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San Diego Comic Con 2014 - Night Two {SherlockeDCC}

Last year The Nerdy Girlie co-hosted the first SherlockeDCC Party at San Diego Comic Con along with the Baker Street Babes, Being Geek Chic, Sherlock DC, and Cara McGee.  Almost as soon as last year’s party ended we started making plans for this year’s party, and with the absence of any official Sherlock panels or events at SDCC, the fans were really clamoring for a party to celebrate all things Sherlock.  It was our absolute pleasure to play host to 500 party guests on Friday night.  
Our fabulous view from the 9th floor of the San Diego Central Library

The party took place on the 9th floor of the beautiful San Diego Central Library.  The venue was amazing with stunning views of Petco Park, the bay, and the Gaslamp District.  We can’t say enough about the amazing staff at the San Diego Central Library – they went above and beyond to make sure the SherlockeDCC Party went off without a hitch.
Gemeni performs at SherlockeDCC

Swag bags, food, Sherlock themed drinks, a Shoot Sherlock game, custom Sherlock manicures, merch, vendors, and a huge raffle awaited party goers.  The party was a huge success and we couldn’t have done it without our generous sponsors and contributors.
SherlockeDCC attendees had fun wearing Sherlock attire and deerstalkers provided by Elope, Inc.

Thanks to the following sponsors and contributors – please visit their websites and support them! Remember to tell them you were at the SherlockeDCC Party!  Thank you to the SherlockeDCC Sponsors without which we would have no party!
Raffle table swag!

SherlockeDCC Contributors who made our raffle amazing!
Veronica Nunez – Made the mini goodie bags with the fans/charms/bookmarks
Gina Jasinski Jewelry
Ashley at Geek Thread 
Stickers by Azzy's Design Works 
Tote bags by Polly 
Lauren Gallaway gives attendees Sherlocked themed mani's the entire night!

And finally, thank you to our wonderful volunteers who did everything from filling swag bags to manning the many tables at the party.  You took time out of your SDCC experience to make our party amazing and you are amazing!

We are forever grateful to these amazing volunteers:
Elly Glavich 
Dylan DoVale
Lisa Tran 
Keeleigh West
Harriet Jill Herndon
Adalisa Z├írate 
Gina Jasinski
Sarah Jones and Megan
Josh Blumenkranz
Amber Cendejas
Lori S.
Amber Hoffman
Adam Giorgi
Ryan Salerno
JD Elvrum
Tomika Gotch
Shelby K.
Ivy P.
Thank you to everyone for coming out, having fun and dressing up!!  See you next year!

Feel free to check out my Facebook page with ALL my SherlcokeDCC pictures and download!  Don't forget to download all the photo booth photos on Pixster's site!

San Diego Comic Con 2014: RWBY Interview

Kara Eberle, The Gamer Geek, and Arryn Zech

By J.D. Elvrum aka The Gamer Geek

2014 was my most exciting San Diego Comic Con yet!  I attended as Press and had so many cool opportunities to meet and interview great talent.

On Friday I met up with Kara Eberle and Arryn Zech of RWBY (pronounced Ruby for those non-YouTuber’s out there).  RWBY is a web series created by Monty Oum and produced by Rooster Teeth Productions.  Rooster Teeth Productions brought us the popular web series Red vs. Blue. RWBY is about a group of four girls who have unique powers that are training at Beacon Academy.  Kara Eberle gives voice to Weiss Schnee and Arryn Zech portrays Blake Belladonna.  We met up on the convention center floor where they answered a few of my questions about the production of the animated series:

Me:  “What’s it like in the sound booth?”
Arryn: “It’s fun…we get to work with our friends.”
Kara:  “It’s crazy.  I have to imagine someone in front of me.  I use a lot of hand motions and I kind of talk to the wall and imagine someone is there.”

