Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Gamer Geek Toast Party 4 Interview

{Toast Party 4 is a gamer in development by David Morris.  In this interview The Gamer Geek finds out what you can expect from this indie game.} 
An Interview by:  The Gamer Geek

The Gamer Geek:  What are your biggest inspirations for making the game?  How did you come up with the idea for the game?

David:  My biggest inspirations for the game are two primary things. First is that I have want to be a game developer when I grow up, but I don't want wait. The other inspiration is that my brother is a musician and a published author and I couldn’t let him get too far ahead of me, now could I?

Where I got the game idea from, I’ve had people laugh at it and look at me like I’m stupid before, During summer break in seventh grade I would normally be up until about 4 a.m. and then sleep until about 1 p.m.  One day when I woke up I went downstairs to get my breakfast and everyone else’s lunch.  When I got down everyone had gone and left me a note saying they went out for lunch.  I went into the kitchen it looked like a war zone.  There was cake batter everywhere, bread and crumbs littered the floor, peanut butter and butter sitting out; it was like a breakfast food slasher flick had been filmed there.  Now because my brain works weirdly I was tired to think of how the kitchen got like this.  From there I somehow formulated that the food was fighting and stopped when I walked in.  Hey I was awake for five minutes give me a break. But that groggy thought is where the idea originated from.
Mr. Toast.

The Gamer Geek:  I saw on the Facebook page for Toast Party 4 that there are multiple characters, how many are there to choose from?

David:  There are multiple characters to choose from.  In total there are six right as of now.  On Facebook you can see Mr. Toast, Mr. Donut, Mrs. Jelly, and Bacon.  The two that we are yet to put up on Facebook are our lovable and insomniac pancake and the loaf of bread and the walking tank.

The Gamer Geek:  Is the game multiplayer?

David:  Yes the game is multiplayer, and that’s actually the concept that the game it built around.  If everything goes according to plan anyone from a completely new player to a hardcore mechanics junkie can enjoy the game.

The Gamer Geek:  Can you customize the characters appearances?

David:  As of now we have plans to make cosmetic items for the characters, ranging from skin such as Halloween costumes to capes you can add on your character as a badge of honor.  Wouldn’t it be fun to see a devil bacon chasing around a donut in a cape?

The Gamer Geek:  Can you give a brief description of how a typical game of Toast Party 4 would go?

David:  That’s the thing, we’re trying to add so much entropy to the game that no two games are ever alike.  The gameplay would depend on what game mode, what map, and the teams but I can try to describe a match.

Say that you’re playing a game of TDM on tabletop warfare, a map that’s a really messy table, with two equally powerful teams.  From the get go on the map there is more than one way to get to your enemies, and once you get there the environment will change your attack.  A loaf of bread could be manning a sniper tower trying to attack a jelly donut that is fighting a piece of toast.  The loaf kills the jelly donut, but the jelly donut explodes taking the loaf’s teammate with her.  At the same time two bacons could be on the other side of the map chasing each other with mobile toasters and at the same time a donut and a pancake are fighting in the middle of the map.  The donut could win the fight, do the last bit of damage needed to kill the other team’s bacon, then the donut and the bacon could double team the loaf.  Once the fight is over and the other team response the fight continues in a different location with different people with different methods of winning.  With any luck a normal match will never even have the same victory of the same people in the same way.
Mr. Donut.

The Gamer Geek:  What would you say Toast Party 4’s art style is most reminiscent to?

David:  What we’re going for is to make Toast Party 4’s art style reminiscent to is Saturday morning cartoons. We want the game to remind you of 2000’s Cartoon Network on a Saturday morning, with Scooby Doo and Samurai Jack, but also of modern Cartoon Network, with Adventure Time.  The goal is to make it reminiscent of waking up at 8 a.m., running downstairs in your briefs to eat cereal on the floor and watch the magic box show.
Mrs. Jelly.

The Gamer Geek:  What other games do you like to play when you’re not working on Toast Party 4?

