Monday, April 27, 2015

The Music Maven's Music Monday #40: Trapdoor Social A Band With A Purpose

This a feel good story I just have to share with you! Trapdoor Social is an alt/indie band with a heart for helping others. The band donated 100% of the proceeds from their last EP to LA’s Homeboy Industries – a non-profit that provides job training to former gang members.

Trapdoor Social is now teaming up with a high school marching band in my hometown of Colorado Springs. Trapdoor Social connected with Mesa Ridge High School’s marching band camp during their last tour stop. The band was on the road and thought it would be cool to write a song with a horn section written especially for the The Pride of Mesa Ridge marching band. The band came back to Colorado Springs in December to rehearse and record the song and Fine On My Own debuted this week.  It’s a great track!
In addition to recording the track with the band – a once in a lifetime opportunity for the Mesa Ridge students, the band is donating 100% of the proceeds from their Pledge Music campaign to the high school band program.  They will also perform a benefit concert on May 16th in Colorado Springs at Mesa Ridge High School.

You can purchase Fine On My Own and get tickets for the benefit show here.

I hope Nerdy Girlie listeners, wherever you are in the world, will check out Trapdoor Social, download Fine On My Own, and support this cool musical collaboration. This project is Music Maven Approved!

Friday, April 24, 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Games I Love To Play

I am not the biggest gamer....GASP! I know, I know...I try, I really do...but it just isn't my cup o' tea. BUT there is hope - I have a very FEW amount of games that get my time.

1. Pokemon Snap. Probably one, if not, the most favorite game of mine. About once a year I want to dig out the old Nintendo 64 and play the game straight through without stopping. Usually takes a good three hours or so. Totally worth it.

2. Mario Kart. I might be a BIT competitive and Marko Kart {or any game really} brings that out in me {I blame my father! LOL}. Maybe that is why I don't play too many games, I don't like loosing! LOL My go to character?! Peach, always Peach!

3. Mario Party. Another game I don't like to lose at. My family and I have spent hours and days playing this game in all it's incarnations. I am super tempted to get the new Wii JUST to play this game {and the new Mario Kart and Star Fox}. I would be happy JUST playing the mini games by myself all day!

4. Star Fox 64. Another one that I love to go back to and take a day to beat the entire way through. While at the Video Game Awards in Las Vegas this past December it was announced that a NEW Star Fox was coming out and I almost jumped out of my seat with happiness. That new Wii is looking more and more like a must buy!

5. Rock Band. Back when this game first came out I was obsessed! I LOVE singing all the songs...the instruments were meh. NOW that I started guitar lessons, I've gotten back into the game and this time with the guitar. I feel like I'm actually playing the guitar and it is WAY easier than the real guitar. I might practice Rock Band guitar more than the real thing...don't tell my instructor!

I went into this prompt thinking board games, but am happy with my video game choices. These five games have some great memories attached to them. Now to have a weekend marathon playing them all again!

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Outlander: The Devils Mark

This episode really needed to come with a warning…I went through a box of tissues because I was crying my eyes out! Damn you, Jamie Fraser!

The Outlandish Ladies Roundtable have highlighted some key moments from Geillis and Claire’s trial.
The last episode left Geillis and Claire being accused of witchcraft and awaiting trial – things were not looking good for them.

Elena:  After the instinctually choreographed flight of the starlings, the two "witches" are dropped into the thieve's hole.  I must say, they picked this image right out of my brain because I pictured it very much like this.  Important things are revealed about Geillis: she's a "bloody Jacobite" who's been scamming cash from her husband, about ten thousand pounds of cash, that she has provided to the cause, as well as the small detail of the white arsenic she had been feeding to poor Arthur until, desperate, she gave him the final dose during the dinner with the Duke.

Joanna:  This episode starts off very bleak, with Claire and Geillis being tossed into the thieves' hole. Geillis is sure Dougal will come to their rescue, but Claire points out that Colum banished Dougal because of Geillis, so yea, that ain't happening. The trial begins the next day and we get to hear testimony from Geillis’ maid and others -- things do not look good for the ladies -- even though Ned is able to turn the tide in their favor slightly.

Debbie:  The witch trial was just as I thought it would be. Claire and Geillis have no love from the townspeople. The testimony shows the myths, traditions and untruths that people believed during the time. Thank goodness for Ned Gowan. He's not a full believer in Claire and Geillis's innocence, but he will do what he can to help them get a good of trail as possible. Bless you, Ned. Interesting twist that he pulls out a gun as a distraction as he really never used a gun on the rent road trip. If I am ever in need of an 18th century lawyer, Ned Gowan is my man! Also, really, really hate Laoghaire and Father Bain.

Again…Laoghaire shows up and is completely despicable! I’m pretty sure she is the most hated character on the show at this point. With so much condemning  “evidence” against Claire and Geillis, Ned Gowan offers his legal advice to Claire.