Me:  “Did you have any say in what your characters would look like, act like, and be like?”
Arryn:  “Monty came up to some of us initially about what our characters would look like.  I got a say in my costume and what my hair would look like. But it terms of character they had that in mind already.”
Kara:  “Monty came up to me and told me he was looking for a princess character that is a little misunderstood and I the main thing I asked to happen in the trailer was Weiss had to do a back handspring because I used to be a gymnast.”
Arryn:  “And it made it into the trailer!”

Me:  “Can you describe your characters personalities for people who haven’t seen the show?”
Kara:  For those that read Harry Potter I like to say Weiss is a good mix of Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy. She’s everyone’s friend, but she can be a little bit snooty because she knows a lot, but she’s still their friend. And Draco Malfoy, because of his family and the affluent history he’s grown up with. I tried to channel that.”
Arryn:  “Blake has a mysterious past.  She’s very to herself, she’s very collected, calm, and mysterious. The more you get to know her you understand why she is the way she is.”

Me:  “What does the show mean to you personally?  Do you have a very deep connection to your characters?”
Arryn:  Absolutely.  Anything that someone works on they are going to put their heart into it and have a connection to it.  It’s always upsetting when you hear comments that say it’s “awful” or something.  It’s always going to hurt or mean something to us.”
Kara:  “Especially after working on it for over a year now.  We do have a soft spot for our characters and other characters as well. Especially seeing how they’ve developed and they’ve grown up and we have to grow with our characters.”

Me:  “How do you feel about the success of RWBY?”
Arryn: “It’s been insane.  I wasn’t expecting this. It’s been a whirlwind.”
Kara:  “I think that we knew it was something special when we heard about it, but we didn’t realize the reach and growth it would have that quickly.  I think it’s grown so fast because it appeals to both girls and guys, but also people of all ages and that is something hard to find. Especially in the internet world.”

Me:  “How long does it usually take for you to record your parts?”
Arryn:  “For each session it can be quick pickups for 30 minutes -- or 2 hours.  It really depends on what’s happening in that episode and how much action.”
Kara:  “What kind of tone or emotion we want to convey? We’ll do a couple different takes of different variations in voice…we’ll usually pick one of them.  And if we don’t like them, we’ll do a couple different pickups.”

Me: Thank you so much!
Kara: “We love The Nerdy Girlie!”

It was great to talk to Kara and Arryn – it’s clear they love what they do and love their characters.  

Watch RWBY on YouTube and at
Kara Eberle on Twitter:  @Kara4tx
Arryn Zech on Twitter: @ArrynZech

San Diego Comic Con 2014 - SDCC Photo Hunt Results

SDCC is OVER and so is the 2nd annual SDCC Photo Hunt!  Thank you all for participating!  Here are The Nerdy Girlie team's shots:

I hope that you all had fun!  Here are a few of my favorites of YOURS below!!!!:

If you have any suggestions for next year, please leave them in the comments below!!  You can continue to follow all of our nerdy-ness year round over on Instagram:  @thenerdygirlie!

San Diego Comic Con 2014 - Courtyard Marriott Cosplay King & Queen Contest

Once I received my confirmation as press for SDCC, the press releases came rolling in.  One in particular caught my eye and I was super excited about!  Kelly from the Courtyard Marriott contacted me saying they loved my Everyday Cosplay on my blog and asked if I would like to participate in their SDCC cosplay contest.
Of course I jumped at the chance!  What I didn't know when I said yes, is that there would be some very special guests involved, Norman Reedus, Greg Nicotero and George R.R. Martian!
Once I arrived at SDCC I was given four keys to pass out to awesome cosplayers.  Two boys and two girls.  Right away I knew the girls I wanted to pick.  I have been great friends with Mia Moore and Liz Locksley via our Female Geek Bloggers G+ Community and was finally able to meet them in person at SDCC!

