Tuesday, August 30, 2016

5 Life Lessons I've Learned From A Silent Film

Do you have one? A band that has stolen your heart. Made you dive deep into their lyrics and melody. Fall in love and discover more about yourself than you ever thought you could?

A Silent Film has done that for me since December of 2012. I've been sharing my experiences with them and their music with you since the birth of this blog. Since then I have seen them in eight different cities and just saw their 12th show in three years this past week. The show reminded me of my love of their music and them as human beings. From the first song I ever heard of theirs, Harbour Lights, my heart was stolen, molded and guided into what is now the life I am living today. One I never knew existed until the first notes of their music entered my world.

To know that someone can write exactly how you are feeling is a bonding agent. Here are five life lessons I've learned from their music and the the journey it has taken me on.
1. Don't regret a thing. It can be easy to regret things you have done in your past. For me I battle with that daily. But when I look at where my life has taken me because of the choices I have made, I remind myself that regrets can fade when you are living the life you always dreamed of, but never knew you could get yourself to.
2. Strong enough. I never thought myself a strong person, until I decided to make a change for myself. I wanted something my ex-husband couldn't give me and I was able to leave knowing that one day I would find it no matter how long it took. Some days I didn't feel strong enough, but that is when I leaned on my amazing group of friends. Through it all we all made each other strong enough. And continue to, to this day.
3. You were my rock, never my stepping stone. I was with my ex-husband for fourteen years. Never once even at the end of our marriage did I think that I had used him to step into a new life. I grew as a person. I didn't feel supported in the way I wanted. I didn't feel heard. So I decided to make a change. He had carried me for fourteen years, now it was my time to step out and be the true me, the me that was hidden inside for so long. Though I was ready for the change and he was not, I'd not be who I am today without him.
4. Tomorrow is another day. And so tomorrows and tomorrows came and went. And the tomorrow that stands before me is clearer than ever. My photography has blossomed. My writing has flourished. I look forward to every tomorrow in this my new life. And if today is a bad day....Tomorrow is another day.
5. Something to believe in. A Silent Film's music has given me something to believe in, myself. From the first notes of Harbour Lights to their cover Take Care and their newest album's song I Don't Need A Reason. The love I've felt flowing through their music, I now feel flow freely from another person. The passion I felt for their words are now being spoken to me daily. For three years I've waited and now my dream is a reality. Life makes you wait, but it also leaves you something to hope for. The waiting is hard, but the end result is something to believe in.
Growing with my Lads. 
From March 5th, 2013 to today and all the tomorrows.

Monday, August 29, 2016

5 Ways Coffee & Pie Can Help You Through Your Break Up

So you are single now! Welcome to the club. I'm not gonna lie to you and tell you it is easy. It isn't, but I have a ton of Tinder advice I can give! But mostly...just don't! LOL

What truly helped me and inspired me throughout my divorce process was pie and coffee. I found comfort in a place all my own for the very first time. A place that didn't have unwanted memories attached. A place I could grow my sense of self, my tummy and my creativity!

Here are five things that you can discover to begin finding the new you and the beginning of the healing process.
1. Comfort Food. I don't know about you but I love food! Especially desserts and coffee {have you seen my #100cupsofcoffee? More to come on that!}! Pie to be specific. I found the cozy, adorable and chic cafe and pie shop Republic Of Pie in North Hollywood, California right before I began my divorce process. Having a little bit of a treat each week gave me something to look forward to, made me happy and warmed my soul. Plus it was the beginnings of a place I could call my own.
2. A sense of community. Republic of Pie or any coffee shop that calls to you, will have a sense of community. The same people come on a their own schedule, you begin to become a regular and known by name by the baristas. I was no different. Everyone has their pie, coffee and Mac Laptops out. We all look the same, writing away, but we are all different and it is fun to be able to recognize the regulars and become one yourself. It can give you a new place of belonging in a time of insecurity and self doubt. Don't be afraid to reach out and make new friends. You are going to need them.
3. Time to contemplate. Writing and quite contemplation in a busy place can be very rewarding and healing. Forcing yourself to get out there again, especially alone can be tough. Writing and thinking became my therapy. A time to reflect on the past, learn from it and move forward. This is a needed step in healing and becoming a stronger you.
4. A place to meet friends. Gather them together! A solid squad can lift you up, listen and tell you the tough truths. Real friends tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear! Weekly or bi-monthly meetings will help keep you grounded. The people who love you most will help you through anything and everything!
5. A project to call your own. This might be my favorite part of the horrible divorce process.
As soon as I left my husband, I got my wild Tinder-ing out of the way, but that lead to a massive stroke of creative inspiration! My 100 Cups Of Coffee Instagram series began last July, ended a few months later and then evolved into a memoir, which I am working hard on to this day! I've never felt more creative or inspired in all of my life. Because now I'm doing it for me!

Though my big break up happened over a year ago and a few mini break ups since then, I always held on to the light at the end of the tunnel. I stuck close to my friends and finally discovered the city I lived in and fell in love with it!
Then when I had decided to stop looking for him, he found me. It has been almost nine months now with Ocean Eyes. Every day, every text, every adventure I have felt more happy than I ever thought I could have. Here's to a bright future. Good luck to you and the adventures that are to come!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Join The Geek Girl Gang!

Like many of my blogger friends, I met Meli on Instagram. By accident! One night. Scrolling through a nerd hashtag. There she was. An adorable nerd lady, dressed as my favorite Doctor {10}. I just HAD to be her friend.
Meli and I at SDCC 2014!

A friendship was born that late night. And it has only grown.

I want to introduce you to Meli's brain child Geek Girl Gang! We are all apart of it already, she just made it official! 

Want to make it official?! Check out her awesome new tees in her shop!

*Geek Girl Gang
*Comic Con is my cardio 
*Full of feels {we all are right?!}

SO I was lucky enough to be able to get one of Meli's first tees and dress it up Nerdy Girlie style! Check out my three looks below!
This is my go to everyday outfit. If I have my TOMS, a shirt to layer and my jeans I'm a happy nerd. Bonus points to anyone who gets my nerdy and girlie tees!
I think I might have been a hippy in my past life because I adore long skirts and headbands! The Comic Con tee pairs perfectly!
Check out a close up of my accessories! Quidditch anyone?
And last but not least, if I'm going for a run or just lying around the house on my Sunday here is my go to look. The most comfy pants you can find, a cozy nerdy tee and sneakers incase I have to go for a La Croix run!

Ready to get geek chic? Head on over to the Geek Girl Gang shop and get your tees now! I'm excited I already have one outfit ready for San Diego Comic Con 2017!
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