CENTS at the Salvation Army and I printed out the picture of The Clash on iron on printable paper to make the shirt.  I didn't have the correct shoes, but close enough and the pants I already had from Old Navy.  I LOVE them they are super soft!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my lil mini boom box!  It is my baby and I take it EVERYWHERE!  I have to give credit to my friend Ben though, he shared his with me and I immediately went out and got my own.  I take it in the shower, in my bike basket and on all of my trips, just ask The Music Maven!

Now I think I need to have an 80s movie marathon, starting with The Breakfast Club I LOVE that movie.  Do you have a favorite 80s movie or song?!  My favorite 80s songs:  Take On Me, Only You, and of course In Your Eyes...check out my video below :)


Share your favorite 80s things in the comments below!  Do you have your Halloween costume all set?  Share that with me as well!  Hope to see some of you at Comikaze tomorrow!

Everyday Cosplay: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Requested by @lennyukdeejay!  And as I begin to write this, I realize that he is a dude and probably wants a guy based outfit!  LOL  SOOOOoooooo here is the gals version....enjoy while I go work on the guys!
Everyday Arthur Dent

Arthur Dent is played by Martina Freeman in the movie, so of course I was going to pick his character to Everyday Cosplay!  I LOVE the colors, they are perfect for Autumn and who wouldn't love to have an excuse to wear these comfy slippers all day?!  You know my towel had to be Union Jack right?!

And now the men's Arthur Dent look:
Everyday Arthur Dent

Everyday Arthur Dent by thenerdygirlie featuring a vintage beach towel

I couldn't stop there after I remembered Zaphod's outfit!  

Everyday Zaphod - girl

How gorgeous is that?!  Another perfect Autumn inspired look that can take you all the way through Winter.  I liked adding a bit of flare with the shoes, because Zaphod has all the flare!!
Everyday Zaphod - guy

And I cannot forget Lenny on this look either!  I just love the color palate of this look.  So rich and warm!

Everyday deserves a lil cosplay!

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