They graciously accepted my invitation, but sadly neither of the boys I picked were able to show.  But I was sooooo happy to be there to support and cheer on my girls!
The contest took place right over the pedestrian bridge near Petco Park on Saturday night.  Norman and Greg were the special guests on Saturday.  George would be the special guest on Sunday.  The crowd was HUGE and super happy to see both Norman and Greg.
The guys took the stage first and Norman and Greg crowned Robot Chicken as the winner!  You could tell that both judges were having a great time, as well as the cosplayers!
Next it was the girls turn.  I was so proud of Mia and Liz, they looked amazing in their Game of Thrones cosplays!  Sadly neither of them won, the cosplay queen ended up being Martian Girl from Mars Attacks.  I had seen her on the floor earlier in the week and she was super committed!

Thank you to everyone at the SDCC Courtyard Marriott booth.  It was so much fun to be apart of this and I hope we can do it again next year!  Check out all my pictures from the event on my Facebook page!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How NOT to Handle a Crowd of Fans at SDCC or The Matt Smith Photo Op

I am not one to do a rant piece.  It's just not MY personal style.  I try to find the silver lining in everything and now as I look back, this experience wasn't as bad as I thought it was, but in the moment, it was a bit hard to deal with.

{sorry for the lack of pictures!}

On preview night I happened to walk by the Lightspeed Fine Art Booth and see that Matt Smith was going to be doing a photo op!  I about lost it!  I stopped and just pointed and the guy was like can I help you?  YES!  He pointed me towards the back and I got all the info I needed.

The Hunny took The Gamer Geek's money and went back to the booth first thing on Thursday morning.  It was $100 for two of us to be in a picture at 1:30pm on Saturday and get one print.  Since it was SDCC and when will we ever see Matt Smith again, we decided to do it!

Come Saturday at 1pm we arrive at the booth to PURE CHAOS!  The line up against the wall near the booth is capped and the walk way around the booth is packed with people trying to figure out what is going on.  I find out that they are handing out raffle tickets.  But have NO idea what that means.  Neither did the volunteers.  We soon find out that Friday's photo op didn't happen and both Friday and Saturday ticket holders are trying to get queued up.
FINALLY when the volunteers figured out what they were doing, we were told to come back at 2:15pm, that is when they would start calling the numbers in sequential order.

While waiting around to learn all this information, they were STILL selling tickets to the photo op! 

Now that is what really made me mad and wanted to write this piece.  I only heard this from someone standing around, but why on Earth would they do this to one, the fans, two to Matt and three they already had chaos surrounding their booth.

I had to walk away.  2:15pm rolls around, we try our best to stay in the vicinity of the booth to see when our number is called, they are doing 50 at a time.  If you have ever been on the SDCC exhibition floor you know milling around is against fire code.  So we had that to contend with too.
Around 3pm we were finally let into the line.  When we were up to the front, five people at a time were taken across the busy aisle, told to quickly hand over your bags to an unknown booth attendant and the pushed through the curtain to see Matt. 
This was the glorious part and wrote about it on my Saturday SDCC wrap up.  Matt was perfect, a joy and such a trooper.

Five seconds later we were out in another aisle where you could NOT move.  EVERYONE was clamoring for their printed photos, SDCC attendees were just trying to walk by, and the Summit booth was just about to have the cast of Insurgent walk out.  Basically you couldn't move.
I headed back to get our bags, one of which they almost didn't find, and waited at a booth around the corner for The Gamer Geek while he got our photo.  We were both very happy with our photo, but the experience {besides Matt himself} left me with a bad taste in my mouth.
I'm not sure who was actually in charge of the booth, but everyone that I encountered was flustered, angry and snappy.  I know it was chaos, but it wasn't the fan's who paid $100 fault!  Maybe sell less tickets.  Maybe don't do this HUGE thing on the con floor and maybe take a page from Nerd HQ's book and have volunteers who are HAPPY to be there.  One even yelled to the crowd to be nice to the because they were "not getting paid for this."

I really LOVE SDCC as you all know, but this one event just had to be talked about.  Now that I got it off my chest, if you were involved in any way, I would LOVE to hear about it in the comments!  And the next few SDCC posts I have lined up will be WAY more happy!

Hope everyone is traveling home safe!  I'm about to head back to LA now!
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