Wednesday, July 23, 2014

San Diego Comic Con 2014 - Preview Night

SDCC 2014 has official begun!!!!  Our first stop?  Town and Country to get The Music Maven's badge, so she could jump right into the H Hall line to wait for her Benedict.  She is there now, still waiting, and sleeping with the ants!
The rest the team, made sure she was all settled into her spot and we went to get our PRESS badges!!!  That was super quick and easy and then it was time to get line for the hall floor.  This was something I have never done!  It was so fun to be one  of the first few people on the con floor.
First stop on the the floor!?  BBCA!!!  I got right in the line, it was super quick and I spent ALL my SDCC money in one shot :)  Totally worth it!
Next door was The Outlander booth and I HAD to get something for The Music Maven as it is her FAVE!!  Everyone at the booth was so sweet and I cannot wait to read the books and watch the show now too!

THEN IT HAPPENED, I saw that MATT SMITH is going to be doing a photo op at booth #3945 on Friday and Saturday.  If you want one, they go on sale tomorrow and it's $100!  The Gamer Geek and I are going to try to get tickets for it...The Hunny's mission of the morning!

The floor is amazing as usual and it was not crowded at all, it was so nice to walk and not be squished.  I didn't see everything, but I got a nice over view.  I cannot wait to go back.
Nerd on the Run and I checked out the Godzilla exhibit which was FREE to ALL no badge needed.  We took a picture with Godzilla and got a neat tote bag!
At the Godzilla exhibit, I heard a familiar voice and turn to see my Nerd Fu buddies!!

My favorite part of the day?!  Walking around the floor and just bumping into friends!  It's only Wednesday and I've seen so many!  Thank you to everyone who has already said HI to me, it's my most favorite thing about the con!

OK BED, crazy day tomorrow!  Starting off with the Benedict Cumberbatch press conference and ending with my Female Geek Blogger meet up and Nerd HQ dance party!! SEE YOU THERE!!!! xo

Monday, July 21, 2014

San Diego Comic Con 2014 - THE DRESS

Since the first year of Comic Con I have been amazed by the creations con-goers have made out of the WB swag bags.  So for this my sixth year, I was determined to have one!  Enter my good friend Louise!

I met Louise through a mutual friend and we clicked right away talking all things SDCC and of course blogging!  Louise worked for many years as a costume designer for a major Halloween costume company.  Now she is working completely on creating her own pieces and her blog Design Stitch Go.
On our first meeting, we tossed around ideas and she made me an adorable sketch!
So for our second meeting, Louise took my measurements.  I mean ALL my measurements.  I've never had that many done before, she was VERY thorough.  She had a mock up of the dress and altered it to what the final product would be.
Our last meeting I had my full dress minus the zipper and it fit like a glove!  It was perfect!
And then there was the FINAL pick up on Sunday.  I was in total AWE!  The dress is more than I could have ever dreamed!  The details and stitching is perfect.  She added the cape which was a complete surprise and it had my lil robot guy on the back!  Of course there was also a hint of my non-SDCC love...A Silent Film!
If you EVER need ANYTHING made, Louise is your gal!  She was completely professional.  The quality is such that this dress will last for cons to come!  She goes above and beyond what was asked and I just cannot say enough amazing thinks about her and her work!
If you are a sewer yourself, Louise has some great tutorials on her blog.  She has also made some GORGEOUS Elsa and Ana Frozen dresses for her daughters {along with every other Disney princess} and WAY better than the Disney store :)

I will be wearing the dress ALL day Saturday, so come take a peek if you see me!! THANK YOU SO MUCH LOUISE YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! XO

Contact Lousise:
Twitter: @DesignStitchGo
Instagram:  @designstitchgo
Pinterest:  Design Stitch Go

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Nerdy Girlie's 2nd Anniversary!!

I am driving down to SDCC NOW and it is only fitting that today June 20th, 2014 is The Nerdy Girlie's SECOND birthday!   I am so happy to be able to share with YOU all my favorite tips for conventions, my Everyday Cosplay and thank your for bearing with me on my love for A Silent Film {I hope you're listening!}!