David:  The two games I will always come back to play are Team Fortress 2 and Dungeons and Dragons Online.  Recently three games I have in the rotation, in addition to TF2 and DDO, are Rogue Legacy and I’ve recently gotten into both Planet Side 2 and Blizzard’s new Hearthstone, an oddly addicting game.

{Check out Toast Party 4's Facebook page for updates on the game.  Thank you to David for answering out questions and providing samples of the art from the game!}

Show Off Your Geek Space: The Nerdy Girlie

The wonderful fellow Female Geek Blogger, The Princess and the Geek, began this fun blog hop!  Along the long the lines of the If My Blog Was An Outfit post we did. I love all of the geeky stuff around my house and cannot wait to share it with you! Thank you Molly for the inspiration!

I have three spaces I want to share with you all today!  First off is where I spend MOST of my time, my desk!
I cleaned it just for you readers!  It was a bit messy with Wonder Con and my Sherlock Holmes Day events this past weekend, thank you for making me get it back to normal!
Up close shot of the awesome-ness above my desk.  My A Silent Film swag, featuring the pictures I took on their last tour.  Bits of my UK obsession, featuring the amazing birthday card my sister-in-law made me.  My favorite Doctor Who swag, stamps, and my RIP Psych card, they sent for the ending of the series.
On the right side of my desk is more Doctor Who love {TARDIS made by The Gamer Geek}, my Marty McFly POP! and the cutest Union Jack tray for my guitar picks, which was a birthday present from one of my awesome San Diego Nerd Girlfriends Sylvia.  What is in the box you say?  All the "junk" that won't fit anywhere on or in my desk, but I can't bare to part with!
To the left, my blog calendar, notebook and MUST have, headphones that let me escape and write away with awesome tunes filling my head and heart.  The Kindle is there for break times.
Turning to another favorite spot in my house, my view from the couch!  Futurama toys front and center line under the telly.
Here is another vantage point from the couch, my favorite books!  These are ones I have read multiple times and could read multiple times more.  My Serenity comic signed by Nathan Fillion and our annual San Diego Comic Con collage!
Lastly, is my music station!  It gets most of its play during the day when The Hunny isn't home.  I keep the ones I'm listening to the most at the moment out behind the turntable.  I am currently listening to all my Record Store Day finds!

I hope you all liked the tour of my Geek Spaces!  Share yours in the comments below and don't forget to head over to The Princess and the Geek for how you can participate!

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Music Maven's Music Monday #6: Concert Wear & Song of the Week

It's Music Monday which means I probably have a show or two to attend this week -- SO many bands!!  

Total Price:  $398.09

I am not one of those girls who dresses to the nines for a show -- I'm basically all about comfort, and 3 inch heels and a dress aren't my idea of comfort.  My basic concert attire is pretty simple -- skinny jeans, a great tee (in this case I've gotta rep my Benedict Cumberbatch/Sherlock love), a cool jacket, and some great boots.

I accessorize with a favorite nail polish -- usually dark.  The darker the better.  And a cross-body purse is a MUST -- just big enough for my phone, camera, lipstick/gloss, and cash/credit cards.
I am so happy to announce that my partnership with Barry Dickson's radio program Upfront will continue into the foreseeable future on Black Diamond FM.  Barry plays new music every Saturday at 3 p.m. EST and every week I bring a new song just for his listeners and our Nerdy Girlie followers.
Nico Vega in Las Vegas.
This weeks Music Maven New Song of the Week is "I Believe" from Nico Vega. Nico Vega is a favorite of The Nerdy Girlie team.

This Los Angeles trio is led by incredible front woman Aja Volkman and rounded out by Rick Koehler on guitar and Dan Epand on drums.  This band is known for their raw lyrics and hard-driving rock songs, but with "I Believe" the band has taken a more melody driven turn -- all the while staying true to their edgy sound. 

