Monday, September 1, 2014

The Music Maven's Music Monday #16: Labor Day Playlist

Happy Labor Day – I hope you’re enjoying the end of summer and this day off.  Grab a cold one, sit back, and enjoy some jams that I’ve put together for you.  This playlist highlights my favorite songs of the summer or songs that are a nice taste of albums to come this fall. 

I Keep It Composed by We Were Promised Jetpacks:  I love this Scottish band so much and it’s been three years since their last album.  I Keep It Composed is a definite departure from their previous sound and I’m intrigued what this new album is going to sound like…they’re off to a good start with this single.

Figure It Out by Royal Blood:  This two piece band from Brighton just makes me want to get groove on. I listen to this song about 50 times a day.

Shut In by Strand of Oaks:  Strand of Oaks is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Timothy Showalter.  His music is achingly beautiful.  If you’re a fan of Ryan Adams or David Gray I dare say you’ll love Strand of Oaks.  Shut In is off his most recent album HEAL.

Always by Panama: Always is this week’s Music Maven Song of the Week on Upfront with Barry Dickson on Black Diamond FM.  I’m kinda in love with the piano on this song.
No Sugar In My Coffee by Caught A Ghost: This song takes me to church – fierce and soulful.  The Nerdy Girl Team saw Caught A Ghost live this summer and it was such a good time.
Dancing On Quicksand by Bad Suns:  This has been my jam lately – I can’t explain it, well, I can…it’s a whole lotta 80’s sounding goodness and the guitar work is really awesome. 

Good Old Days by The Features:  Do you know The Features??? You should. They are one of my all time favorite bands – they are one of the hardest touring/producing bands I can think of.  Good Old Days is their newest single.

Coffee by Sylvan Esso:  Sylvan Esso is vocalist Amelia Meath and producer/bassist/sample wizard Nick Sanborn.  I saw Sylvan Esso this weekend and was wondering if their live performance would live up to the hype surrounding them – this duo surpassed the hype. I’m officially a fan. 

Preacher by Dana Buoy: Dana Buoy is the newest project from Dana Jannsen (Akron/Family band member).  Dana Buoy opened for Sylvan Esso and set the stage for an unreal night of music. I played their EP as soon as I got in the car last night and I haven’t stopped listening.
First by Cold War Kids: And saving the VERY best for last…if you’re a longtime Nerdy Girlie reader you know that Cold War Kids have a special place in my music loving heart.  They’ve had some band members come and go in the last couple of years, but Matt Maust and Nathan Willett surround themselves with musicians that help retain the CWK sound I love while bringing in something new and special with each song. Cold War Kids’ next album is due out in October and First is the second single they’ve released building up to the release.  I am IN LOVE with this song.

And there you have it – ten songs to help you say goodbye to summer and hello to fall!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Confessions of a Sassenach: Outlander “The Gathering”

I have a confession…I am more addicted to Outlander than ever! I am rereading the novel as I watch each episode and after each chapter/episode I find myself wanting more!

Last week we saw Claire making preparations for her escape and she saw The Gathering as the perfect opportunity to make her move. With all of Castle Leoch in a tizzy with guests Claire had hatched an excellent plan to get back to Inverness including gathering provisions, keeping her guards Rupert and Angus distracted with women and a nice little concoction she prepared thanks to the wily Geillis Duncan, and marking her escape route.
Unfortunately, Claire’s escape wasn’t without problems including meeting up with a drunken mob with ill intent and then being assaulted by an equally drunk Dougal. And, then, a run in with Jamie changed everything…for both of them.  Jamie had been trying to avoid the oath taking, but that didn’t quite work out when Claire and Jamie were caught trying to make their way back to the castle.
Professing an oath to Colum Mackenzie was a dangerous proposition for Jamie, but he proved that he got the wits to match his good looks, and crisis was averted.  Things aren’t looking so good for Claire at this point – she has to perform her healer duties during the hunt and she shared a rather intense scene with Dougal as they tended to a dying clansman.  She’s eager for another chance to make her move…much to her surprise Dougal visits her and gives her another shot at leaving Castle Leoch and maybe, just maybe, getting back to modern day Scotland and Frank.  Fans of the novel know the next episode is setting the stage for the most pivotal moment in the Outlander saga – I’m pretty sure the anticipation is going to kill me.

We had the pleasure of seeing Outlander author Diana Gabaldon do a little cameo in this week’s episode --  here’s a little clip featuring her in her acting debut and talking a bit about the experience.

Here are some of the top moments from the fourth episode according to The Outlandish Ladies Roundtable:

The 1940’s music that played during Claire’s scenes:
Stephanie:  “ I found the injection of 40’s style music very interesting. First, as Claire is heading to her surgery, and second as she is heading out on “the hunt” which looks very much like a battlefield. It told me two very clear insights into Claire:  her surgery is where/when she feels very connected to herself, perhaps she even can forget what is now her new reality. And second, her very strong desire to get back to Frank and her own time. She was fresh off the battlefield when we first meet her and her preparedness for escaping the castle is strategic, military like. She’s like a general setting up for a battle. The music softly reminds us of her own time, yet fits perfectly into the highland scenery without out raising an eyebrow. Just like she’s trying to do. “

Elena:  “The music?  40's big band... was that an element to highlight Claire coming to being in 1743?  A spirit of the future in the past?”
My thoughts on the 40’s music during her 1743 Scotland scenes was that no matter what was happening in her current timeline, Claire is still a modern day woman, and no matter what she really can’t leave that behind or the longing to go back.]

