Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Everyday Professor Farnsworth

As you all know by now Futurama is one of my most favorite shows ever {dare I say FAVE?!}!  I am trying to get an Everyday Cosplay for ALL the characters, and for some reason Professor Farnsworth popped into my head for my next creation. You wouldn't normally think fashion when looking at the Professor, but I found some awesome pieces for you and they are not PJs!

Total Price:  $149.70

I know that the coat looks a bit meh in this collage, but you HAVE to click on the link to the website and see it on the model.  It is PERFECTION.  The minute I saw it on the H&M website I knew it would be perfect for this look.  Before I began making this look I was thinking that would be the hardest thing to find, but it ended up being my favorite!

Second favorite the sunnies!  They look similar to his glasses and are an inexpensive way to incorporate the glasses into the look, even if you don't wear glasses!

Everyday deserves a lil cosplay!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

5 Fannibal Finds

I am super new to the Fannibal community, but it has been extremely welcoming and one of the best fandoms I have ever been a part of.  It all started with number 3 on my list and only grew from there!  Here are five ways you can get involved in the Fannibal fandom!  It is totally worth it!

1.  Link - Being Geek Chic's Geek Fashion Inspired by Hannibal.  These are some beautiful outfits inspired by the women of Hannibal.  PERFECT for Everyday Cosplay!

2.  Read - The source material by Thomas Harris.  I read Red Dragon, back when the movie was being released and really enjoyed it.

3.  Listen - Mona, Stand By Me featured in the Hannibal season two trailer.  I'm a huge fan of Mona and it was this song in the season two trailer that made me go marathon season one!

4.  Interact -  On Twitter follow @BryanFuller, @Tattle_Crimes, @ServeTheRude, @HannibalCafe, @HannibalFamily and @NBCHannibal.  Hannibal has such a great fan community, live tweeting the show, sharing fan art and connecting with fans.  I love when shows embrace their fans like this!

5.  Watch - Binge watch the entire first season on Amazon Prime along with all the movies.  Each is free watch with Prime but Red Dragon.  I just watched Hannibal Rising for the first time and fell in love with Gaspard Ulliel.

What ways do you get involved in fandoms?  Share your comments below!

Monday, April 14, 2014

5 Dystopian Films COMING SOON!

I have been a huge fan of Dystopian for a long time now, I would take it back to all of the end of the world, disaster and alien movies of the 90s.  Now a days there is no lack of Dystopian in our cinemas.  Here are a few coming by the end of the year, that have peaked my interest.

1.  Earth to Echo - July 4th.  Our nation's birthday always requires some sort of big budge blockbuster.  Let's hope that Earth to Echo can deliver!

2.  Jupiter Ascending - July 25th.  Not quite sure about this one, it looks pretty, but not my favorite cast.

3.  The Giver - August 15th.  I've read the book and love it.  But I got a bit afraid when Taylor Swift was announced in the cast.  I do have faith that Meryl Streep will cancel her out.

4.  The Maze Runner - September 19th.  One of the many books I have on my reading list.  Just watching the trailer for this film makes me want to move it up on the list. The Gamer Geek is a huge fan of the series so that is good o hear.

5.  The Hunger Games:  Mockingjay Part 1 - November 21st.  Not my favorite of The Hunger Games trilogy, and kinda upset they had to split it into two movies.  I don't really see the need.  But none the less, I will be there opening weekend!

Which ones are you all excited for?  Let us know in the comments below!

Sherlock Holmes Day at San Diego Central Library

Who:  The Nerdy Girlie will be doing a Nerd Craft demo!

What:  Sherlock Holmes Day at San Diego Central Library

When:  Saturday April 19th 11am

Where:  San Diego Central Library next door to Petco Park in the Gaslamp.  
{330 Park Blvd. San Diego CA 92101}
Mary Hollis Clark Conference Center in the lobby area behind the Library Shop.
FREE two hour parking under the library when you validate it in the lobby.

Why:  Do you LOVE all things Sherlock?  Come down to the SD Central Library for some fun!  I will be cosplaying and doing a DIY demo of TWO of my Sherlock Nerd Crafts {spaces limited to 25 people}.  
Come and celebrate all things Sherlock Holmes! Featuring performances by the Coronado Playhouse, Sherlock crafts, a Sherlock photo booth, and mysteriously fun family activities.

Only 25 people will be able to participate so come early!! :)

COME and out and join us at this FREE event!  Let us know in the comments below if we are going to see you there!!

The Music Maven's Music Monday #5: Dan Croll LIVE!

So, if you’re an avid reader of The Nerdy Girlie and my Music Maven posts you’ve probably figured out that I’m a huge fan of the UK’s Dan Croll.  I’ve shared his videos and Soundcloud page before.  His debut album Sweet Disarray came out last Tuesday and I’ve been listening to it non-stop.  The album should’ve came with a warning because it’s like music crack – highly addictive.  It’s heavy on African rhythms, interesting guitar grooves, funky bass lines, beautiful harmonies, and lyrics that are playful and moving.
Dan Croll at the Larimer Lounge.  
Photo courtesy of The Gamer Geek.

Last Thursday night I finally got to see Dan Croll live.  It was so good to see/hear him and his backing band in the flesh after watching their videos on YouTube.  I always say live music is where it’s at, but for Dan Croll and company this is especially true – they are incredibly gifted performers.
I started off the evening by getting into trouble with the band.  They were placing setlists around the stage and, as per my usual; I took a picture of one of the setlists.  I take a quick picture when I can because it helps me remember the setlist – I’m old and so is my memory.  Before I knew it they were moving it and shaking their fingers at me – playfully, but I was still quite embarrassed.  

Anyway, the show was great.  They played to a packed house and Dan Croll mentioned that he was genuinely surprised and happy to see how many people were in attendance.  I’m so glad that Colorado showed him some love. 

He played almost every single song off his new album and I noticed a lot of people in the crowd singing along – clearly I’m not the only one listening to this album on repeat.  The highlight of the show was when Dan announced that they were going to play Maway – my favorite track on the album.  I let out a very enthusiastic scream, which must’ve been louder than anyone else in the place, because he looked surprised that I was so happy about it.  He proceeded to look and point at me and say “this one is for you.”  I had a slight case of heart failure in that moment – not only was I seeing an artist that I’d been longing to see and now he just spoke to me from the stage.  Needless to say Maway will forever be my favorite Dan Croll song.

I knew that on this night I didn’t want anything coming between myself and the music, so The Gamer Geek and my friend, Oswaldo, took pictures and video for me.  Huge thanks to them for letting me savor every moment of the show.  

The Gamer Geek took video of one of our favorite songs In/Out

After the show I had the opportunity to meet Dan Croll.  I was SO excited to meet him and tell him how much I’ve enjoyed his music.  We had a short chat and I told him that next time we see him he’ll be playing a much bigger venue.  He said he loved the small venues like we were in, but I had to break it to him that those days won’t last very long.  He was so gracious and it was one of those moments where you’re so happy to know the artist that you enjoy so much is also a genuinely nice person.   I truly can’t wait ‘til I can see Dan Croll again – hopefully sooner than later.

The most wonderful Dan Croll.  I was a little star struck.

Essential Listening from Dan Croll:  From Nowhere, Thinkin Aboutchu, Wanna Know, In/Out, Compliment Your Soul, Only Ghost, Can You Hear Me, Sweet Disarray, Maway, Must Be Leaving, Always Like This, Home.  *Yes, that’s every track off his first album.  Every song is that good.  Trust me.*

Dan Croll is on tour now – you can find tour dates at
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