I am so grateful for anyone who reads my blog.  Writing is what I love and have since a very young age.  It only took me 30 years to realize that, yes this is what I really want to do!  Thank you everyone for coming along on this ride with me.  I hope you know how much your love, comments and support mean to me!

Can you believe SDCC is THIS week!  Only 3 days until Preview Night!!  Tomorrow morning I go pick up The Music Maven and The Gamer Geek.  Tuesday morning we are back to the SD airport to pick up Nerd on the Run!  I CANNOT WAIT to see everyone and be back in my favorite city!  Here are just SOME of the places you will find me at SDCC 2014:

Thursday July 24th - Female Geek Blogger's Meet Up!

Friday July 25th - SherlockedCC part TWO!

Saturday July 26th - Swooning over Sam Witwer in 26AB at 8:30pm.

Sunday July 27th - Seaseme Street 45th Anniversary in room 6A at 10:15am.

I hope to be able to say HI to as many of you as I can!  Check out our complete schedule WITH all our cosplays for the day!
Don't forget to play along with our 2nd SDCC Instagram Photo Hunt, byy tagging me on Instagram {@thenerdygirlie} AND using #SDCCPhotoHunt14!

During the con I'll have daily wrap ups of the SDCC days and maybe nights!  PLUS a HUGE SDCC giveaway once it is all said and done to properly celebrate our 2nd year of the blog!  Make sure you keep coming back!  


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Your Final San Diego Comic Con Check List!

Here we go ONE week TILL San Diego Comic Con!!!  Make sure you are all packed and ready to go and The Nerdy Girlie team will see you there!!

1.  Is your hotel set?  Before you depart print out your reservations and even make a quick call to the hotel to confirm them.  Better to be safe than sorry.

2.  Barcode printed and packed?  You will NEED that barcode to get your SDCC badges, so print it once, twice and have it saved in email.  

3.  Transportation to and from airport in order or parking passes printed?  Most hotels have a shuttle to and from the airport double check with them when you call to confirm your reservations.  Easy way to save money you could be spending on the show floor!  Also try the UBER app!

4.  Packing - Survival bag and what to wear.  When you arrive at SDCC you can head over to Ralph's {101 G Street}, grab some healthy snacks to keep you going throughout the con!
5.  Cosplay packed carefully and you did a run through to make sure you have everything and it all fits prefect!
6.   Have you checked out the SDCC schedule and made your personal schedule with back ups included?  H Hall and Ballroom 20 take time and dedication so you may want to have some smaller {but still awesome} panels as your back up plan.  Or even check out what is going on outside Comic Con…so much fun stuff you will NEVER be bored!
7.  iPod loaded and Twitter list up to date!  With your all your favorite music for those long line waits?  This is also a great way to escape from the crowds and just be in your own lil music world for a bit.  Keep in touch with all the SDCC on Twitter with our list of who to follow and don't forget to add who YOU want to see!

8.Parties scheduled?  There are soooo many parties going on down in the Gaslamp during the SDCC weekend.  I would add those to your personal schedule and as always have a back up!
9.  Have fun!  SDCC only comes one time per year!  Make friends, we are all here for the same thing!  Don't forget to participate in our SDCC Photo Hunt!

Comment below if you have any additional questions about San Diego Comic Con. You can also check out our San Diego Comic Con Guide for more useful tips and tricks!  If this post helped you, share please share it with your friends! 

Friday, July 18, 2014

SDCC & the Trolley!

MTS recently debuted an awesome new way for Comic-Con attendees to buy their Trolley passes: they can download the FREE mTicket app and buy/download Trolley passes right onto their smartphone! The phone itself actually acts as the ticket! 

The mobile ticketing project is still in its pilot phase (mTicketing is currently available only for select special events), so Comic-Con attendees are pretty lucky to be able to do this. No more waiting in long lines at the ticket booth/machine to buy your ticket this year!  

The more people who buy their passes on their phones, the shorter the lines will be for everyone else at the stations!  Win-win!

Any more Trolley questions our girl @NerdyGeographer is your go to gal for all things SD Trolley!

Comment below if you have any additional questions about San Diego Comic Con. You can also check out our San Diego Comic Con Guide for more useful tips and tricks!  If this post helped you, share please share it with your friends! 
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