Rupert and Angus:  Loyal Mackenzies and much needed comic relief.
Stephanie:  “I’m loving Rupert and his goofy buddy. They are quite funny!”

Changes to the dialogue and plot from book to TV: 
Elena: "There's no place like love, there's no place like love."  Ha!!  I love it!  Every episode amazes me!  It's faithful following of the novel makes any directorial license to vary dialogue or scene acceptable.  Although Claire's relationship with Jamie is the heart of the books, Claire's journey as a woman, as a person, has not been sacrificed on behalf of show popularity and juicy ratings.”
And, my favorite part of the episode…it’s right here!
Je suis prest! I am ready for the next episode of Outlander!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Everyday Cosplay: COFFEE

If you follow me on any of my social media sites, you know that I LOVE coffee!  I'm not a huge fan of brown in my clothing, but I do love it in my shoes and purses.  This week I take one of my favorite drinks and bring it into my wardrobe!  Wake up and smell the coffee nerds!

I love shoes so much I couldn't just pick one pair!  I LOVE both of these and I have pairs similar to both.  The tank is my favorite cut and the cute coffee reference is fun!  I like the light color of the skirt and a small touch of brown in my accessories is always my favorite way to wear it!
Me loving coffee!  Awesome cup from Little Vampires:  @rhicks!

One more thing...welcome back to the PSL {pumpkin spice latte} at Starbucks!  Who got one already!?And since I'm so excited about it, I decided to do a BONUS Everyday Cosplay of the famous PSL!
Should I keep up with these drink cosplays?!  Let me know in the comments below!  How do you like your coffee in the am?  I like mine with just a hint of Trader Joe's soy creamer!

Everyday deserves a lil cosplay!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What to Expect From Nerd on the Run!

By:  Els aka Nerd On the Run

Summer is winding down, and with that comes my favorite time of year – Fall!  Over at The Nerdy Girlie we are BUSY writing about the nerdy things we LOVE! 

Being a gym rat and avid runner, I wanted to share my love of exercise with you all. I have been working on some posts to help bridge the gap between nerdy & healthy, and I am excited to share some ways to tailor your workouts to fit your fandom.  I’ll also be coming up with health tips & tricks for Cons.  We all know Cons are taxing physically – and I want to help you prepare and get in shape so when those conventions come up, you are ready to tackle them like a pro!  

Besides exercise, my passion is science.  I graduated with a degree in Biology, so prepare for some education! ;)  I will be on the lookout for anything that would catch the eye of Bruce Banner & Tony Stark, and dissect the science!  

This nerd doesn’t read just science books, though!  I try and read as often as I can, so expect some book reviews in the near future!  I just finished The Maze Runner trilogy, and am currently reading through The Lunar Chronicles.  I can’t wait to share with you my thoughts on these and future stories – books are just the best!!!
And even though San Diego Comic Con isn’t until July, that still won’t stop this nerd from talking about her favorite thing in the world: Nerd HQ.  Be on the lookout for some HQ Do’s and Don’ts as well as an interview with an HQ volunteer!  

While working on these articles will keep me busy, I still want to hear from YOU! What kind of topics would YOU like to see me write about?  Comment below & THANKS for reading! Xoxo

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cutting Cable: The Fall

{No Spoilers!}
Reasons I picked Netflix's The Fall as my next marathon:

1.  Gillian Anderson
2.  Entertainment Weekly {favorite magazine!} recommendation
3.  Only FIVE episodes

After I began the marathon, number three became a sad thing.
The Fall is drama and suspense show set in Northern Ireland {that would would been one the list had I known that before I began}.  Gillian Anderson {Stella Gibson, with her British accent} is called in from Washington DC to Northern Ireland to conduct an internal investigation on an unsolved murder case.

She soon finds out that two seemingly separate cases are linked, with more to come.  With a full cast of characters, all of whom are great actors, story lines soon blend and connect together making the show flow seamlessly from scene to scene and episode to episode, making you not want to stop the action!

The cinematography is gorgeous as is the Northern Ireland setting.  All the characters are well developed and the two main characters Stella Gibson and Paul Spector {Jamie Dornan} are shown to be more than cliches.  We as an audience are aloud to delve deep into their personas, making you connect with them weather you want to or not.

I highly recommend this show!  I would have watched it all in one day, but was unable to.  I did however watch it within 24 hours!  Series two has already wrapped and is suppose to air this Autumn!  With the cliff hanger ending season one gave, I am counting the days for this shows return!

Have you watched The Fall yet?!  Let me know in the comments below!  You can catch ALL of my Cutting Cable recommendations by clicking HERE!
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