Elena: Putting aside the inconsistencies with the book, i.e. no festering wound on Father Bain, Ned being present from the beginning of the trial, Claire's ignorance to Column's involvement in the capture of the "witches", Laoghaire testifying, etc., the episode was verra weel done, ye ken. The judges were as Ms. Gabaldon described them, "One judge was abnormally tall and thin, the other short and stout." Like the little teapot. I am starting to think the writers of the episodes read the particular chapter they are working on and piece it together, pulling things from here and there, perhaps not sequentially but definitely relevant.  I thought the relationship Claire and Geillis develop, from the thieve's hole to the end of the trial, is representation of Claire's thoughts in the book. Geillis might be a witch but she is not a liar, and her suspicions about Claire are definitely confirmed when they are left alone in the room Ned is "counseling" them in.  Whether by trial or fire, or just by being women outside their time, a bond is forged.

At this point, I was really getting nervous for our Claire – without out some intervention, and SOON, she was about to meet her maker.  Jamie, where are you?!

Elena: Claire gets whipped for being such a loud mouth, but she curses them to hell as they are dragging her.  By the second whiplash, Geillis knows what she must do but is prevented from doing so immediately by the advent of Jamie!  God, the sight of him was like aloe on a burn!  I don't know if it happens to everyone, but whenever he is not screen for a while, the sight of him makes me feel like all's well with the world. Is this how Claire feels?  I think so.  She mentions that 'us against the world' feeling whenever she is with him.  Anyway, he saves her skin, literally, and Geillis strips; just her arm at first, to show 'the mark of the devil' but then the rest of her dress follows to show them she is carrying Satan's spawn. She mouths to Claire to "run" and Jamie drags her out.  As they are carrying Geillis' naked form out to the "it's not a maypole, Claire" to be burned, her body is writhing like a snake.  Creepy, as usual, Geillis.

Poor Gellis – she sacrifices herself for her fellow time traveler, Claire, and in that moment redeems herself.  Jamie and Claire escape the angry mob, and Claire finally tells her truth to Jamie.

Debbie:  Once again Outlander does not disappoint. Another one of my favorite parts of the book was shown in this episode. No, it is not the trial, but Claire's confession to Jamie and his acceptance of it. Out of any moment in the book, this made me absolutely fall in love with Jamie Fraser.

Joanna:  We reach the scene where Claire confesses everything to Jamie. I'm not gonna lie, I always found it slightly incredible that Jamie would believe her so easily here. But then again, I guess maybe it'd be easier for a superstitious Scot from the 1700s to believe in time travel than I would. Jamie finds out that Claire only disobeyed his orders to stay put when she realized she was close to the stones and could maybe get back to her own time, and he feels terrible about it.

Elena:  Och, now it is time for confession, and what better place to do so than in the arms of the confessional forest! The more Claire explains, the less he understands. Why is his acceptance of her confession so incredible, ye naysayers ask?  Because for one, my wee doubting mackerels, he grew up listening to stories and songs about water horses and kelpies, nucklavee, banshees, and the wee fairy folk, among other, as well as stories of people disappearing, passing through the stones; second, he ken her well before this confession. He knew she wasn't nuts; being nuts at that time had a way of showing easily. Her "strangeness" all of a sudden falls into place. However, like he says, " would ha' been a good deal easier if you'd only been a witch."

Jamie, then makes a decision…he’s going to return Claire to Craigh na Dun. He’s going to let her return to her old life, new life, future life…you know what I mean.

Elena:  "I want you inside me." pant, pant  "I want to watch ye." Oh, ok.  Under the watchful eye of the starts, with the fire dancing on our skin, surrounded by nothing but trees, I can do this all night! I wanted to cry!! Again, LOVE. He's already made up his mind. He is going to take her to Craigh na Dun. He is going to deliver her to her "time". For now, though, he is going to memorize her every gesture, her every sound, her every scent. Can you imagine what he must be feeling?  He loves her, and that is why he feels he has to let her go. Sigh.

Jamie delivers Claire to Craigh na Dun and leaves Claire behind.  Claire must not decide where her future lies…in the future with Frank or in the past with Jamie.

Debbie:  Jamie takes Claire to Craig na dun and is ready to let Claire go. He leaves her at the stones and walks away and you can see the pain written all over his face. Claire walks up to the stone and it turns to black. I seriously thought that they were going to do the ultimate twist and have Claire go back, but thankfully, she goes back to the camp and wakes up Jamie. He's crying. It's a wonderful moment.

Joanna:  Claire, after some time, makes the decision to stay where she is. She returns to Jamie's camp, and tells him to take her home to Lallybroch. And I totally wasn't crying here along with Jamie, I just had something in my eye.

It’s okay, Joanna…we were crying right along with you!  

What an episode!  I can’t wait to see what awaits Jamie and Claire as they return to his home at Lallybroch.  Will our favorite couple ever find one moment of peace?  Tune into Starz Outlander on Saturdays and come back here for a full recap with the Outlandish Ladies Roundtable each week!
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