This dance-jam is produced by Dan Reynold's of Imagine Dragons and it's impossible to listen to this track without getting your dance on and singing along to the infectiously positive chorus. "I Believe" is the first single off their second album Lead To Light due out this summer.  We've had the privilege of seeing Nico Vega live on several occasions -- they are fearless on stage and you can't help but feel like a better, stronger version of yourself after listening to them.

You can learn more about Nico Vega at www.nicovega.com

Don't forget to tune into Upfront with Barry Dickson every Saturday at 3 p.m EST on Black Diamond FM http://blackdiamondfm.com/

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Nerd Crafts at the San Diego Central Library for Sherlock Holmes Day!

While doing research for our next for our next SherlockeDCC I got to talking to the San Diego Central Library.  They then invited me to participate in their Sherlock Holmes Day event and share my Nerd Crafts!
Saturday April 19th I arrived at the library and was SURPRISED to see my name on a sign!  My very first sign!  I wanted to cry!  We had a nice little room full of light to work on our Sherlock Framed Art Pieces.
 I set up my table with my brand new banner!
The library graciously provided all of the supplies I needed, I just needed to bring the people!  I was so happy to have some of my San Diego Nerd Girl Meet Up friends come and make some awesome NEW friends!  I demonstrated how to do the project and everyone got to work.  While working away, we had to talk Sherlock, Doctor Who and of course San Diego Comic Con!
Everyone had a great time and I LOVED how everyone's piece were just a little bit different!  Everyone had great ideas and improved on my simple piece.  It was so fun to see what they all did!

Thank you to everyone who came out and crafted with me or just stopped by to say HI!  Thank you to Erwin at the library for asking me to host this event, I had a blast!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Wonder Con 2014: Friday

I don't have any official news to announce that came out of Wonder Con, except that it was good to be HOME!  I was lucky enough to have two of my awesome San Diego Nerd Girls drive up to Anaheim with me and spend the day, we even did a cosplay theme, Doctor Who of course!
I was 9, in the middle is Lauren who was Rose and Brooke who was 11.  Since this has been one of many cons I have attended in the past year, it was nice to begin chatting with all my Twitter friends about "real" stuff and getting to know them better.  I love how it always feels like no time has pasted between the last time we saw each other. For some of my friends it has been since July others was October, but we are all still so close!
9 and his Companion!
As soon as we arrived at the con, it was like we were home!  I went to pick up my Press badge and it was super quick and we went to hit the floor and see some friends before a few panels.
After saying HI to these to lovely friends and vendors, I went up to my one and only panel of the day,"Animal Farm All Over Again."  My friend James Morris {Skybound Author} was on the panel along with one of my other favorite authors Kiera Cass who wrote The Selection series.  I loved the panel and kinda fan-girled out on her afterwards, getting her to sign my book made my day!
Also on the panel were Pierce Brown {Red Rising} and Amy Talkington {Liv, Forever} whose novels also sounded great and I cannot wait to check them out!

After my panel, I was happy to head to lunch with friends V from GB Reviews {who I had met before} and Michelle from Your Friend Elle.  The best part of any con for me is getting to meet my Twitter friends in real life!  We also had a surprise guest join us for lunch...
It was a treat to chat with the man behind the scarf and told him he HAS to be at SherlockeDCC pt 2!
After lunch I finally got to explore the rest of the exhibition floor and see pretty much everything and chat with more friends!  My favorite thing on the floor had to be the Mario Kart car you could sit in.  That game has been one of my favorites since the beginning.
When the hall finally closed, it was time to head over to the SDCC Unofficial Blog meet up!  I was super excited to see everyone again, since, like I said, it hadn't been since July or Comikaze! FIRST we ran into the AMAZING The Adventure Effect and I fell hard for their 10!  He was perfect and even did the accent!  They were all amazing you have to check them out!

You can see ALL of my Wonder Con 2014 pictures over on Facebook and TAG yourself if we had a picture together!  What was your favorite thing about Wonder Con...mine was that it got me totally PSYCHED for SDCC!  Cannot wait to see you all there!!
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