Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Nerdy Girlie 4 Year Blog-iversary + Giveaway!

Is it a coincidence that my blog-iversary always ends up around San Diego Comic Con?!

No. No it is not!

I started this blog four years ago because I fell in love with everything SDCC. The city, where I lived, the panels, the swag, the celebs. But I soon found out it wasn't about any of those things. Those things were great and made Comic Con what it is, but my SDCC is about my friends.

  • If it wasn't for SDCC I wouldn't have started this blog.
  • I wouldn't have my best friends.
  • I wouldn't have the courage to write my words.
  • I wouldn't be living in Denver.

SDCC started it all for me in 2009 and I didn't even know it. It changed my life in a good way. It let me express myself and it's helped me grow as a person and find life long friendships.

So even though I won't be with you all at Comic Con 2016, I'll be dreaming of next year and continuing to be happy I FIGURED OUT MY PLACE IN TIME AND SPACE.

I have a giveaway for you all to help celebrate the occasion, but first my top four things that have happened since starting this blog!
1. Finding my friends. Through this blog, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Female Geek Blogger G+ group, we have found each other. I am so grateful for each and every one of you. I can't believe I get to be apart of such a fun, loving and caring group of nerds!

2. Finding my voice. I've never really struggled in my life before. I had it easy. But when I decided to get a divorce, easy was no longer an option. And I'm grateful for it. It helped me live the life I dreamed of living and it helped me find my true and honest voice. 100 Cups of Coffee wouldn't have happened either and I'm so proud of what it is becoming!
3. Being brace in the face of the unknown. This past year or so has been rough. Thank you for being there every step of the way and helping me through. With comments, tweets, emails and texts. You are amazing!
4. Being on a San Diego Comic Con panel. After SDCC brought all the happiness into my life. It came back full circle and I finally sat up on the stage of the place I had been going to for seven years. Thank you Comic Con and Tony Kim for making that dream come true.

NOW for the giveaway! I have a bunch of nerdy stuff to send your way so enter below!
Doctor Who, Harry Potter and Twilight goodies. Killing It: The Action Girl's Guide To Saving The World! Jordandene is giving away one of her and I's colab shirts!!

2 candles from Geek Girl Scents!
2 awesome limited edition #SDCC sticker from Crash Boom Designs!!

Thank you nerds! I LOVE YOU!!! xx

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't forget our San Diego Comic Con Photo Hunt begins today at SDCC Preview Night! Have fun for me nerds!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Your San Diego Comic Con Playlist 2016

Today is the day! A LOT of you nerds are on a jet plane to SDCC 2016! Call me jealous! BUT you and I both can listen to this awesome San Diego Comic Con playlist that The Music Maven put together for us all!

Listen to it here on Spotify now!
Make sure you are following The Music Maven, The Gamer Geek and Nerd on the Run during SDCC this year. They will be tweeting, Insta-ing and blogging all about the con for me and of course participating in our SDCC Instagram Photo Challenge! Make sure to say HI if you see them around SDCC and Nerd HQ!

Harry Potter Month: Scent of a Podcast

In celebration of Potter Month, I am so excited to tell you that I was invited back to The Common Room Podcast for a Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone watch and commentary! Hosted by Hadas {who I think is one of the smartest and well spoken nerd girls out there! You really ought to listen to her past podcasts including Blogging as Therapy that I was on!} and featuring myself and the awesome designer Katie from Elhoffer Design!
We had a blast talking all things Potter and as a huge Potterhead, these two ladies made me feel like a Potter n00b! It also inspired me to begin watching the series again! I made Ocean Eyes watch it a few months ago. He had never seen ANY Potter's! It was an exciting and MAGICAL experience to put him through. And he loved it! Watch out for the podcast coming out at the end of July! I'm sure I'll tweet about it for you! :)
All the while I had a brand new candle burning. Perfect for watching Harry Potter. It is called Fred and George Love Potion and it is from Geeky Girl Scents! Chelsea has even donated two of her candles to my 4th blog-iversary giveaway starting tomorrow! So make sure you check back then to enter to win a slue of nerdy stuff!
And don't forget to keep playing along with our Instagram Photo Challenge! This week is CON ENVY and the last week of July is Harry Potter themed! I even have one for you all attending San Diego Comic Con this week! See that one HERE! And have a great time nerds!
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